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10 Pro Tips to Fix Traffic but no Sales with Shopify Dropshipping

By: Tasmia S

Are you struggling to fix traffic but no sales with Shopify dropshipping? Then this article is for you.

You’re not alone. We all know that getting started is easy, but getting traffic and converting those visitors into sales is the real challenge. So we put together a list of 10 pro tips that will help you fix your Shopify dropshipping problems once and for all!

You can boost traffic and sales by checking out our list of 10 pro tips below! These will help you improve your Shopify store so that it converts better than ever before. And if they don’t work, let us know in the comments section below to figure out what else might work for you! Let us assist you with your online business success!

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Before going to the solution, you need to figure out why you are getting traffic but no sales with Shopify dropshipping.

Numerous factors can explain why your Shopify store isn’t generating sales.

Numerous factors can explain why your Shopify store isn't generating sales.

Poorly designed website

Your Shopify dropshipping website and your product pages should be designed to convert. If you have not paid for a quality logo, done any A/B testing, or invested in high-quality images, then you probably need to do that as soon as possible. You might even consider hiring an expert (or experts) to help take your site to the next level.

Bad product selection

Do you sell products that no one wants to buy? If so, it’s time to step back and figure out what your customers are looking for. Try talking to them directly if possible. Maybe they even have some ideas about the types of products they might want to find in your online store.

Consider taking surveys, ask them directly on your Facebook page, or try new products on Shopify’s marketplace for inspiration. It can be a great way to get feedback and test demand for new products.

Only selling one product!

Only selling one product!

If you’re only ever planning to sell one type of product, then this might not be a big deal for you. But if your vision is to develop an ever-expanding range of products, then you must pick the right ones from the beginning.

Multiple products also make it easier to adapt when something goes wrong with one of your dropshipping suppliers, or you find out that there’s a similar product that you could be selling instead.

Is it too expensive?

When your products cost more than your customers are willing to pay, you will need to source quality items at a lower price or find ways to promote these products more effectively. You can also gradually add new low-priced items, which may help increase demand for more expensive products.

Inappetence of navigation

Are your visitors finding where to buy the product and how much it costs easily? If not, then this is a significant factor in whether they purchase. If you’re still using default Shopify templates, you need to look at what your products look like and how easy they are for people to find and buy.

No social proof

No social proof

Social proof is what you see when you want to buy the product or service from anyone else. If it’s working for them, this indicates how well it might work for you, too, especially if it’s a well-known product or service.

Poor quality product images

If the photos aren’t clear and show what the product is like when it arrives, this can prevent your visitors from buying it.

No urgency to buy

This is where you need to make it clear, compelling, and persuasive for people to buy now. You can use countdown timers or free-plus-shipping offers to encourage visitors to act immediately. If they don’t know what you want them to do, how can you expect them to buy?

Inadequate understanding of your market

Inadequate understanding of your market

You need to ensure that you’re researching how many people are searching for your product or service. If not, then this will impact whether they visit your site in the first place and what motivation they have to buy. If there is zero competition, you can expect it to be easy; but if there is a lot of competition, you need to focus on how you can stand out from the crowd and get visitors to buy.

Page does not load quickly.

No one likes a slow page loading time, so make sure that your pages load as fast as possible. If they don’t, you can expect visitors to leave and not come back. When the site is hosted on a shared server or has poor hosting, it will impact how many sales you generate. If you’re using Shopify, you need to ensure that your online store is hosted on a fast, dedicated hosting environment.

Unfocused product category

If your Shopify store has way too many products in one category, this can confuse the visitor. If they don’t know what you’re selling or how to find it, you need to review your structure and categories. It will impact how well people visit and buy from your store.

Poor quality product descriptions 

Poor quality product descriptions 
Poor quality product descriptions

If your product descriptions and titles are too long, or they contain spelling mistakes or poor English, then you can expect to turn people off buying. You need to make sure that the copy is short and easy to read with attractive graphics and imagery. If it’s relevant, you could also include a video for customers to see what the product is like and how it works.

Not using email marketing.

A huge mistake most newbies make when starting a business online is they don’t use email marketing which is a great way to communicate with your customers and build trust. As soon as you release the first email to your list, you make sure to give them value for free. This way, once they see your products, they are more likely to buy because there is a relationship already built with them.

Not using giveaways and discounts.

If you want people to buy from your store, start by offering a great discount to your first few customers. This will get them to come back and become loyal customers.

The legal policy page is missing.

If you don’t have a legal policy page that specifies what the customer should do if they need to return your product and get their money back, you can expect more returns and fewer sales.

The checkout page is complicated.

The checkout page has to be straightforward and easy to understand. You need to make sure that there aren’t too many steps and you don’t need a long-form before the customer can complete their online shopping.

10 Pro tips to fix traffic but no sales with Shopify dropshipping online store

10 Pro tips to fix traffic but no sales with Shopify dropshipping online store

After identifying the reason you’re getting traffic but no sales for your own online store, let’s look at 10 pro tips on how to fix this problem once and for all!

Tip1: Make sure your brand is on point

Make sure your brand is on point

Effective brand identity is the key to a successful online store, and if you don’t take it seriously enough, you could be limiting the success of your eCommerce business online. Here’s what to do:

– Use a consistent logo that matches the style and color theme across all your marketing materials (i.e., social media, product descriptions, and photos).

– Use a professional font and colors for your website to match the style and theme of your brand.

– Be sure to use the same tone of voice in all your marketing materials (i.e., Facebook posts, website content) so that everything is cohesive with the branding messaging you are using.

– Hire a designer to create your graphics, banners, and emails if you are not skilled at graphic design.

– Have a look at how other eCommerce online stores are branding their business these days to see how you can do this for yourself.

– Spend time creating social media posts that match the style and branding of your business.

– Always use a unique, catchy email subject line that encourages subscribers to open the next email you send out. This tip alone will help improve your conversion rates and sales figures.

Tip2: Optimize product pages for conversions

Optimize product pages for conversions

If you’re going to increase traffic but no sales by optimizing product pages, here’s what to do:

– Use original, high quality product photos of your products that show each product from different angles. It’s very important for making sales.

– Add a minimum of 3 bullet points with benefits for each product you sell. It’ll help increase conversions by showing what makes your product stand out against your competitors.

– Add a video of each product where you talk about the benefits of buying your product. Make the video fun and engaging with a lot of energy!

– Write 3 sales slogans for every product page (i.e., ‘World’s best chocolate’ or ‘The perfect gift’). It will help increase conversions by showing what makes your product stand out against your competition.

– Include customer reviews on each of your product pages (if available).

– Add a buy button at the top and bottom of each page so people can click these to add items directly to their cart if they are ready to buy.

Tip3: Optimize traffic sources for conversions

Optimize traffic sources for conversions

If you want to keep getting high volumes of traffic but no sales, here’s what to do:

– Use an email marketing software designed for eCommerce businesses that allows you to send out mass emails at a low cost or even free.

-Use Facebook ads to bring traffic to your store. With these ads, you can target specific countries and locations and even retarget past visitors who haven’t made a purchase.

– Promote a more extensive variety of products that you know will convert well by analyzing what your competitors do with their top products.

– Promote a selection of products from different categories so you can generate more volume traffic to your store. Just make sure the products you promote have a high conversion rate and low return rates, so they don’t stop people from buying from your Shopify store in the future.

– Post an ad on Instagram only if it’s relevant, unique, and has a high engagement rate.

– Promote products with different pricing points to attract a wider audience of potential customers.

– Use Pinterest for business if you have lots of product images that are the best quality and will appeal to a target audience looking for inspiration online.

Tip4: Optimize for mobile and responsive design

Optimize for mobile and responsive design

If traffic but no sales is still an ongoing problem, here’s what to do:

– Make sure your website loads quickly with minimal effort. This will improve conversions since people won’t abandon the online stores if they cannot access it easily from their device.

– Optimize your site for mobile browsing by testing this on a smartphone and seeing how easy it is to read and access information from your Shopify store. Make any changes you need to so mobile browsing is smooth.

– Use a call-to-action button which stands out on each page of your website, alongside a clear ‘buy’ option, so people have the option to click to buy from your site if they are ready.

– Ensure all of your products have a clear ‘add to cart’ function so people can add them directly to their shopping carts whenever they want.

Tip5: Optimize shipping and returns for conversions

Optimize shipping and returns for conversions

If you’re going to increase traffic but no sales by making gains in your shipping and returns policies, here’s what to do:

– Offer free shipping as an incentive since this is known to increase conversions of dropshipping stores.

– Make sure you provide free returns and exchanges so people can feel confident buying from your Shopify store and know they won’t be wasting money on a product that doesn’t suit them.

– Make your shipping and returns policies clear, so your store visitors know exactly what to expect when buying from you.

Tip6: Optimize customer support for conversions

Optimize customer support for conversions

If you want to increase traffic but no sales by improving your customer support, here’s what to do:

– Ensure all of your potential customers can get in touch with someone on your team if they have a question or issue with their order.

– Use an automated email to welcome new customers and remind them when they need to return an item if it’s under your returns policy (after all, people tend to forget).

– Include links in each email that point back to your site so you can encourage more traffic from your existing customer base.

– Provide fast customer support via live chat (this is very important if you’re in a different time zone to your prospective customers).

– Have FAQs available online, so people don’t pick up the phone or contact an agent for help with a question. An FAQ page will also show you what other aspects of your Shopify store may improve to boost conversions.

Tip7: Optimize for SEO and keyword targeting

Optimize for SEO and keyword targeting

If you want to increase traffic but no sales by providing better service on your site, here’s what professional business do:

Ensure your product range is fully optimized so search engines can find it easily when online shoppers search for related keywords. It will improve your rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and attract more people to your own store. 

– Shopify store owners should use Google Search Console and Google analytics to understand how people find their dropshipping stores and what keywords they’re using, then make changes to improve this for the future. 

Create engaging, informative content on your site to make sure people click through from SERPs and stay on your website. – Use similar keywords to your target keyword in your page titles, headings, and subheadings for improved SEO ranking.

Tip8: Optimize Facebook ad campaigns for conversions

Optimize Facebook ad campaigns for conversions

If you want to increase traffic but no sales by using Facebook ads, here’s what to do:

– Use the ‘boost post’ option to increase awareness of your page and website faster than regular posts.

– Optimize for clicks so people can be sent back to your site as quickly as possible when they click on one of your adverts. You want them to see something that makes them want to buy from your site.

– Split test adverts with different images, text, and offers to see which performs best for you so you can lower your costs per conversion when you find winning elements.

Tip9: Optimize Pinterest ads for conversions

Optimize Pinterest ads for conversions

If you want to increase traffic but no sales by using social media ads, here’s what to do:

-When selling online try to use ‘promoted pins’ to quickly get your products in front of more people on Pinterest. This highly targeted traffic can lead to conversions (and sales).

– Ensure you have a strong, engaging image for your products that brands you as an authority in your niche.

– Add links back to your site at the bottom of each pin, so people don’t forget where they need to click when they’re interested.

Tip10: Optimize content marketing for conversions

Optimize content marketing for conversions

If you want to increase traffic but no sales by using content marketing, here’s what to do:

– Ensure your site is optimized for conversions first, then you can begin thinking about content marketing.

– Your website should be set up so that people are directed to the right page on your site when they land there. The more you can optimize where people are landing when they come in from your content, the more likely you’ll increase sales.

– Write blog posts that get shared across social media and link back to your site so people who may not be interested in buying straight away see your products and click through.

– Always build your email list so you can market to your target audience directly for an even higher conversion rate.

Here are some last-minute traffic tips to increase your conversions:

traffic tips to increase your conversions

– Ask for feedback from site visitors so you can improve things they don’t like about the site.

– Make sure you have a solid social media presence, so people see you as an authority in your niche and click through to your site more often.

– Display testimonials and reviews on your site to improve trust and show that people are talking about the products you sell.

– Speak with your suppliers directly to find out if they’re willing to work with you on any site improvements because sometimes it’s just a matter of asking.

– Ensure your prices are competitive, so people view your site as even more trustworthy than the other options out there.

– Upgrade your site design to attract more people interested in buying things online.

– Include social media share buttons on your website so people can spread the word about what you offer without having to leave your site.

– Promote discount code and free shipping costs on your site so you can achieve higher returns for certain products, which will increase traffic and sales.

If you do all of these things, you’ll find that people are clicking through to your site from SERPs more often, staying on your website longer, and converting at a higher rate when they get there.

Q&A About traffic but no sales with Shopify dropshipping

Q&A About traffic but no sales with Shopify dropshipping

Q: What are some other ways to increase traffic but no sales with Shopify dropshipping?

Answer: When you’re working on increasing sales with Shopify dropshipping, here are some last-minute ideas to try out:

– Ensure your site is optimized so people can contact you quickly via phone or email.

– Invest in a mobile site or app to make it easier for people on the go to find what they’re looking for. This is not only beneficial for conversions but also increases traffic.

– Update your social media profiles with information about new products you sell and promotions that might be going on (this will increase traffic).

– Add ‘pin this’ buttons on your site so people can share your images with their followers, which will increase traffic.

Q: How do I improve conversions with Shopify dropshipping?

Answer: Here are a few methods for improving conversions when you’re selling things online:

– Ensure your website is mobile-ready to improve conversions.

– Include clear return policies on your site, so people know what you expect of them when they make a purchase.

– Create calls to action that tell people exactly what you want them to do next, whether it’s buying something or sharing your website with their friends.

– Keep track of your sales and analytics data to identify where you’re losing sales and what you need to change to make them.

– Improve site navigation by using tools like breadcrumbs, categories, and mega menus so people can easily find the items they’re looking for.

– Keep your site fresh by adding new products and removing old ones, so people keep coming back for more.

– Add FAQs on the contact page to clarify what people will get if they buy from you, which will improve conversions.

Q: What’s the difference between traffic but no sales with Shopify dropshipping and not enough sales with Shopify dropshipping?

Answer: Not enough sales with Shopify dropshipping is when you’re not making as many sales as you’d like and traffic, but no sales with Shopify dropshipping is when people click through to your site, but they never actually buy anything.

Final thoughts 

If you follow this advice, you can fix traffic but no sales of Shopify dropshipping and increase your sales and profits. But you need to take action and practice it every day to see the result in a month or two. Do not forget that patience is the key to success.

Thank you for reading this article; I hope it will be helpful for someone. See you soon with another interesting article.

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