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15 best dropshipping suppliers for private label in 2023

By: Tasmia S

This post reveals our selection of the top 15 best dropshipping suppliers for private label in 2022. These vendors are trusted by all whose products can make a big difference in your online sales performance. 

Dropshipping is the order fulfillment strategy that enables online entrepreneurs to profit from e-commerce without stock or managing inventory. It has been a popular business model for new entrepreneurs and established brands alike because it offers high profitability while allowing businesses to launch quickly with no barriers or up-front investment. 

However, dropshipping might not be as easy as it may sound. Before you can sell the products of your choice from a dropshipping supplier to your target audience, you have to pick a winning combination from hundreds of potential suppliers. But how do you find the best dropshipping suppliers for private labels? 

Private label dropshipping 

Private Labeling is the act of creating your brand, such as “Private Label.” When you choose to run your business using this model, you simply buy products from a reliable supplier at wholesale (or less) and then pass those savings on to your customers with your own customized label and package. The vendor will handle all logistics of selling to thousands of customers while you can concentrate on growing your business. 

This term has come into everyday use throughout contemporary business practices. Private Labeling allows businesses to control what they produce and sets themselves apart through its unique qualities not seen in other companies products or services. 

What are the steps involved in private Labeling? 


Private-labeled products usually contain the following things: 

  • Branding: The name of the company. 
  • Logo: The company’s logo that appears on the product. 
  • Personalized packaging: Packaging with a personal touch (branded). 
  • Branded billing: The billing invoice contains the company’s logo.  

The benefits of private Label include:

Quality control 

Private Label allows you to inspect and test incoming products to ensure that they meet your standards before putting them on sale. In addition, a private Label will enable you to include your own R&D as required. 

Quick product development 

Manufacturers such as those who source through Alibaba, for example, can produce custom goods for your private label brand in no time at all. 

Huge profit margins 

You can sell your branded goods at a higher rate than the cost of other generic products, thereby earning higher profits if you own private label business. 

Brand value increase 

Your private label products can help your business build a name for itself and increase your market value. Customers will begin to trust and rely on you because they know that all of your products share the same standards, quality, and style. 

A better strategy for long-term success 

Private label dropshipping is a great strategy for long-term success. The first step in putting together the best private label brands product line should think about a reliable private label manufacturer, marketing strategy, and selling through online channels like Amazon Prime or eBay. 

Creating a loyal customer base 

Private Label products Dropshipping is a great way to build your customer base and create an exclusive relationship with them. With private label dropship products, you can give customers exactly what they want without having the hassle of running inventory yourself! 

Gaining an edge over your competitors 

Dropshipping private labels is a great way to gain an edge over your competitors. It allows you the freedom of design and marketing while still enjoying some control in deciding what products go out onto shelves! 

The downside of the private label includes 


The downside of private label business is that it’s hard to start and maintain a brand name. This means that you have to invest in labeling, marketing, and customer acquisition. In addition, you’ll most likely need to hire employees to handle all of the labor-intensive tasks that come with private Labeling. 

Private label dropshipping has a higher risk because you are working with your own brand products rather than using someone else’s that might not meet expectations or fail.  

Private Labeling can be very profitable if done right, but there will always come some sort of risk involved when starting in this type of business model. 

15 best dropshipping suppliers for private label business  

Our research team verifies all the vendors listed below to be on top of their game. They’re Dropship Companies, also known as Private Label Suppliers, who have been in business for years and are widely recognized by merchants for their high-quality products, customer service, and reliability.  



HyperSKU is a revolutionary eCommerce platform that allows you to eliminate sellers and dealers’ traditional, ineffective methods. 

With first-hand access direct from Chinese suppliers as well as their fleet of trucks with an efficient global delivery system at your disposal – it’s hard for this solution not to make sales skyrocket!  

 HyperSKU resembles a dropshipping agent. Their services include: 

  • Find factories that manufacture the products you need 
  • Inspect and control the quality of products 
  • Create customized packaging 
  • Keep the products stored in their warehouse 
  • Synchronize your order fulfillment automatically 
  • Deliver your shipments as quickly as possible 
  • Manage your refunds if needed  


Wiio not only designs and produces products, but they also handle all the distribution for you! This innovative company was founded in July 2015 with just four people. 

As of today’s count, 150 lot more have joined Wiios team; as a result, growth has been steady over six years. This means it is now one of the growing fulfillment companies with many private label manufacturers. 

You Can Count on Them for Almost Everything 

  • They source your own private label products For You. 
  • They will purchase products whatever you want. 
  • Stock all the products for you 
  • Ensure quality of products For You 
  • Ship your products to your customers 
  • Create customized videos, photos, and inserts for your products. 
  • Create customized cards and labels to increase customer satisfaction and build loyalty. 
  • For clients with high volumes of orders, they can manufacture branded bags with your company’s logo and images. 


There are many online marketplaces in the world, but AliExpress is one of the biggest. Alibaba created it, and its major focus is on small business owners. More than 100 million people use the platform globally. It provides many opportunities for merchants to expand their business thanks to low fixed costs and free marketing tools such as SEO and Customer Reviews. 

There are all sorts of dropshipping suppliers available on AliExpress. They have a great customers base for all the niches available like the mobile phone accessories market, private label electronics brand, and even selling private label furniture.  

There are even some dropshipping suppliers on AliExpress who offer private label business services! 

AliExpress has a powerful search engine that allows you to find just about any product you’re looking for. It also enables you to filter the results by price, the number of orders, customer rating, and many other factors. 

This is probably the best place on this entire list to start your dropshipping business! 

If you are interested in AliExpress dropshipping, you can read this article about AliExpress dropshipping guidelines

And if you want to know some amazing tips to get fast shipping on AliExpress, we recommend you to read this article. 


Alibaba is an international eCommerce company that services businesses across the world. It offers a huge range of products at affordable prices and private label services to private label business owners looking for anything from t-shirts to home supplies. 

Setting up your own business with Alibaba is free and easy – plus, they have various tools available to help you succeed. For example, private label dropshipping suppliers can provide you with all the services you need for your private dropshipping business. 

Alibaba provides you with the following services: 

Offer the option to request a return or refund for certain products. 

It’s very easy to get started – simply create an account! Your only requirement is a phone number (to send a verification code) and an email address. Once you’ve done that, you can upload pictures from your computer or enter the product information manually. 

The supplier will create a unique tracking link for every order placed through – based on the shipment’s buyer name, seller warehouse, product model no., production date, shipping method, etc. 

This link will be sent to a buyer directly via any messenger the buyer uses. It’s also possible for a supplier to send this link via email or text message if they wish. 

 Free To Join 

Alibaba is a free service, and the company only makes money if you make sales on their platform. 

You don’t need any selling experience; all you need is some passion and understanding of what your customers want! 

Starting a dropshipping business is easy. 

You can start buying from this supplier on Alibaba right now. 

Just click on any product category you are interested in and then send a message to the supplier; they’ll then send you a quote, so you won’t end up wasting your money.

There is no registration or subscription fee for this – just pay when your order ships. 

Once you have chosen your products, simply select any other products you would like included in your order. Again, you can choose as many or as few products as you like. 

After that, click ‘Add to Cart and go to checkout. It’s really simple! 

As soon as your supplier ships your order, you will receive a tracking number on the Alibaba website – make sure to check it regularly for updates! 

24/7 Customer Service 

Customer service is a major part of Alibaba’s success, and they have very reliable customer support. They can even help you deal with issues that might arise while your supplier ships your order – just let them know! 

Affordable Prices 

Alibaba has the most affordable products online. So many items cost less than if they were bought in a local store! 

But, you will have to check their product’s pricing carefully if you want to make a profit. 


Spocket is a service that helps you start your own eCommerce business with thousands of products- and it has plenty of private label drop shipping suppliers as well! 

Thousands of dropshipping suppliers are at your disposal via Spocket. You can use Spocket to pick out the perfect products to sell.

Supported Payment Methods 

Spocket supports the following payment methods: PayPal, Credit Card via PayPal, Credit Card via Stripe, Alipay, Western Union, and Cash on Delivery. 

Spocket is one of the most affordable dropshipping suppliers in 2022! Their prices are about 20% lower than their competitors’. 

The main advantage of using Spocket as your drop shipping supplier is that they have high-quality products.

Art of Where 

Art of Where is a well-known dropshipping supplier that offers a wide range of products from niche categories. They have partnered with several big brands and online stores, allowing them to sell millions of different products! 

Sell Directly to Your fanbase and Set Prices. 

Selling directly through your website, social media pages, or email list is a great way of increasing revenue while maintaining control. 

They make it 100% yours with custom labels and packaging that will set the tone for branding in an authentic way – never worry about competitors’ copycat marketing strategies again! 

Custom Labels 

You can brand your clothing and home decor items with your label to take your art to a whole new level. 

Custom made Cards 

Your customers will be ecstatic to hold a card printed on sturdy card stock. 

Custom made stickers 

Your brand will be recognized before the package has even been opened! A true brand ambassador. 


SupplyMeDirect is the best dropshipping supplier for private labels. They offer high-quality products at affordable prices, and they also assist in creating your online store! 

Entrepreneurs looking for a larger scale in selling private label products should consider SupplyMeDirect. 

Over the years, they have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to build a scalable and profitable dropshipping business, and they have learned the importance of having a reliable supply chain. Dropshipping companies needed a better way to support their businesses, so SupplyMeDirect was created with automatic order processing, private labels, and local stock. 

Embedding automation 

It is possible to automate the entire dropshipping process, from order fulfillment to tracking deliveries. 

Private Labeling 

Profits can be increased by using a single private labeling service. 

Stocks locally sourced 

With local stock, you can deliver quickly to your customers. 

Sourcing Agile 

You can customize your Sourcing Request. 

BTS Wholesaler 

Many entrepreneurs realize that it is time to switch up their business model and consider investing in wholesale. BTS Wholesaler is the best place for entrepreneurs who want to start with drop shipping but lack experience in wholesaling. 

BTS Wholesaler offers both dropshipping services and bulk deals on products, allowing you to both increase your revenue and diversify your business. 

They offer a wide range of products – from fashion to health and wellness, perfect for entrepreneurs who want to focus on one particular niche. 

However, if you are a private label seller own an online store that offers a variety of products in different niches, BTS Wholesaler can also help with this! 

Easily add products to your store

It is easier than you think. Pick a product, upload some photos and add the details – then just sit back while they do all the hard work for you! 

Builds new dropshipping relationships for you 

They build dropshipping relationships with suppliers of more than 10,000 quality wholesale products. 

Individually negotiated wholesale prices 

You will be surprised by the wholesale discounts they can offer you. 

Shipment to the entire European Union 

BTSWholesaler provides drop shipping services in the European Union at extremely competitive prices. 

On the orders, you will see your company logo and name 

Their dropshipping service allows your customers to identify the orders coming from your company by seeing your logo and company name. 

The catalogs are available in five languages: English, German, Italian, French, and Spanish. 


BigBuy is one of the best suppliers for your private label dropshipping business. 

There are several reasons why this supplier should be used by entrepreneurs looking to increase their profits. 

They have over 9,000+ products ready to go! 

Over 9,000 items are available on the site – all you have to do is choose the products you want to sell. 

  • Their logistics warehouse covers 20,000 square meters, where they store and distribute their inventory. 
  • Wholesale prices for single units are available. 
  • Across Europe, BigBuy offers to drop ship at very affordable prices. In addition, there are several transport agencies available: UPS, TNT, FedEx, DHL, GLS, Seur DPD, Correos, Dachser, etc.  
  •  Synchronization options with your eCommerce system are also available. 
  • Personalized deliveries branded with your company’s name and logo for a private label business owner. 
  • Sell your products on marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Cdiscount, Rakuten, etc.) 
  • There are 24 European languages in BigBuy’s catalog with 100% native translations.  
  • The catalog is divided into categories for downloading, which is very convenient for new dropshipping store owners. 

DropCommerce 2018 

DropCommerce is a platform that enables users to manage their drop ship businesses. They have a wide range of suppliers, from which entrepreneurs can choose the best supplier for them based on customer feedback and order quantity. DropCommerce helps you to select reliable dropshipping suppliers from China and other countries located throughout Asia. 

  • Give your shipments a unique touch by customizing your receipts. 
  • Find curated, premium products from thousands of choices. 
  • Most suppliers are based in the United States and Canada. 
  • You keep all profits from every order because they do not charge any transaction fees. 
  • Shipping is always quick because all items are shipped from the U.S. or Canada. 

Printful (Print on Demand) 

Printful is a print-on-demand supplier that specializes in custom-printed products. 

They allow entrepreneurs to upload their designs or designs from others – this means you can use other designers’ work without giving them any compensation… However, this should be done legally. Remember that Printful will not take responsibility if you do it the wrong way. 

Printful also offers bulk options, which means you can set a custom quantity of products you want to print and distribute it across multiple orders. 

  • You only pay for the actual product, which means there are no transaction fees involved at all! 
  • You’ll get speed and consistency with their global facilities in-house and through their partners. 
  • Build your reputation by maintaining your brand’s prominence. The company acts as a white-label provider, so your customers see your brand name and logo on your dropshipping products. 
  • Take advantage of industry-leading technology, premium inks, and materials to create a lasting impression.  
  • Even without design experience, you can create unique pieces with their built-in Design Maker! It features a variety of designs, from the most simplistic to the most elaborate. 
  • They receive and fulfill orders automatically when your customers buy from you, so you can concentrate on running your business. 

TeaSwan (Tea) 

With TeaSwan Dropshipping, you can start an online tea business with less investment and create your own tea brand. 

Their Dropshipping tea shop features a wide variety of loose-leaf teas, including black, green, white, red, and herbal infusions. 

They will prepare the goods in their warehouses and deliver them to your customers directly from there.  

TeaSwan City Press – you can create a custom label for a unique and personal touch on a teabag. 

For India, a one-time fee of INR 5,900 (including 18% GST) or USD 100 will apply to everyone else. 

  • Without stocking or storing, you can start selling right away. 
  • Set up your online store and establish your inventory with complete business setup assistance. 
  • Whatever your business is, you have the freedom to do it from anywhere in the world. 
  • You’re getting the freshest teas from the warehouse directly to your customers’ door. 

AOP+ (Print on demand Clothing Production) 

AOP+ is a fashion company in Asia that provides high-quality clothing production. They have many years in the fashion business, with over eight years of experience. 

They offer amazing customer service for your design, where you can choose from 200 different materials to customize each piece. In addition, their printing techniques can make your designs look very professional and clean. 

You can create a custom order with their designer to add any changes you want, such as color or size. 

The buying process is simple – they will send you pictures of the items they’re printing, and they’ll start production when you approve. You then get your final great private label product the next day. 

  • Cost-free setup! You only pay when products are sold. 
  • Easy integration with a fully automated system available. 
  • Everything is printed in-house. Your products are directly manufactured. 
  • Fully customizable white label services are available. Everything will be branded, from the packing slips to the postal bags and boxes! 
  • Over 200 Classic and Premium products and variations are available on AOP+. Make your products stand out! 

Apliiq (The Custom Product Company) 

Apliiq is a unique and personalized way to create and purchase products. With no minimum quantity, you can get started with real value and low setup fees. 

Their online design editor provides easy customization for your products, such as women’s clothing, men’s clothing, kid’s clothing, etc. 

  • Custom labels and tag Service available. 
  • Minimum order quality is not required to sell private label products. 
  • Worldwide Drop shipping is available.  

Dripshipper ( Private Label coffee Dropshipping) 

Dripshipper is an online store that helps coffee lovers create gourmet coffee brands. They offer the best quality of service, with 24/7 live chat – you can reach them by email or phone as well! 

Stock over 20 flavored beans and 32 different roasts, all available to sell on your own branded website. 

They offer private label services, where they will print custom labels for your coffee beans. 

The coffees are roasted with care, packaged carefully in heat-sealed bags, and sent to you with FedEx Standard Overnight Shipping. 

Easy setup! Even if you have no design skills, instant proof of your brand with logo & custom packaging. Integrated Inventory Management – Keep track of all your product inventory effortlessly. 

Factors to consider when choosing reliable private label manufacturers: 

Quality of products 

It’s important to choose a dropshipper with high-quality products if you want your customers, as well as yourself, to be satisfied. 

Many people may not think so, but the quality is undoubtedly the most critical issue when it comes to selecting from which online retailer will provide an excellent customer experience and satisfy every need. 

Cost of the products 

Another most obvious consideration is cost. You obviously cannot select a vendor who charges too much since that will eat your bottom line. However, you also don’t want to select a vendor who charges too low since that can have disastrous effects on your bottom line. 

Many entrepreneurs mistakenly believe they can get by selling low-cost products from low-cost vendors. That approach can work if you are just getting started or an “emerging” market player still establishing your brand. Nevertheless, if you are an established brand looking to accelerate your growth or re-launch a mature brand, you must use only the highest-quality vendors to supply your needs. The most obvious example of where this is vitally important is when it comes to product sourcing. 

In addition to that, there are other areas where using only low-cost vendors can be a serious detriment to your business, including customer service, technical support, and even search engine optimization (SEO). 

Reliability and reputation of suppliers 

The vendor must be reliable and have a good reputation. Beyond that, the vendor should offer competitive pricing, have a history of promptly fulfilling orders, and be easy to work with. 

When evaluating a dropshipper, we evaluate each vendor on these criteria and then rank them from “A” to “B” based on how well they measure up. We prioritize vendors who rate “A” or “A+” on all these points. However, even vendors who fall short on one or more of these criteria can be useful for specific applications.  


The 15 best dropshipping suppliers for private labels in 2022 are a great option if you want to start your own business. These companies will help your online store grow by providing high-quality products straight from the warehouse, with no minimum order quantity! 

As a result, you won’t need to worry about space or to ship all that product yourself – all the suppliers have automated systems that will take care of it for you. 

This makes growing your business a lot easier, as you don’t need to worry about many things other than advertising and market your store! So, start making money today by utilizing one or more of these drop shipping companies! 

What do you think? Any questions? Comments? You can leave those below as well. Of course, you can also Subscribe to us by email and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest! See you in the next post!

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