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10 ways to boost free traffic to your dropshipping store in 20232

By: Tasmia S

Dropshipping is a great eCommerce business model to sell online, but it can be difficult to get traffic to your store. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 ways to boost free traffic to your dropshipping store in 2022. Implement these tips and watch your traffic skyrocket!

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1. Use social media platforms to boost free traffic to your dropshipping store.

Use social media platforms to boost free traffic to your dropshipping store.Social media is a great way to get your name out there and attract more organic traffic to your eCommerce business. It’s also a great place for customer support.
You should add social sharing buttons such as Facebook Likes or Sign-Up buttons to all pages of your website and make it easy for visitors to share your content on social media – a “Click to Tweet” option can be excellent here. Also, add a link at the end of blog posts that take readers straight to Facebook so they can quickly like the post or share it with their friends if they enjoy it!

*Create a Facebook group for people interested in your niche

boost free traffic to your dropshipping store Creating a Facebook group to share your products quickly and simply without investing money on advertising or marketing campaigns. This will help you to promote your businesses for free and exchange ideas with the target market.

*Pin your dropshipping products on Pinterest

Pin your dropshipping products on PinterestPin your dropshipping products to make them more visible on Pinterest. The Pinterest social networking site has become a popular site for sharing images, videos, and other multimedia content.
A great way of making sure you’re top-of-mind with customers is by pinning exciting or relevant content that might be related in some form, like an article about the product they sell! This helps people who search online know precisely where your business stands out from competitors’ sites and can lead potential consumers straight towards buying something.

*Share your store’s product photos on Instagram

*Share your store's product photos on InstagramShare your store’s best products on Instagram – to be seen by more people!
The best way to draw more traffic to your store is by sharing images of your best-selling dropshipping products on Instagram. This makes the product more visible on a photo-based social media platform – which can be an excellent place for people to start searching for what they need!

*Share content on other social media sites that is relevant to your industry

Share content on other social media sites that is relevant to your industryOne way to increase your business’s reach on social media is by sharing related and relevant content. For example, find sources of information about the industry in which you’re involved, then use them for posts or stories tailored towards other people within this market niche.
Keep abreast of industry trends, make sure you’re following other companies. Share their content with a like or comment that is relevant and helpful for them!

*Use Twitter to promote your online store

Use Twitter to promote your online storeTweeting is another great way of discussing relevant content to your industry on Twitter.
Create regular posts on your Twitter account that share new posts on your site, blog posts, or new products to sell for people to check out! Use hashtags relevant to your business so more users can see you.

*Participate in online discussion areas and forums

Participate in online discussion areas and forumsTo get your store in front of more people, use online discussion areas or forums to talk to others about what you sell. This helps be seen by new audiences you might not have reached yet.

*Search for conversations related to your business online

Search for conversations related to your business onlineBy listening to the conversation happening around your business online, you can often find relevant and current information that you can share on your social media accounts, blogs, or website to gain more exposure and free traffic.

*Engage with people on LinkedIn

Engage with people on LinkedIn boost free traffic to your dropshipping storeLinkedIn is a great platform for business owners to connect with potential clients and answer questions relevant to what they are selling or trying to learn about!

2. Start blogging about your dropshipping business.

Start blogging about your dropshipping business.Keeping a blog post devoted to your business is a great way to drive more traffic to your online store.
Having well-written, in-depth blog posts filled with relevant information can help you rank higher on Google and get all the above benefits.

*Post blogs regarding business-related topics

People enjoy reading blog posts, and it could be one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website!
Share your insights on the latest trends in social media marketing with these engaging blog posts. First, publish high-quality content that will keep readers interested and informed, then be sure to engage them by asking questions or sharing some unique details from what you write!

*Write guest blog posts for other websites related to the topic of your site

Write guest blog posts for other websites related to the topic of your siteAs a Content Marketing Specialist, I often advise my clients to write guest blog posts for other related or complementary websites in some way. This will give you more opportunities to reach out and build relationships with potential customers who might enjoy what you have written but haven’t found it yet themselves!
The first step towards becoming successful at anything online has to take the initiative; if there’s something specific going on where people need help, then offer them your assistance immediately instead of waiting around expecting somebody else to do so first.
Another way to ensure your business is always ready with helpful information that people are searching for is by having a wide range of resources internally that you can draw from. Make sure that you’re finding the time to read up on industry news and trends so that whenever somebody challenges something or asks about it, then you’ll have what they need at your disposal immediately.

*Write blog posts that are relevant and interesting for your target audience

 boost free traffic to your dropshipping store in 2022The goal of any blog is to engage your target audience. You can do this by writing blog posts that are helpful and relevant to their needs, interests, and challenges!
Writing about industry trends now and then can be a brilliant way of reaching out to others who might want to know more about the topic too!

3. Do SEO of your website to boost free traffic.

Do SEO of your website to boost free traffic.SEO – or search engine optimization – is essential if you want people to find your website through Google or other search engines. Include keywords that are relevant to what you are selling on your website.

*Optimize product descriptions and images with relevant keywords

Having optimized product descriptions and images will help people find your website through search engines when they are searching for similar products to the ones you sell.

*Do some research on the best keywords to use in your title tags

Do some research on the best keywords to use in your title tagsMake sure to include keywords throughout the website. This will make it easier for people interested in your products and services or just browsing around on their own time looking up something new that catches someone’s eye!
Optimize your website for the long-tail keywords that provide more traffic and convert better. The small phrases are often overlooked, but these can add up when it comes to how many visitors or sales you get per month!

*Increase the number of good backlinks to your website

Increase the number of good backlinks to your websiteWhen it comes to SEO, an important thing to remember is that Google likes websites with many different links pointing back to them.
Make sure you’re regularly trying to “get your name out there” by participating in Q&A websites like Quora or forums or offering your assistance if somebody reaches out for help on LinkedIn. Then be sure to include your website on everything you do, including your email signature.

*Encourage comments and add your own.

Encourage comments and add your own.Adding comments to popular posts and videos is a great way to engage with your audience and share their feedback with the world.
Comments are also an integral part of how Google’s search engine ranks pages, so encouraging them can help people find you more easily online!

*Make frequent updates to your website’s content with new items, discounts, and coupons

Make frequent updates to your website's content with new items, discounts, and couponsNew products are always relevant to customers, so make sure you’ve got new content on your website often!
Offering sales and discounts will encourage people to buy soon.
Adding coupons or giveaways can also help get people interested in purchasing from your website again.

4. Use YouTube to boost free traffic to your eCommerce store.

Use YouTube to boost free traffic to your eCommerce store.YouTube is a great place to take advantage of potential customers searching for specific keywords related to your industry. Make a few videos that go over topics that people might search for, and then include a link to an appropriate product on your website in the video’s description!

*Create a YouTube channel and upload videos about how to start a dropshipping store

You can also make videos about starting your dropshipping store or anything related to the industry in general. Visitors are always on the lookout for new ways to learn about their favorite products and services, so giving them content that straightforwardly answers their questions will bring you traffic!

*Create a YouTube video of how to use one of your products

Create a YouTube video of how to use one of your productsCreating videos of using your products is another great way to help customers make the best decisions about their orders.
Make sure you have relevant keywords mixed in your title, description, and tags for your video, so it’s easier for people interested in your product or industry to find them!

*Use Influencers like bloggers or YouTubers with large followings to share your content

Nowadays we saw that Youtube or Instagram celebrities with large followers shoutout small companies name. If you can connect with someone who is making content on your niche it can be helpful for you.

Taking this route will put your brand on the map through influencer marketing and help build awareness for what you’re offering!

5. Answering questions related to your business.

Answering questions related to your business.Answering questions in forums related to your business is a great way to get free traffic and connect with people online.
Join the conversation on popular Q&A sites like Quora and answer questions about whatever you can!
Making posts that address different questions that appear frequently will keep you relevant in the eyes of other users.

*Answer questions on Reddit related to your industry

Answer questions on Reddit related to your industryLike Quora, Reddit is another fantastic platform that connects people with the correct information.
When you answer Reddit-related questions related to your business, it can bring in new traffic and help you engage with potential customers at the same time!

*Answer questions on Quora

Answer questions on QuoraQuora can be a great way to boost free traffic to your store in 2022.
Quora is a fantastic resource that gets people searching for industry-specific questions.
When you answer posts relevant to your website, it puts the link out there, so potential customers know where to learn more about what you have to offer!

*Answer questions on Forums

Additionally, forums are a great way to get in front of people interested in your website.
When you answer posts about related topics, this is a great opportunity for people to be interested in the products and services you have to offer!
You can even create a thread or topic that asks something specific about your business if relevant to the forum.

*Create a content strategy for 2022

You should also look at creating a content strategy, so you don’t have to keep brainstorming ideas for making your business more visible online! Instead, search online for guides, tips, and tricks, case studies, or other helpful info about your industry to learn more. Then, when you have a solid content strategy in place, it’ll be much easier for you to implement it into your schedule every week.

6. Self-publish one or more e-books

Self-publish one or more e-booksPublishing one or more e-books on topics related to your business can also help increase foot traffic.
Almost everyone is looking for good content that they can refer others to, so creating something informative and valuable will be an excellent way of getting people interested in what you have to offer!

7. Give your audience the inside scoop

People love being in the know, so give them something they can’t find anywhere else.
Creating a blog where you give behind-the-scenes information about your brand is a great way to show people that you have more to offer than just products!

8. Do Email marketing

Do Email marketingEmail marketing is a great way to connect with people online. Furthermore, it’s a great way to keep your brand relevant month after month, week after week, and year after year.
You can build relationships with prospective clients by sending them emails that answer their questions and address their concerns.

The free plans are a great way to get started with email marketing. However, it is better to use paid tools for sending larger volumes and getting more people on your list.

9. Share testimonials from satisfied customers

Another great way to boost your store’s free traffic is by sharing testimonials from satisfied customers.
Sharing customer testimonials show potential customers that other people have already bought into what you’re offering, which can help influence their final decision!
Providing your customers with a reason to talk about your business is also a very important part of the whole process. By encouraging people to share their content and stories about what you offer, this becomes something that could help other people discover you too – even if they aren’t actively looking for it yet!

10. Create a customer loyalty program that includes free shipping, discounts, and bonuses

Create a customer loyalty program that includes free shipping, discounts, and bonusesLastly, a way to boost free traffic to your online store is by creating a customer loyalty program that rewards visitors to your website.
Enabling people who have already bought from you to come back again and again will help you drive repeat business without having to spend additional resources or marketing efforts on new customers every time!

Additionally, you can boost traffic by:

There are some other ways to boost traffic in your Shopify store like:

  • Creating a catchy blog name
  • Reaching out to customers who didn’t complete transactions
  • Giveaways and free samples
  • Engaging with influencers online
  • Adding popups and exit intent technology to your website
  • Paid traffic on Facebook
  • Start your podcast
  • Organize competitions and giveaways
  • Start writing on Medium
  • Using remarketing or Google ads to drive more traffic to your website
  • Make sure you’re also following all of Shopify’s best practices when it comes to SEO.

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Finally, let’s conclude

Here are 10 ways you can boost free traffic to your dropshipping store in 2022.
I hope that these strategies will help you get the wheels turning and start moving your business forward!
Have any other suggestions? We’d love to know what you have to say in the comments!
Thank you for reading our article.

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