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Dropshipping: 12 Secret Tips for Using Google Trends 2023

By: Tasmia S

Discover how to use Google Trends as a tool to find hot products and niche ideas. This blog post will show you 12 secret tips for using Google trends 2022 as an invaluable tool for dropshipping success! 

As a dropshipping business owner, you know that staying on top of the latest trends is essential. Dropshippers are always looking for new niches and hot products to sell online. But how do you find these new niches? How do you identify new hot items before they become popular? One way is by using Google trends. 

Google Trends: What is it and its Features?? 

Google Trends: What is it and its Features

Google Trends is a research tool offered by Google, which allows users to see the search volume of any topic or keyword in different regions across the world. You can also compare two or more keywords and track their popularity over time. 

Google Trends crawls and ranks the most popular search terms. Aside from filtering results based on your keywords or phrases, Google looks for trending topics within different categories, such as Business, Science & Technology, Health, Sports, Arts & Entertainment, Books & Literature, etc……. 

Google Trends data is accessible in two different samples: Real-time data is a sample covering the last seven days, and historical data is an archived sample. Compared to real-time data, non-real-time data goes as far back as 2004 and up to 36 hours before your search. 

Features of Google Trends 

This tool indeed provides numerous ingenious and tricky features unavailable anywhere else. 

Search Bar of Google Trends 

This Google Trends feature allows you to check any key phrase. It’s pretty straightforward and fast; this shows how the term or topic has changed over time by displaying its popularity trends on an updated map that includes other countries where they’re popular too! 

Google Trends Compare Feature 

Google Trends Compare Feature 

This Google Trends feature allows you to compare two or more keywords and get real-time results. This is very useful for strategizing your content marketing strategy because it shows which topics are trending right now so that way your ideas will be front page! 

Comparing data from different timeframes shows how popular a particular topic has been. This makes it easier for online store owners to sell products with high sales prospects because they can use this information as guidance and direct them towards a winning niche! 

The charts unmistakably show the difference in popularity depending on which period of history is being examined: whether examining the last seven days, one month, or even 24 hours’ worth of trends. 

Compared Keywords by region 

Compared Keywords by region 

This Google Trends bar chart is a more straightforward and exceptional way to see which regions dominate the search game. It can rank trends by continent, country, or even individual city-state! And if you need something broken down into small bits? There’s an average for that, too – so no matter how big your data set might be, this screen will always have something exciting waiting just off its edge right away. 

Related Top and Rising topics Updates 

Related Top and Rising topics Updates  

This section provides an estimate of what other topics people were searching for besides the main topic. This represents how popular these alternate searches are compared with each other on a relative scale, and you can sort them by descending order or pick whichever one interests you most to start! The scores will highlight in dark colors so that they’re easier to compare against one another. You can download all the data in CSV files format and use them in the future. 

Some other tools of Google Trends to search demographic insights

Some other tools of Google Trends to search demographic insights

  • Country- Enter your desired country name, and you’ll get a result for that particular country. 
  • Time Frame- You can enter specific time frames like the last 12 hours, Past 7 days, or even custom time frames to analyze your data. 
  • Product Categories- Enter your desired product category from the list to get more specific results. 
  • Search Options- Several search options are available here. 
  1. Web search 
  2. News Search 
  3. Image search 
  4. Search on Youtube 
  5. Google shopping 

What Are the Uses of Google Trends? 

Fortunately, Google Trends has a wide range of impressive features that prove helpful in many ways. Essentially, there’s no better place for anyone looking to develop the best products for their online store than here. 

But how is this possible? Quite simple 

Google Trends analyzes trends over time. These trending searches tell you how often specific key phrases are used. Consequently, it helps you understand keyword dominance. 

The Google Trends tracking tool lets you create graphs based on your keyword(s) or competitors to find out what regions/countries’ users are searching from and the top related searches happening with the trend of your keyword. Ecommerce business owners can find relevant product categories and related keywords on their niche product. 

Why Google Trends and Dropshipping are interrelated?   

Dropshipping is a business model where drop shippers don’t keep any inventory. Google trends help them by providing search volume information for keywords related to their product niche so that dropship entrepreneurs can see how many people are searching on Google about a particular product or service. Dropshippers can use this information to find new product ideas and see if there is a demand for that specific item before investing time into it. 

You can determine the popularity of specific products by using Google Trends. For instance, if you’re new to the dropshipping business and want a comprehensive overview of trends in your niche market, then this is just what you need! 

With Google’s features, you can see what people are feeling over time about specific items or concepts. Also, you can see what people are searching for at any given time. These terms may also be showing up to tell you something important when they are “trending” online.” 

Dropshipping: 12 secret tips for using Google Trends 2022 

A powerful tool for any e-commerce business is Google Trends. You can learn about the flagship products or the subjects that arouse the curiosity of the Net surfers by using Google Trends. 

Finding Profitable Niches for Your Dropshipping Business  

 It’s dropshipping, so first of all, you have to find a profitable niche market for your online store. The easiest way is to do it by yourself, and for this purpose, Google Trends can be used as the best tool. 

The way it works is by looking at Google search data and analyzing fluctuations in demand over time that show what people are searching most often and where there might be room to grow with new products or services offered online. 

The data obtained from Google Trends can provide drop shippers with a better understanding of their niche market. They can compare products in their niche markets which will help them to find the most popular items in that particular industry. Dropship entrepreneurs are always looking for trending things that they will be able to resell with an excellent profit margin. 

For example, when you search for shoes, you can see that shoes are a trending product for all time, and you’ll get the related search keywords list. So, you can have an idea of what is trending at that moment. 

Google Trends secret tips1: Finding Profitable Niches for Your Dropshipping Business 

For finding related products to your Business Niche  

Dropship entrepreneurs can determine product popularity by using the Google Trends data on search volume. This is a great way to learn more about dropshipping.

The search volume data on keywords related to their niche products shows how many people are searching online for a specific product or service. 

The most searched items in your niche market will provide you with a lot of helpful information for a profitable dropshipping store. You Can Determine the popularity of products from Google Trends Data. 

The information drop shippers can find on Google Trends is priceless because, with this data, drop shippers can understand what products are most sought after and what products dropship entrepreneurs should avoid. 

Google Trends secret tips2: For finding related products to your Business Niche 

For example, Google trends shows that Compared to “Nike shoe” and “Adidas shoe”, “Reebok shoes” has more search volume.

trend research shoes

Researching high search volume and low competition keywords 

Dropshippers need to keep in mind that they should only sell items with more demand and low competition. Dropshippers should avoid products with a significant drop in search volume because these will be more difficult to rank for in the future. 

If you know how to use Google Trends, then it can give your dropshipping business an edge over other dropshipping entrepreneurs. In addition, it helps dropship retailers find products that have a steady search volume and less competition so that it will be easier for them to rank in the future. 

For example, when you search for “Shoes for men”, it shows lots of search traffic related to this keyword, so drop shippers know that it is a trendy Product and there is a demand for it in the market, and they should have targeted these keywords. 

Google Trends secret tips3: Researching high search volume and low competition keywords 

Create a merchandising strategy on seasonal trends

Dropship retailers can use the Google Trends tool to create merchandising strategies that are seasonal trends and increase sales during specific times of the year, such as Christmas or Black Friday. 

By using this data, drop shippers can see what products perform well at certain seasons and adjust their dropshipping business accordingly. In addition, Dropshipper can introduce new seasonal trending products in the market to help them reach their sales goals. 

For example, when you search for “Halloween costumes”, search trends show lots of searches related to this keyword at fall season, so drop shippers know there is a demand for it in the market, and selling products of Halloween can be profitable for them in the fall season.

Google Trends secret tips2: Create a merchandising strategy on seasonal trends

Produce content related to current trends 

Keep up-to-date on the latest trending products in your niche market with Google Trends. They need to keep an eye out for trending products and events to create content related to current trends and then promote this content through different marketing channels. If you are an online business owner you should browse daily trending searches to have an idea about what’s happening around the world.  

In addition, drop shippers should use the search insights function of Google Trends to learn more about what people are looking for. They can also use the related searches option on google trends to see trending queries they might not have considered before and then create new product ideas based on this keyword research. 

Produce content related to current trends 

Dropshippers can use Google Trends data keyword research to generate sales around holidays by using trending products that are popular during these specific times of the year. Dropship retailers can create promotions around trending products and take advantage of particular holidays to boost sales. The drop shipper should only sell seasonal products that have greater demand during these holiday seasons or other special events, and they should avoid selling seasonal products with low search volumes because ranking for these keywords will be difficult.  

Increasing your YouTube reach 

Find out what people are searching for on YouTube by Google Trends so that you’ll be able to create content that search users might want to see. You should make sure your videos have high view counts, good ratings, and lots of comments because these metrics help you to rank higher in the future. Dropship retailers need to watch trending videos and search queries they can target when Dropshipping on YouTube.

Google Trends secret tips4: Increasing your YouTube reach 

For example, you can type “vacation” on Google Trends and press on YouTube Search, and Google Trends shows lots of related queries to this keyword, so you know there is a demand for it in the market, and you’ll get to know the related top searches as well. 

related topics

For Google Shopping 

As an eCommerce store owner need to make sure that your products are relevant to these trending search items. You should check the searches list by the tool Google Shopping to find an idea about what people are searching for there. Dropship retailers will know which product categories they should add next to their eCommerce store as well. An online business owner should make sure their products are relevant to their target audience. 

For example, you can type “Christmas Presents” on google trends, and it shows lots of searches related to this keyword at a certain time, so you will know there is a demand for it in the market. 

Google Trends secret tips5: For Google Shopping 

Choose A Dropship Platform Using Google Trends for your online store 

Have you ever wondered which drop ship supplier is the most popular? If so, then look no further than Google Trends for your answer! The internet giant keeps track of what people search for and provides that data each year. So, for example, nowadays, Amazon came out ahead as their site was searched about 3X more often than any other retailer’s at both national levels (USA) or international levels (International). 

So, which one would be up next time around – will it still be Amazon again but maybe not quite as much percent increase? Or could another company take over? 

Online retailers should make sure that the products they dropship are available on their eCommerce platform. Then, by using Google Trends, they can compare the eCommerce platforms and find out which is trendy and doing good over time. 

Google trend comparison

For example, here is a comparison between AliExpress, Alibaba, and Amazon.  

google trend comparison

Promoting differently in different regions 

Google regional trends data can help Dropshipper to find out what type of promotion works best in which region. Online shoppers need to make sure that they use the right search volume and competition level when deciding on a keyword for their product listings for their region.

For example, the following search result shows that Reebok shoes are more prevalent in Mississippi, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and South Carolina. 

Google Trends secret tips7

Google Trends can help you improve your search engine optimization

There are many ways to stay ahead of the game when it comes to search engine optimization. The best way to determine what people will be interested in maybe to use Google Trends, a web tool that shows the popularity of specific keywords over time and predicts their future popularity, giving you insight into what people will be interested in. 

Maintaining visibility in Google’s ranking algorithm by monitoring trends helps ensure that future posts appear where they’re most likely to be seen – right up front!

Furthermore, with this information at hand, it becomes more accessible to implement an SEO strategy successfully than ever before to rank high and maintain rankings over extended periods of time. 

Avoid temporarily popular keywords by using Google Trends. 

A great way to avoid temporarily popular keywords is to use Google Trends. Google trends track search queries from around the world over different periods – usually hourly updates – which gives marketers valuable data about who might have been looking up information related to their trending niches at any given moment. 

For example: if your company specializes in designing tablet covers with NFC chips built right in, knowing how often customers have searched “tablet NFC” would let you know whether it’s worth investing more resources into building custom tablets. The graph shows that it is a temporarily popular keyword. It suddenly increased and then decreased again. 

trend research, chrismass present

Google Trends lets you track competitors’ positions 

In this day and age, it is imperative to monitor your competitors and how you are performing against them. Google Trends makes that easy with a few clicks of the mouse! 

It’s like monitoring the pulse of what people want, need, or desire. Just enter keywords related to the industry you’re interested in studying; then click “Get Started” and let trends do their job. Then, you can enter competitors and see how well they are doing! 

trend research, samsung

For example, A comparison between the Samsung android phones and the OnePlus android phones shows that Samsung phones are more prevalent at all times. 


Q&A about Google Trends 

How to Find Profitable Niches with Google Trends 2022? 

Answer: Use the keyword planner provided by Google Trends.

– Search for trending keywords related to your product or items you want to sell.

– Choose the ‘get ideas’ option from the drop-down menu.

– Sort the results by ‘compared to’.

– Select a specific period with which you want to compare your chosen keywords.

– Do not forget to check for negative search terms!!! 

How Can Drop Shippers Use Google Trends 2022? 

Answer: Google trends can be used as a valuable dropshipping tool in many different ways. Dropship entrepreneurs are constantly looking for new niches and products to sell. Dropshipping is not a get-rich-quick scheme; it requires lots of research and works if you want to make money. Drop shippers can use Google trends as a tool in different ways: 

  • To select a successful niche market for their online business.
  • know the seasonal trends of a region.
  • To find out products that their potential customers are searching for.
  • Finding related trendy keywords in their niche market


Dropshipping success is about finding a high search volume with low competition niche products. Dropshippers should always prioritize items that have few competitors in Google AdWords and eBay! 

How do I find winning products on Google Trends? 

Answer: Google Trends lets you see the number of search queries related to various products concerning time. With this graph, you can predict trends – you will typically want to buy products after their peak in searches, so by using this information, you are able not only to identify winning Google Trend stocks but also to correctly predict when prices will rise (or fall) and then sell (or buy). 


There are many ways to use Google trends 2022, but these 13 tips can help you make the most of this powerful tool. So, follow them and see what happens! 

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