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Top 15 Winning Dropshipping Product Research Tools 

By: Tasmia S

Do you know what the best dropshipping product research tools are? We have compiled a list of the top 15 winning dropshipping product research tools to help you with your e-commerce dropshipping business. 

In case you’re new to dropshipping or are interested in trying it out, these tools will help you kick off your eCommerce business. Unfortunately, getting this right is not always easy, so we have made it easier by researching for you. 

What is a winning product? 

“A winning product sells well over time, generates high margins for the company, and meets customer needs.” 

These products are products that have a superior design and offer consumers a competitive advantage in the market.  

Product designers’ main goal is to create something new and innovative with added value for the consumer. Big companies tend to go after winning designs because they can be lucrative investments for several reasons. Brand recognition is a great asset for any business. Still, when branding your company with a product that was in high demand based on its originality, then you’re looking at grand success in both branding and profitability. Simply put, winning designs last the test of time because they’re built with quality materials, crafted by professionals who understand design language completely–in other words, exceptional designers make winners! 

What are winning dropshipping product research tools? 

These are tools used to research products that will give you an edge over your competition. The best dropshipping product research tools allow you to find winning items faster and easier than ever before. This will increase your chances for success as it saves time, money and gives you access to better sales opportunities all in one package. 

What makes a product winning? 

We have considered this question when compiling our list of the best dropshipping product research tools. Here are some of the top qualities to look for in a winning dropshipping product:  

  • The product has to be profitable (obviously). Our dropshipping tool will provide you with accurate profit calculations based on the supplier’s wholesale prices. 
  • The product has to be unique or rare. Then it’ll be easy for you to stand out from the competition. 
  • The product has to have a good amount of demand. Various sources can give us this information, but we made sure all the best dropshipping product research tools could provide this. 
  • The product must be small/lightweight and easy to ship, especially if you’re using your dropshipping business to build a brand. 

Top 15 winning dropshipping product research tools 

Here we present the top 15 most used winning product tools that will help you do detailed research of your potential product. Many successful online entrepreneurs have tested these dropshipping research tools, and they proved to be very useful. 

AliExpress Dropshipping Center 

AliExpress Dropshipping Center 

 AliExpress Dropshipping Center Tool can help you find the best products on AliExpress within minutes. This dropshipping product research tool is so easy to use that it allows you to generate your winning items in just a few seconds! In addition, you can use this tool to source products from AliExpress without importing them into a spreadsheet. 

You just have to select the product category you’re interested in and group your search by supplier, price, or rating. After that, click on the “Find Winning Products” button and wait for a few seconds until the program completes the research process. You will now be able to view a list of new products that you can sell on your dropshipping store with the supplier’s contact information, price range, and an estimated margin. 

There are 3 other research tools available to extract insights- 

There are 3 other research tools available to extract insights- 

  • Top Selling Products 
  • Search products by image 
  • Sponsored sellers 

You can use a product analysis tool on AliExpress to see what types of products customers have purchased in the past and how frequently they buy certain items.

Sell the trend 

People always want what they can’t have. This is why you should focus more on trends and less on products- this way, your customers will be more attracted to your store because you’re selling something that’s currently in demand instead of just another item available all over the Internet. In addition, trends help you stand out from the competition. 

If you’ve decided to sell trendy products, check out the Sell the trend Analysis tool. It analyzes your items to give you a broad idea about how popular it is with people in that particular niche. This will help you find out which type of products tend to attract your target audience. 

This is a pretty interesting tool, especially if you’re new to the dropshipping business. If you want to determine how many items are trending for each product category, check out the Best-Selling Items tool. With this tool, you can narrow results by selecting the item condition, supplier, or price range, which helps you see only the results that matter to your store. 

Just like other tools on AliExpress, this one also provides contact information for each supplier so that you can easily reach out to them and discuss details about your potential product business. 


Pricing  Pricing details

Currently, two pricing are available for Sell the Tool apps. 

  • $39.97/monthly 
  • $32.97/yearly (2 months free) 

Niche Scraper 

Niche Scraper 

Niche Scraper is the number one eCommerce growth platform and one of the fastest product research tools for finding winning products on AliExpress. It is also known as a spy of best-selling products. 

By using this tool, you can find winning products within a couple of minutes by entering the keyword that you are interested in, and it will generate all possible niches related to that keyword. In addition, this tool also allows you to analyze the products regarding the rating, supplier ranking, and price. 

The vast majority of items have a rating of 4-5 stars which means that this tool works perfectly to find winning products within your market. It also helps you find trending products by category, which is a pretty cool feature considering that it allows you to focus on high-demand niches. 


Niche Scraper price

Two pricing is available for Niche Scraper. 

  • Free version available 
  • PRO Membership $49.95 / Month 

This is a very useful tool to find winning products since it also shows you the product’s estimated margin and other data on AliExpress and Shopify. 



Oberlo is a great website that provides the tools and information to help you dominate your market. It’s simple to use, and it’s free!

On the next page, there is button that says “Find products to sell.” Click on that button and then put in the name of your product. As you can see, Oberlo instantly gives back a long list of AliExpress suppliers that are selling that particular type of product or service. 

These are the words and terms that people use when searching for something related to your industry. Now, you need to take a look at the first few results that come up. Many of these will be websites. Next, look at the top 10 or 20 sites that come up. See if any of these sites contain information or offers that would interest your potential customers.  

Let’s say you told Oberlo that you are into home and garden stuff. After that, it will show you the best products that match those criteria. You can filter these results by price, quality, and various other criteria. In addition to that, you are able to search for widgets, books, e-book titles, or whatever else you are selling. Then, when you are on the website, you can click on any of the product links. 


Oberlo pricing

  • Free  
  • Boss $29.90 per month 



DSer is a tool that has it all. It is basically like Alibaba for eCommerce. This tool will provide you with everything, including profitable products, product analysis, wholesale lists, and suppliers’ contact information. 

You can find out which products are trending within your niche by entering the keyword in the search box. 

This tool will provide you with the contact information of suppliers who are selling similar products to what you wish to sell. 


DSer pricing

  • Enterprise $499/month 
  • Pro $49.9/month 
  • Advanced $19.9/month 
  • Basic Free 



AliShark is the number one product research tool for dropshipping. It allows you to find profitable products in any given niche. You can also do competitive analysis with AliShark, which will help you determine how big your market is and if enough suppliers offer what you are looking to sell. 

Your best chance of gaining an edge on your competition is by keeping your product numbers updated on an hourly basis. AliShark will give you a clear idea about what products are selling at every moment so that if any suspicious activity or sales slump is going on with certain items, in particular, it can be nipped right away! 

The graph shows how many people have added or subtracted an item from their list. This tells you when to sell items and if they’re going to buy them at all! 

Just enter your niche in the search box, and it will generate all related niches along with their monthly search volume, which will help you find the best product available. 


AliShark pricing

  • $1 for a 2days trial 
  • $20/month 



Pexda is a product research tool that is great if you want to quickly find powerful keywords. In addition, this tool provides real product updates every 24 hours. One of the best things about the website is that each product comes with Amazon, eBay, Shopzilla, Google Trends links, and various metrics such as monthly competition, CPC prices, and backlinks for Amazon listings. 

Suppose you need to find a product that will help you sell what you have chosen to sell. You can do this by using Pexda. This will give you a long list of websites containing the exact words you are looking for. These are the websites that Pexda has found to be the best fit for your niche. 


Pexda pricing

  • Standard $1.95/ 14 days. 
  • Premium $24.95/ mo. 
  • Ultimate $99.95/ mo. 

Thieve allows you to choose products that are already selling well. You can easily find suppliers with this tool and then contact them for wholesale pricing. 

Each product is given a popularity and conversion score based on data from millions of real consumer interactions. 

This tool shows you the exact details of the supplier who is currently selling your product, how much they are charging per unit, their quantity in stock, and, more importantly, how many units they have sold in the past. 

If you want to sell a product from a specific supplier or a certain brand, it will give you all of them under one roof. 

Their curatorial team makes sure the best supplier images are produced for each product, saving you time and making your product pages look crisp and professional. 

Take advantage of real-time Google Search data on 100,000’s eCommerce-related terms to get ahead of the competition. Also, find out about the newest seasonal products and hot trends. 

Pricing: pricing

  • Dropship-Winning products & content. $8.08/mo 
  • Premium products & content. $21.50/mo 



Intelligynce provides accurate market data by using its algorithm. The distinct feature of this tool gives you real-time information about the best-selling products. It’s a great way to find suppliers as well as new product ideas for yourself. 

Their database contains a huge range of eCommerce stores and products. With their “Spressio” feature, you can also see hot and trending sellers. There are also HUGE bonuses included in their package! 

In addition, you will receive a free copy of Ali Inspector version 2; a software program used to research popular products on! It’s a database of all the products from different retailers, including prices and user reviews. 


Intelligynce pricing

  • Normal price: $39 / month 
  • Lifetime Option $99 
  • 100% Lifetime Access $29 /4 payments of $29 each 

Dropship Spy 

Dropship Spy 

Dropship Spy is a kind of tool that gives you wholesale pricing directly from the supplier. As a result, you can find products that work well with your business. 

Dropship Spy provides you with a way to connect unlimited stores through the Shopify Connect app. Once you’ve completed the process, you’ll be able to import winning, social proof, or profitable products into your store. 

Their teams use a variety of unique in-house tools to give them privileged information about products. The company monitors, tracks, and researches products until they find a winning or promising item. 


Dropship Spy pricing

  • Basic- free 
  • Pro Monthly $15/Month 
  • Pro Yearly $150 



Asify is a complete e-commerce solution. Its Google Chrome extension is also available. 

The tools will help you to get new customers and increase sales. You can promote products on social channels or use other powerful features like customer targeting, link tracking, and product segmentation. A chart shows the sales progression (or combined sales) over 15 to 30 days, along with the top products. 

They provide you with high-quality services to help you become successful. It is very easy to use the tools in their package. Therefore, I recommend you to give it a try. In its product category, you can find reliable suppliers for your winning products.  


100% free to use. 



Allfactor is a tools suite designed specifically for Shopify. It was created to help you identify winning products and increase your percentage of repeat customers and boost your social media presence. 

The company monitors the major e-commerce websites and constantly tracks their top-selling items. They then compare those results with other online stores that the company monitors. This allows you to find winning products or simply discover new products that are about to become winners. 

In business, success depends on knowing what’s going on. Updates from your favorite sources delivered right at their fingertips will make it easier than ever for you to stay up-to-date with the latest information! 


Allfactor pricing

Essential- Free 

Professional- $29/month 

Elite- $99/month 



Ecomhunt allows you to find and explore new products daily. In addition, you can get alerts about high-quality product opportunities and discover top trending items. 

The tool is available in major marketplaces such as AliExpress, Amazon, Wish, etc. The data will be refreshed every day, so it’s fully up-to-date! 


Free version- 100% Free to use. 

Pro version- A monthly payment of $29 (or $20 if the 31% discount is still active).

Jungle Scout 

Jungle Scout 

Jungle Scout is one of the best winning dropshipping product research tools for anyone who wants to find best-selling dropshipping products. It allows you to research and compare data from different online shops. 

In addition, the company provides you with a way to connect with manufacturers directly from its platform. This allows you to contact them whenever you want to and ask questions that are important for your business. 

On the other hand, you have to be careful with this tool because it does not monitor its sellers’ data. Therefore, it’s best to find information from different sources instead of relying on only one tool. 

Niche hunter in jungle Scout will help to find the right suppliers for your winning products. There is a huge database of wholesalers and manufacturers at your disposal; you can list them by categories and product tags. These suppliers prominently appear on their homepage and are fully searchable within the website. 



Jungle Scout pricing

  • Basic- $29/mo($349 billed annually) 
  • Suite- $49/mo($589 billed annually) 
  • Professional-$84/mo($999 billed annually) 

Wish Inspector 

Wish Inspector 

Wish inspector provides you with detailed insights into products because it’s an eCommerce product research software. You can see the estimated monthly sales, other listings similar to yours, and much more information that will help you successfully fulfill your product. 

Wish Inspector itself does not provide information about these items, but it crawls through hundreds of online stores for data mining. You can get a list of products that are similar to yours and discover the estimated monthly sales. In addition, you will see reviews from other clients who have bought this product before. 


Wish Inspector pricing

  • $77 install to one computer 
  • $87 to install on ten computers 

Some other free ways to find winning products  

Some other free ways to find winning products  

Google Trends 

Google Trends is a great SEO tool showing how often different keywords and phrases are searched for on Google over time. There’s no charge for this tool, and its customer demographics tool enables to show results from multiple regions! 

It’s one of the best product research tools to find winning products. In addition, you can get other product ideas related to the key phrase from Google Trends.  

If you don’t know how to use Google Trends to find winning products. Then don’t worry. We have an article to reveal secret tips to use Google Trends.  

AliExpress Hot selling Products 

There are thousands of products that appear on AliExpress with a promising number of minimum orders. 

AliExpress Hot Selling Products give you a list of trending products in different categories with several minimum orders. So, you can get an idea of winning products without any cost. 

Amazon Best Sellers Rank 

Amazon Best Sellers Rank is a tool that allows you to see the top 100 best-selling items in different categories. These lists provide a great view of what people like and want. So, you can get the idea of winning products with this tool. 

eBay – Hot Items 

eBay - Hot Items 

eBay is a great place to find trending products because it shows you the most popular items on for a particular period. 

You can see the best-selling items and how much other customers paid for them! This free tool allows you to compare data from different countries and a detailed list of top sellers. 

Pinterest – Most Pinned Items

Pinterest - Most Pinned Items

Pinterest is a favorite social media channel for e-commerce sellers. Why? Because it’s one of the best ways to get exposure and generate traffic from a highly engaged audience. 

You can discover what people are pinning with Pinterest Board; It will help you find top trending items that attract Pinterest users the most. 

YouTube Trending Videos  

YouTube Trending Videos  

In this modern world, people have a huge amount of interest in looking at YouTube videos. So, you can find the best products from YouTube Trending Videos as well as it may help you get more sales on Amazon and eBay. 

What to do to find a winning product? 

Price analysis 

You have to find a product that is affordable for your customers. If you offer them something they are not willing to pay for, it will result in low sales or even goods return. 

The right products are typically between $20 and $50. However, it should be considered that it varies according to the type of market you’re working with. 

For example, if you’re selling at Walmart or Rakuten, the price range for a profitable product is between $30 and $100. However, if you want to sell on Amazon, many more products can be sold cheaper. 

You have to remember that low prices are not always the best choice because they reduce your profit. If you want to earn more and you can sell high-ticket products. 

To get high-ticket products ideas, we recommend you to read our 20 High-Ticket Dropshipping Products in 2022  

Check the gross profit margin. 

You have to be sure that there’s enough space for positive cash flow with your product. This means that the difference between the cost of your material and its retail is not less than 20%. 

Market competition analysis 

The better you understand the market, the more chances you have to succeed. First, you need to find out what your competitors are doing and how much it costs them to manufacture your product. If your selling price is lower than theirs, it might be a good idea because you will attract customers with low prices. 

It is essential to understand the problems your competitors are facing because you can find a way to succeed where they failed. But, of course, you should also keep in mind that customers don’t always buy the cheapest products, so it is important to offer them something more than just inexpensive goods. That’s why it is necessary to develop an efficient marketing plan and offer something more than your competitors. 

Don’t forget to check our article about Finding winning products for dropshipping.  

Market demand analysis 

It’s also necessary to check if people are interested in buying this product. You can do it by comparing the sales of similar products on different websites. 

It might be a good idea to check the reviews of customers who have already bought this product because you will see what they are saying about it if they are positive, that means people are willing to buy it because it’s useful for them. 

Read our article to find the top 10 profitable niches for your dropshipping business. 

Check other eCommerce websites. 

It’s not harmful to take a look at other eCommerce websites, especially if you’re selling the same product. In addition, it’s also a good idea to check other similar products that are not from your competitor’s store because they might have a better price or lower cost of production. 

At first, it seems like a waste of time, but actually, this step is crucial for finding a winning product with profitable. 

Conversion rate 

You have to be sure that people are interested in buying your product. So the first thing you need to know is how many customers have visited your site and how many have added a particular product to their cart. 

Read this article Tips to get a high conversion on Shopify to become successful. 

Look at the best-selling products on your site. 

We have already mentioned this tip, but it is so important that we decided to mention it again. First, it’s necessary to check how much they can help you increase your revenue. 

These are some of the essential things you need to do before choosing a product. Once you familiarize yourself with this information, you will be able to choose a winning product. 

To become successful at Shopify, it is necessary to find the top trending products worldwide. Sometimes it’s hard to choose a specific product because there are so many of them, and you don’t know what exactly is going to succeed right now. In addition, it’s necessary to know where customers are from and what they search for. In other words, you have to do thorough market research, which takes time, but the results will be satisfying. 

If we consider that there are more than 1 million Shopify stores now and less than half of them can succeed successfully, that means that around 500 000 people are probably wasting their time because they can’t find a winning product. 


We should admit that it’s really hard to choose the right products for your online store but don’t give up easily; success is not far away if you take your time and make an effort.  

Using these top 15 winning dropshipping product research tools, you can get product ideas for your own online business. It will help you in starting an online business successfully. If any query occurs, don’t hesitate to ask us within the comment box. We will try to resolve your query. Cheers! 

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