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Dropshipping with Salehoo: Ultimate Guidelines for 2023

By: Tasmia S

When it comes to successful online selling, dropshipping is one of the most popular methods. It’s simple, efficient, and can be highly profitable – but it’s not without its risks. If you’re looking to get into dropshipping with Salehoo, or are considering expanding your own eCommerce store to include it, then read on. This article will outline the ultimate guidelines you need to know to make your dropshipping eCommerce business a success.

What is Dropshipping?

What is Dropshipping?

ECommerce entrepreneurs use dropshipping as a business model to sell their products without carrying any inventory. Once the store owner receives an order from a customer, the order goes to their drop ship suppliers, who will ship the products directly to the customer’s door. Dropshipping apps like Salehoo let you add products from various suppliers into your shop to fuel your product offering. 

What is Salehoo?

What is Salehoo?

Salehoo is a popular dropshipping directory that connects sellers with suppliers. It has over 8000+ verified suppliers, making it the perfect platform for entrepreneurs looking to start dropshipping business. So, you don’t need a lot of effort for vetting wholesale suppliers for your dropshipping store.

Features of Salehoo

Features of Salehoo

  • With 2.5 million+ branded products, you’ll be able to profit from many of them.
  • Through Market Research Lab, you can find high-profit margins in-demand products with the convenience of filtering through 8,000+ suppliers in an instant.
  • You can easily find trusted suppliers with no minimum orders.
  • Find a low price for your products while safely negotiating the terms.
  • SaleHoo members get exclusive deals from suppliers and choose from thousands of expert-approved products.
  • You can easily connect SaleHoo and Shopify. One-click product import makes importing products easy on Shopify. So you can automate your dropshipping process.
  • You can view all the details of your products on one page.
  • Also, you can receive 1-1 support by Facebook, phone, email, and live chat.
  • Find niche products and suppliers by using 1-1 assistance.
  • They also have a dropshipping community forum with industry experts.

Why Use Salehoo?

Why Use Salehoo?

There are many advantages of using Salehoo as your dropshipping supplier directory.

  • Firstly, all of the suppliers on Salehoo are verified, meaning that you can be confident that you’re working with legitimate businesses. It is crucial when dropshipping minimizes the risk of scams and disappointing customers.
  • Secondly, Salehoo offers an extensive database of winning products from many suppliers. This means that you’ll be able to find the perfect products for your shop, regardless of your niche.
  • Finally, Salehoo is constantly updated with new suppliers and products. This means that you’ll always have access to the latest trends and products.

How Does Salehoo Work?

How Does Salehoo Work?

Salehoo is a directory of suppliers that allows you to find the products that you want to sell in your store. When you sign up for a Salehoo account, you’ll be given access to their extensive database of suppliers. You can then browse through the suppliers and products to find the perfect items for your store.

Once you’ve found some products you’d like to sell, contact the supplier and arrange to have the products shipped to your customers. Salehoo will also provide you with all of the necessary resources, such as product descriptions and images, to help you sell the products in your store.

How to Dropship with Salehoo

How to Dropship with Salehoo

Since you now know what dropshipping is and how Salehoo works, let’s look at how you can start dropshipping with Salehoo.

Step1: Sign Up for a Salehoo Account

To begin, create a Salehoo account. This can be done by visiting the Salehoo website and clicking on the “Sign Up” button. The next step is to fill in your name, email address, and password.

Step2: Verify Your Email Address

Once you’ve entered your details, you’ll need to verify your email address. Salehoo will send you an email with a verification link. Once you’ve clicked on the link, you’ll be taken to your Salehoo account.

Step3: Browse the Salehoo Directory

The next step is to browse the Salehoo directory and find products that you want to sell in your store. You can do this by visiting the Salehoo website and clicking on the “Products” tab.

You can then use the search bar to find specific products or browse through the categories. When you find a product you’d like to sell, click on the “Add to List” button.

Step4: Contact the Supplier

After that, you will need to contact the supplier, set up your supply chain, and arrange to have the products shipped to your customers. Salehoo will provide you with all of the necessary resources, such as product images and descriptions, to help you sell the products in your store.

Step5: Start Selling!

The final step is to start selling! Once you’ve added the products to your store, you can start promoting them and taking orders from customers. When a customer places an order, you need to contact the supplier and arrange for the products to be delivered directly to the customer. For promoting efficiently read How to Promote Shopify Store for Free in 2022 [Secret tips] 

Dropshipping with Salehoo is a great way to start your own online store. These are some quick steps that will have you up and running in no time!

Services available in Salehoo

Services available in Salehoo

Salehoo gives you a variety of tools and resources to start and grow your online business.

Salehoo Directory:

Salehoo’s directory contains over 8,000 verified dropship suppliers. It also includes manufacturers, liquidators, and wholesalers. You can use the directory to find the perfect products for your store.

SaleHoo Dropship:

The Salehoo dropship is a tool that allows you to find out which products are selling well online. This is a valuable resource if you’re looking for new products to sell in your store. You can easily add trending products to your Shopify store. Dropshipping experts hand-pick each product with a high-profit margin in mind. One-click is all it takes to import them into your Shopify store.

Signup for your Shopify store now!

Salehoo Educate:

Salehoo Educate offers resources developed by 7-figure sellers who have already built successful online businesses to help you get started and grow yours.

This includes ebooks, video courses, and webinars. Using these resources, you can learn all you need to know about dropshipping and success with your online store.

How much is SaleHoo worth?

Salehoo offers a wide range of prices to help you start and grow your online business.

Price review

Price review

SaleHoo is a membership-based platform, and The marketplace Fees start at $67 per year. However, there is also a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not happy with the service, you can always get your money back. For lifetime access, it will charge $127.

Price review

Some other features come with this plan-

  • Directory of SaleHoo suppliers
  • Providing Market Research Labs access
  • Monthly sales trends
  • With advanced search filters
  • One-on-one support
  • Personal support via email
  • Membership forum access
  • Guaranteed 60-day money back

Salehoo dropship price review

Salehoo dropship price review

Basic plan: $27/month or $270/year

This plan offers access to the dropship tool, which allows you to find products selling well online. You can also import these products into your Shopify store with one click.

  • Accounts for 1 sub-user
  • Enabling automated dropshipping
  • Importing 500 high-profit AliExpress products
  • Personalized email support
  • Importing AliExpress products with one click
  • Suppliers vetted and trusted
  • Increase profits and save time
  • Getting access to the members’ forum
  • Getting 30 days of money back

Premium plan: $97/month or $970/year

Salehoo dropship price review

This plan offers all of the features of the basic plan and some other additional features as follows:

  • Accounts for 3 sub-users
  • Automate 3 dropshipping stores
  • Importing unlimited high-profit items from AliExpress
  • Account Manager dedicated to onboarding
  • Personalized email support
  • Importing AliExpress products with one click
  • Suppliers vetted and trusted
  • Increase profits and save time
  • Getting access to the members’ forum
  • Getting 30 days of money back

Salehoo Educate pricing

Salehoo Educate pricing

Dropshipping on Shopify: $47, Onetime payment.

Amazon Product Launch: $47, Onetime payment.

The features of both of the plans are as follows:

  • Get the knowledge you need to build an effective dropshipping store
  • Learn from a Shopify seller who has a 7-figure revenue stream
  • Through in-depth video tutorials
  • Featuring real-world case studies
  • Additional resources
  • Support via email
  • Access for life

Salehoo customer service review

Salehoo offers customer support through email and phone. The company also has a forum where members can ask questions and get answers from other members. Salehoo customer support is very responsive and helpful.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1 213-839-6836


SaleHoo vs Worldwide Brands: who is the best drop shipping company?

SaleHoo vs Worldwide Brands: who is the best drop shipping company?

The following are the differences between Salehoo and Worldwide Brands:

  • Salehoo was founded in 2005, while Worldwide Brands was founded in 1999.
  • Worldwide Brands offers over sixteen million products on Salehoo compared to 2.5 million.
  • Worldwide Brands has no market research tools, while Salehoo does.
  • Compared to Worldwide Brand, Salehoo has a more modern platform.
  • The training program at Salehoo is more comprehensive for new sellers, while Worldwide Brands is less intensive.
  • In contrast, Salehoo allows you to subscribe for a year’s access or a lifetime subscription, while Worldwide Brands only allows lifetime memberships.
  • Salehoo offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, while Worldwide Brands does not.
  • Worldwide Brands’ quality checks are more thorough than Salehoo’s.
  • Salehoo offers access to the dropship tool and imports products from AliExpress with one click. WWB does not provide.

Differences between Salehoo wholesale and dropship suppliers

Differences between Salehoo wholesale and dropship suppliers

The main difference between Salehoo wholesale and dropship suppliers is that you don’t need to purchase products in advance with a dropship supplier. You can list the products on your website, and when a customer orders a product, the supplier will ship it directly to them. With a wholesale supplier, you will need to purchase products in advance and then send them to your customers yourself.

Second, wholesale suppliers typically offer lower prices per unit than dropship suppliers.

And finally, dropship suppliers typically have shorter lead times for shipping products to customers than wholesale suppliers.

Q&A about Dropshipping with Salehoo

Q&A about Dropshipping with Salehoo

Q: Is SaleHoo Legit? Or just another online scam?

Answer: SaleHoo is a reputable and trustworthy online directory that lists wholesale reliable suppliers and products for dropshipping. It is not a scam.

SaleHoo is a company that offers all of the tools and resources you could need to start your own successful business. They have been known as one-of-a-kind when it comes down to customer service, with helpful people ready 24/7 at hand who are always more than happy to help out in any way they can!

Q: Can you drop ship with SaleHoo?

Answer: Yes. SaleHoo is a directory of dropshipping suppliers. You can filter suppliers by product type, price, shipping time, and other factors.

SaleHoo also provides members with a 60-day money-back guarantee, access to live support, and a community of over one million entrepreneurs from around the world. Consequently, if you want an easy way to find great deals on products from around the globe, then SaleHoo is worth checking out.

Q: Does SaleHoo work with AliExpress?

Answer: Yes, SaleHoo does work with AliExpress. AliExpress is a platform that lets small businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide sell directly to consumers. It’s an excellent resource for finding unique products, and it has millions of products available for sale.

The SaleHoo wholesale directory offers access to over 8,000 verified suppliers. It’s an excellent resource for finding trustworthy suppliers who can provide quality products at competitive prices. So yes, SaleHoo does work with AliExpress, and it’s a great way to find quality products at a fraction of the cost. Dropshipping from AliExpress in 2022: All-in-one Tips, Tricks, and Guidance 

Q: How does SaleHoo work with Shopify?

Answer: SaleHoo is a dropshipping supplier directory that helps users find products to sell online. It connects with Shopify, which is an eCommerce platform, to allow users list and sell products on their Shopify stores.

SaleHoo works with Shopify to provide access to a global marketplace. With SaleHoo, you can find suppliers for your Shopify store quickly and easily and get the best prices on the products you need.

Q: Is dropshipping still profitable in 2022?

Answer: It’s definitely still profitable in 2022. Nowadays, drop shipping is probably more convenient than ever before because there are so many online marketplaces and platforms where you can drop ship products. You can read our article Can I Really Make Money with Dropshipping? 

The key to being successful with dropshipping is to find a niche market that you’re interested in and to find high-quality products that fit that niche. You also need to create a strong marketing strategy to help you attract customers and sell products. And finally, you need to ensure that you’re providing excellent customer service so that your customers are happy with their purchases and will come back for more. To become ssuccessful, we suggest you to read Skills Needed for Dropshipping: Top 5 Must-Haves in 2022. 

Q: Which is the best dropshipping app?

Answer: There is no single “best” dropshipping app, as there are many different apps that each have their strengths and weaknesses. Some popular dropshipping apps include Oberlo, AliExpress Dropshipping, and Dropified. Finally, it comes down to your specific requirements and which app will be the best for you. Best Shopify Apps for Dropshipping in 2022 

Q: Is dropshipping illegal?

Answer: It can be, but it’s not always.

It can be illegal if you’re not supposed to sell the products you’re dropshipping. For example, if you’re dropshipping pharmaceuticals without a license, that would be illegal. But if you’re dropshipping products that are allowed to be sold online, then there’s nothing wrong with it.

You need to consider the following things if you want to start dropshipping: 

  • Make sure you’re operating within the law; 
  • You should have suitable reliable dropshipping suppliers, order management and customer Service and support processes.
  • Establish a good procedure for handling returns and refunds.

Q: Is Shopify or Amazon better for dropshipping?

Answer: They’re both great platforms, but they have different strengths.

Shopify is an excellent eCommerce platform for dropshipping because it’s easy to use, has many features and integrations, and is relatively affordable. Read Shopify Dropshipping Business Guide: The Ultimate Solution 2022. 

Amazon is also a great platform for dropshipping because it has a massive audience and is reliable and scalable. It’s also relatively affordable. Ultimately, it depends on your specific needs.

Q: What are the best niches for dropshipping?

Answer: There are a few key factors to consider when choosing a dropshipping niche:

  • 1. The niche should be relatively popular and in-demand but not so saturated that competition is too high.
  • 2. There should be a healthy mix of products available at different price points.
  • 3. The niche should lend itself well to online sales and have minimal barriers to entry.

With that in mind, some good niches for drop shipping include pet supplies, home decor, electronics, and fashion items. For details, you can read Top 10 Profitable Niches for Dropshipping in 2022.

Q: Can you make money with SaleHoo?

Answer: Yes, you can make money with SaleHoo. I’ve been using it for a few months now, and it’s been working well for me. I’m able to find suppliers easily, and the prices are reasonable. Overall, I’m happy with the service.

Final words

The SaleHoo app is a great way to start your own dropshipping campaign. It’s easy, fast, and secure with no hassle – just what you want for your Shopify dropshipping store!

Let me hope this Salehoo Review gives you valuable tips for launching a dropshipping campaign. Please add your comments in the comments box. We will answer all of them as soon as possible.

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