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In 2023, will ePacket’s dropshipping still be available?

By: Tasmia S

ePacket is an international shipping service resulting from thoughtful cooperation between China’s postal service and the U.S. Postal Service. With its launch in 2011, it quickly became one of Chinese merchants’ most popular international shipping methods. Many dropshipping business owners use ePacket’s dropshipping to sell their products abroad due to the convenience and low shipping costs.

However, we need to know more about ePacket’s function and its future in 2022 before we decide to use this service as a small business owner. Now let’s take a close look at this question: Is ePacket’s dropshipping still available in 2022?

What is ePacket, and how does ePacket’s dropshipping works?

What is ePacket, and how does it work for dropshipping businesses?

Firstly, we need to know what ePacket shipment is? USPS and Hong Kong Post originally signed the ePacket agreement, which has since been extended to dozens of countries to help importers worldwide send small packets of goods from China to customers abroad. The standard size of an ePacket delivery is less than 2 kg, which means you can only use this service for sending lightweight products.

Secondly, this service was cheap. In fact, ePacket’s delivery cost from China to most countries around the world is only $0.7-1.5 per kg, which costs about 1/3 of the average shipping times take 7-20 days for delivery.

How does ePacket work for dropshipping businesses?

How does ePacket work for dropshipping businesses?

The ePacket shipping method allows merchants in the United States and other countries to send lightweight packages and receive tracking information. This shipping method is operated by China Post and offered in cooperation with eBay and AliExpress. The service allows buyers on AliExpress to track their packages from pickup to delivery by using a tracking code, so they can be confident that their items are shipped safely and securely. That’s why it’s become increasingly popular among dropshipping eCommerce store owners because of its low cost and fast delivery times.

When you ship an item using ePacket shipment, your order is routed through Hong Kong Post and then delivered to the desired Postal Service for final delivery. This process allows for tracking from start to finish, giving your customers peace of mind knowing their order is on its way. Additionally, ePacket delivery times are typically much faster than standard postal services.

In 2022, will ePacket’s dropshipping still be available?

In 2022, will ePacket's dropshipping still be available?

The world has drastically changed since just two years ago. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused countries to restrict transit or close their borders altogether. Even though ePacket delivery costs shot up during these times–sometimes even three times higher than original prices! –I’m glad that they still allow essential cargo passage on limited flights so long as you’re willing to take your chances.

It seems that ePacket will fade away shortly unless a company steps up and pays the carriers to continue delivering their packages for a lower price than they can get from standard shipping methods like UPS and FedEx.

But unfortunately for ePacket’s dropshipping users, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to profit from your own online store.

Is it that hard to profit from ePacket shipping now?

In 2022, will ePacket's dropshipping still be available?

Nowadays, Chinese merchants can no longer use ePacket to send their products to customers in the United States and other countries because of the high cost. Covid19 has caused ePacket’s dropshipping prices to skyrocket!

That’s why you need to use a third-party logistics service, which can offer you cheaper rates than ePacket’s and faster shipping times than standard shipping options such as DHL, for example.

If you want to offer ePacket shipping for package delivery, I would recommend that you move your products through Hong Kong and send them to China Post.

In addition, you can also use a China-U.S.-based third-party logistics service to ship your products with your supplier in China and then track the package through a local U.S.-based postal carrier from there on out. It’s not fast as ePacket but still very fast for standard shipping services.

Pros and cons of ePacket’s dropshipping 

Pros and cons of ePacket's dropshipping 

So, let’s compare ePacket to other traditional shipping services like DHL, FedEx, and UPS.

Firstly, it was cheap before covid-19.

Secondly, it offers free tracking information until the package is delivered.

Thirdly, you receive your packages in about 7-20 days, depending on where you are located.

And last but not least, your customers get their orders in just a few days and can track them too.

Downsides of ePacket’s dropshipping

However, ePacket’s biggest downside is that we cannot send our products to local carriers in the U.S., while other shipping services allow this.

ePacket is only a delivery service for small packets, which means you can’t use ePacket to send big parcels.

Alternatives to using ePacket delivery for shipping products from China

ePacket's dropshipping

If you don’t want to use ePacket’s dropshipping to ship products from China, it would be best to find a reliable and efficient carrier like DHL or even FedEx. Not only will they provide faster service than the standard postal services like USPS, but they also offer free tracking and insurance on your shipment. They can also drop off your packages at your customers’ door if need be.

Some other alternatives are-

  • China Post Air Parcel
  • HongKong Post Air Parcel
  • China Post Registered Air Mail
  • China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus
  • e-EMS
  • EMS
  • HongKong Post Air Mail

Dropshipping through a third-party agent

You may consider dropshipping agent as an alternative.

A third-party agent can offer you cheaper rates than ePacket and faster shipping times than standard shipping options such as DHL, for example. You can also use a China-U.S.-based third-party logistics service to ship your products with your supplier in China and then track the package through a local U.S.-based postal carrier from there on out.

How to choose a third-party logistics service?

In which countries will ePacket be available in 2022?

Don’t be in a hurry when choosing a third-party logistics service.

Many companies claim they offer the best rates for ePacket, but if you check them out, their prices turn out to be much higher than what you would pay through a carrier like DHL.

Proper research and comparison are extremely important in this case so that you can find the best option for your company.

For more information, you can read Dropshipping Agent: Why Do You Need One in 2022? 

Dropshipping from local suppliers

The only reason you would choose local suppliers is that they can provide their location, making it more straightforward Delivery processes for customers to locate a store that sells your product. They may sometimes offer free shipping; thus, it may decrease your shipping cost. So if you want to go with this option, I would recommend finding a supplier in both China and the U.S.

Dropshipping tips for choosing the best shipping carrier

ePacket's dropshipping

Dropshipping is an amazing way to start your own business and quickly become profitable. But before you can realize all of the potential benefits, you must choose a shipping carrier that will best suit what type of products you are dropshipping.

When trying to find the best shipping carrier for your dropshipping business, many factors need consideration.

Type of packet

First and foremost is knowing what type of package it will be – whether Priority or Express Mail;

Time of delivery

Other factor to consider is when you want your packets delivered by; regular mail, slightly faster than mail, or as fast as possible.

Size of package

Another crucial point to consider is how big your package will be, whether 15lbs or 10lbs.

Also, consider how much weight this shipment should have to overburden an individual delivery person’s ability with physical exertion (if they handle packages).

Tracking information availability

It’s good to select dropshipping shipment providers who provide tracking information readily.

Size of your business

And lastly, you need to consider the size of your business; how much money do you have to spend on shipping? How big is your customer base? What are the chances someone will order from you every day/week/month? Can you afford to pay for priority mail, or do you need to stick with regular mail?

All of these are important considerations for finding the best shipping carrier. Furthermore, you should also consider how reliable this carrier is; try to avoid companies with bad reviews or who do not provide an adequate level of service. This way, you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches down the road, and your business will always run smoothly.

In which countries will ePacket be available in 2022?

In which countries will ePacket be available in 2022?

In 2022, ePacket will be available in a total of 43 countries.

  1. Arabia, Australia, Austria
  2. Belgium, Brazil
  3. Canada, Croatia
  4. Denmark
  5. Estonia
  6. Finland, France
  7. Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Great Britain
  8. Hong Kong, Hungary
  9. Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy
  10. Japan
  11. Kazakhstan, Korea
  12. Lithuania, Luxembourg
  13. Malaysia, Mexico
  14. Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway
  15. Poland, Portugal
  16. Russia
  17. Saudi, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
  18. Turkey
  19. UK, Ukraine, USA
  20. Vietnam

ePacket is the best option for those that want to offer a quick way of shipping their products.

If ePacket is ever discontinued, what should dropshipping businesses do?

ePacket's dropshipping

If ePacket is ever discontinued, dropshipping businesses should consider using a different shipping service. There are many other shipping services available, so businesses should research different options and compare prices to find the best service for their needs. Several alternatives have been presented thus far. Research the best service for your needs and select it.

So, if ePacket is ever discontinued, we recommend that all dropshipping business owners find another way of shipping their products to their customers.

FAQ’s about ePacket shipping carrier.

Q: Will ePacket shipping be discontinued?

A: There is currently no indication that ePacket deliveries will be discontinued at any point in the future. However, due to the current covid situation and recent changes in US-China trade relations, there is a possibility that this service may be discontinued in the future. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Q: AliExpress ePacket: what happened to it?

A: ePacket is a shipping option offered by AliExpress that allows tracking packages and delivery confirmation. It was originally created in cooperation with the United States Postal Service (USPS) to offer a more affordable and faster shipping option to U.S. buyers.

However, as of March 2019, USPS has announced that it will no longer participate in the ePacket program. This means that AliExpress will have to find a new shipping carrier to work with to continue offering the ePacket service.

The original ePacket service provided free tracking and delivery confirmation for all AliExpress orders. After this agreement between China EMS & USPS ended, there are now two separate services known as ePacket shipping. The service itself is still alive and well today, but it’s not the same as the original setup for online stores. 

It’s unclear what the implications of this decision will be for buyers and sellers on AliExpress, so we will update this article once more information becomes available.


To conclude, ePacket will still be around in 2022. Therefore, there is a possibility that the service could be discontinued in the future, depending on how the trade relationship between the US and China develops. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Thank you for reading our article.

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