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10 pro tips to make your first dropshipping sale in 2023

By: Tasmia S

Are you looking to make your first dropshipping sale?

Starting out can be daunting, but we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll give you 10 pro tips to make your first dropshipping sale in 2022. 

You don’t need an MBA or years of experience under your belt – follow our advice, and soon enough, you too can have a successful business selling online! All it takes is hard work and dedication. If you want something badly, there is no reason not to go after it with everything you have! So, what are you waiting for? 

10 Pro Tips to Make Your First Dropshipping Sale 

10 Pro Tips to Make Your First Dropshipping Sale

Starting a dropshipping business can be difficult if you don’t have proper access to the tools and suppliers needed to make it all happen.

Tip 1: Find the right product.

Find the right product.

It may seem obvious, but you must find a great product to sell in your dropshipping store. Research the best-selling dropshipping products by browsing through retail sites like Amazon and eBay. You should also look at your own life and think about where you spend your money.

Finding the best product is the first step to making any sale, even if it’s not done online!

We recommend you to read our Finding Winning Products: Dropshipping in 2021 to get the right dropshipping products ideas for your online business.

Make sure your dropshipping products are unique and have a high demand. It’s worth spending some money on a supplier to get the right dropshipping products. It will pay off in the long run.

Tip 2: Create your brand.

Create your brand.

It’s essential to create your brand for an online store owner so that customers can recognize you and know who they are buying from. The goal is to have loyal customers, not just for the products you sell. They should be drawn to what the brand has to offer, and what impact would it make on their lives”

Creating your brand can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. The best way to get started is to find other brands in your niche and look at their branding. Study how they look, what colors they use, and why. Next, try creating an account on a design site like Canva or Adobe Creative Cloud and playing with fonts and colors. Finally, if you’re not a designer, find someone to hire to create your logo for you.

Tip 3: Optimize for search engines

Optimize for search engines

To get good at writing copy, you should learn all about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This will help you improve the visibility of your website and the amount of traffic that you receive. If you don’t know much about SEO, you should find someone who does and pay that person to help you. Your investment will be well worth it.

SEO is an ongoing process. It would be best to stay at the top and attract more customers. It’s easy to get discouraged if you are not already a “web-master.” Don’t let yourself stay on the sidelines because you think it’s too complicated or expensive. The truth is, it’s both easy and cheap. For success, all you need is some knowledge, a little effort, and some determination. There’s no reason why you can’t learn to do this yourself. With a little bit of effort, I bet you could do it in less than two days.

You can also drive traffic to your site through search engines. This is a free traffic and it will cost you nothing to receive it.

It would be best to find many keywords when people search for products in your niche. That means you need to research what people are looking for.

The best way to do this is with Google Keyword Planner. This incredible tool will tell you the most popular keywords in your industry and how much traffic they get.

You also need a high Google ranking so people can find you when they search for products.

The best way to get a high ranking is to buy a few backlinks. You can also read the article to boost your organic traffic. Try out these strategies one at a time to see which ones work best for your business.

Tips 4: Create an effective sales funnel

Create an effective sales funnel

Creating a sales funnel is the best way to drive targeted traffic and convert those visitors into customers.

If you want to get good conversions, you should make sure you have a high-converting funnel in place before you start making any sales. If you don’t, then chances are you will not see much success with your dropshipping business.

A sales funnel is a visual representation of the steps a customer goes through to buy a product or service. The funnel starts with awareness and ends with a purchase.

There are many different ways to construct a sales funnel, but most follow the same basic pattern:

– Awareness: The customer becomes aware of the product or service.
– Interest: The customer expresses interest in the product or service.
– Evaluation: The customer evaluates the product or service to see if it meets their needs.
– Purchase: The customer purchases the product or service.

You can start by creating an attractive landing page for your target audience. This should be where your visitors land when they opt into your list. You can send them here if you advertise through social media or PPC (pay-per-click) ads.

Once people are on the sales page, you have one goal – get them to buy what you are selling.

You should look at your product and make sure it sells itself. Make sure you have a great headline, description, and images. Your report should answer many of the questions people will have about your product. You can also provide testimonials from other satisfied customers to give your visitors even more faith in what you are selling.

Tip 5: Use social media marketing

Use social media marketing

No other marketing strategy is more effective than social media. There are tons of people out there looking for trending products to buy, and they do a lot of their shopping online.

Create a shop on Facebook and start posting about your product. You would have had to pay for ads or reach out to people individually outside of Facebook in the past. However, it’s easy to get free traffic from the largest social media platform! All you need to do is a post about your product (and include a link).

This works incredibly well if you find the right audience. You need to understand who your ideal customer is so you can provide them with valuable content on Facebook. 

Take advantage of other social media channels such as Instagram and Pinterest to drive traffic too. These are great places to post images of your product on beautiful backgrounds.

Tips 6:Take advantage of influencer marketing 

Influencer marketing has been a significant player in the e-commerce space. It’s typically used to generate leads and build relationships with potential customers, which is helpful for businesses!

Influencer marketing can help you make your first dropshipping sale. How? Influencer marketing is a great way to get people excited about new products and services before they’re released publicly so their followers will want them too!

You might think this strategy only works for big brands with deep pockets but don’t believe it – I’ve seen smaller businesses do well using these tactics as well by posting pictures or videos on social media channels. Influencers with large followings are the most effective.

Tips 7: Offer free shipping

Tips 7: Offer free shipping

There are many benefits to offering free shipping when you sell products online. The main one is that it makes your customers more likely to buy from you again. They know they won’t have to pay extra when they check out, so they are willing to spend more money to get their order faster. You can also use free shipping as an upsell opportunity. Once people are about to pay for their order, mention that you offer free shipping, and you can also include another product at no cost to them.

The other benefit of offering free shipping is increasing the conversion rate. You can even pay to have your product featured in the “Free Shipping” category when people search for products on eBay.

Tips 8: Make sure you offer quality products

Tips 8: Make sure you offer quality products

The main reason why conversions are so low with dropshipping is that most people don’t trust buying something from an online store without seeing it in person. They don’t know if they will get a great product or a crappy one that will break the first time they use it.

This is where trust seals come in handy. They give your visitors more faith in what you are selling and make them less likely to bounce off your site. Quality of products is something you need to invest in. It may be more expensive to buy quality products, but you will notice the difference in your bottom line.

I’ve also noticed that most drop shippers choose to sell generic products. This is because the margins are higher, and they don’t have to put much effort into making their shop look great. In addition, quality products will pay off in the long run as you won’t need to lower your prices as often.

You can even write a review about the product! Experience is everything in this industry, and people will be more likely to buy from you if they read that other people love your products.

Tips 9: Split test your images

Tips 9: Split test your images

Split testing is when you try out at least two different options for your marketing strategy or website design. You can use a heat map tool to record which option performs better. We’ve covered why it’s important to split test your product images before, but you can also split test other marketing materials like ads and landing pages.

Split testing is crucial for determining if a particular strategy is working or not. So make sure that you put in the work to split test every new marketing strategy you implement.

Tip 10: Get reviews from customers who buy from you regularly!

Tip 10: Get reviews from customers who buy from you regularly!

The thing that will improve conversions the most is to get more reviews. There are numerous ways to accomplish this. It is recommended that you should start by offering incentives for your customers to leave a review.

You can offer an additional product or $10 off their next purchase in exchange for writing a review on your Shopify store. Getting started is the hardest part, so you may want to consider hiring a Virtual Assistant to help your customers out.

A great tip is to send them an email asking for their feedback about the product they just bought. You can even include this email in your autoresponder sequence! People are more likely to leave positive reviews when you ask them if they are happy with their purchase. This will make your eCommerce stores look more trustworthy to potential customers.

Bonus Tips:

Bonus Tips: make your first dropshipping sale in 2022

Make sure you use Facebook ads to get targeted traffic to your products. Additionally, you can stay connected to your customers by offering social media customer support. This will make your store look more responsive and increase conversions by giving people a place to ask questions about your products.

You can use many strategies to improve conversions with your Shopify store, but these are the most important ones that most drop shippers miss out on! So, if you’re ready to take the next step in your eCommerce journey and start making more sales, I highly recommend you to read Top 30 Tips for getting high conversions on Shopify that will help you get started!

Tips 11: Promoting purchases with coupons

Tips 11: Promoting purchases with coupons

It is human nature to seek ways to save money, making coupons a great tool to get more conversions. Despite it feeling like you’re giving away your profits, there is no reason not to use them when promoting purchases.

Most people don’t even think about using coupons until they see someone else doing it successfully. The first time you offer coupons for any sale or promotion, it might be challenging, but you should always try to offer coupons for any sale or promotion.

You can even create a coupon section on your website and list all the latest deals and offers! Consumers can easily locate coupons when shopping for products. Once again, everyone is looking for ways to save money, so use this strategy to get more sales on your Shopify store.

Tips 12: Increase sales by using product bundles

Tips 12: Increase sales by using product bundles

If you are selling multiple products related to each other, you should consider creating a bundle. This will allow customers to purchase various items for one low price instead of separately. This is also known as a cross-sell on the Shopify store.

For example, if you sell different BBQ tools like grills and utensils, you could add all of these items to one bundle and offer a discount for purchasing them in bulk. This will make it easier for people to buy everything they need at once and save some money.

Tips 13: Collaborate with other eCommerce store owners

Tips 13: Collaborate with other eCommerce store owners

You should always be working on growing your eCommerce store, including expanding your reach. One way to do this is by collaborating with other business owners in the space you are selling products in.

By selling products together, you can get more sales while also increasing the exposure of another brand. This will make your online store look bigger and better while also giving other eCommerce businesses an opportunity to sell their goods to your audience.

This is also known as an affiliate promotion, where one company will sell another company’s items through its website to earn commissions.

This is an easy way to increase sales and grow your dropshipping business.

Tips 14: Increase conversions with social proof

Tips 14: Increase conversions with social proof

The fastest and easiest way to increase sales on your Shopify store is by adding social proof. This can be anything from customer reviews on a product page, testimonials and videos on how the product is used.

The more social proof you have for your products, the more likely customers will buy them. This is because people like to see who else has purchased the product and how it has helped other people solve their problems. In addition, the trust factor goes up when someone sees that others are buying a particular product or service, so don’t overlook this strategy.

Tips 15: Re-engage old customers of your dropshipping store

Tips 15: Re-engage old customers of your dropshipping store

Every eCommerce business should be working hard to get new customers, but it is also essential to make sure you are keeping your current ones happy. By following up with inactive or past customers, you can keep them engaged and ready to buy.

It is simple to do by sending out a “get a free” offer to past customers. It could be a discount, a promotion, or even a reward for returning customers.

Shopify refers to this as an upsell, similar to using coupons in method #11. As opposed to giving them a discount on their existing purchase, you are selling your customers something else instead of giving them a discount on their existing purchase.

Tips 16: Improve the shipping time of your dropshipping business

Tips 16: Improve the shipping time of your dropshipping business

Another critical factor in getting more sales is by delivering products faster. Customers want to receive items as quickly as possible and will not be happy if they wait for days, weeks, or even months! In addition, this will make them think twice about buying from your Shopify store again.

The opposite is true, where customers will be more likely to buy something if they know it will get there faster. That,s why it’s essential to improve your shipping time and make sure you offer a quick service or at least free shipping with no minimum order size.

Tips 17: Offer customer support 24/7 on your online store

Tips 17: Offer customer support 24/7 on your online store

It’s vital to have quick response times when someone contacts you on your Shopify store. If a customer has an issue with their order, they will want it fixed as fast as possible to get their item and move on with their life.

The easiest way to improve the service of your Shopify store is by hiring customer service employees to answer the phone and email at all times of the day. This way, there will always be someone who can help a customer with their needs when they need them.

Tips 18: Add better photos

Tips 18: Add better photos

You should always add high-quality images to your product pages, so customers can see exactly what they are buying. This is because the more attractive your Shopify store looks, the more sales you will get.

This also includes using video content to show people how the product works or have different angles if they can’t see something from a photo.

Adding better pictures and videos to your product listings will also give you more chance of ranking higher in search engines when people search for different products.

Tips 19: Expand your brand with other social media accounts


Tips 19: Expand your brand with other social media accounts

Like we mentioned earlier, creating a Shopify store is just one part of the puzzle. It’s also important to grow a strong social media following and expand your brand into other areas of the internet, such as blogs or Youtube channels.

Having more people interested in what you do online will help you get more sales on your Shopify store because they have a bigger audience to share with. This way, you can market your products to a big audience and make sure they spread quickly.

Tips 20: Increase conversions by improving your checkout process

Tips 20: Increase conversions by improving your checkout process

If you want to get more sales on your Shopify store, it’s important to check the performance of every step in the checkout process. This means looking at how long each page takes people to buy, the checkout page load speeds, and even how many people are moving on to the next step.

Making changes such as cutting down page lengths and checkouts can improve your Shopify store’s conversions and help you attract more customers. You can also ask for more information during the process if that is one of the reasons why people are leaving.

Tips 21: Add a blog to your website

Tips 21: Add a blog to your website

Adding a blog to your Shopify store is another way of drawing more people in by giving them interesting content to read. By doing so, they will stay on your website longer, which means they will see more of your products and be able to purchase if they want.

Adding a blog to your Shopify store is a great way to get people involved in what you do and show them that you have good content online. This will help you grow a loyal audience who regularly shares your posts with others, which can boost your sales further.

Tips 22: Get a good Shopify theme to look better online

Tips 22: Get a good Shopify theme to look better online

When you want to make your online presence stand out, the website must reflect who you are and what they do. You should always look for a great-looking user-friendly Shopify theme to make your website attractive. This is because people will be more likely to buy from you if the design of your store looks professional.

This also includes using different colors throughout your shop to make it look more attractive. For example, if you’re selling clothing or accessories, then using different colors for each type of item will make your store stand out and give the impression that there are many choices.

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Tips 23: Keep improving your Shopify store with software

Tips 23: Keep improving your Shopify store with software

Many pieces of additional software can help improve the performance of your Shopify store, so you can get more people buying from you. This includes using automated email tools to turn visitors into leads and only showing certain products to customers depending on what they look at while on the site.

This automation is an excellent way of making sure your store turns a higher percentage of visitors into buyers. Moreover, it enables you to get people to buy your products when they are in the shopping mood to ensure you don’t miss out on any potential sales.

Starting dropshipping Shopify store in 2022 

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dropshipping is an eCommerce business model that lets you ship products to customers without having to store inventory or deal with expensive carriers. The cost of starting a dropshipping business today is nominal.

It’s the perfect side hustle for busy people who don’t want to waste their time on logistics and order fulfillment. 

As long as you have a product that’s actually valuable and something people want, then putting your time into marketing your brand will be more effective over the next few years. 

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These are some of the things to consider doing if you want to succeed with dropshipping. Waiting pays off when you see those numbers going up every day!

If you need any help in your dropshipping journey, feel free to contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you and helping you grow your online store!

We hope the post 10 Pro Tips To Make Your First Dropshipping Sale in 2022 is helpful!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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