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2023’s Top 10 Medium-ticket dropshipping products to sell online

By: Tasmia S

The world of dropshipping is constantly changing, and what sells today may not sell tomorrow. That’s why it’s important to stay ahead of the curve by knowing which products are likely to be hot sellers in 2022. So, without further ado, read about the top 10 medium-ticket dropshipping products that you should consider selling online in the coming year.

You can start making more profit today by using these excellent dropshipping products. All of them will help your business grow without costing a lot of time or money on your part. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to see their business succeed but doesn’t have a ton of extra cash to be invested in new inventory or expensive marketing campaigns.

So, stop wasting time trying out different things and get started with one (or all) of these awesome medium-ticket dropshipping products!

Dropshipping medium-ticket products: what is it?

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Dropshipping medium-ticket products: What is the definition?

Basically, dropshipping is a method of selling products without touching the inventory. You can dropship pretty much anything you want, but many people choose to sell cheap products. The downside of selling low-ticket items is a meager profit margin.

So, it’s good to start with medium-ticket products. They can be found in any price range, with some that cost as little as $15 and others reaching up into high hundreds territory!

In simple terms, all products priced between low and high-ticket are considered medium-ticket products.

Also, they are trendy products that people are looking for every day!

Features of winning medium-ticket dropshipping products

Features of winning medium-ticket dropshipping products

To make more money from your own dropshipping business, you should take a look at these features of the top medium ticket dropshipping products:

Medium pricing-

Dropshipping medium-ticket items have a price that fits into most people’s budgets. Pricing may be more than $15 less than $200, including the shipping costs.

Remember that these are just ranges, and they’re not fixed. Others might use slightly different ones!

Medium to high conversion rates-

Medium to high conversion rates

Most dropshipping medium-ticket items can reach 2% conversion rates and above. This means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money marketing your products because most people will buy them. They’re popular online selling products, and people already know they want them!

High demand-

When you’re starting, it’s easy to get caught up in all of the hype of low-ticket products. However, if you’re looking for something with high demand, you’ll do much better selling medium-ticket items.

Medium ticket dropshipping products convert well because they are in demand and affordable for all types of people.

Low investment-

Low investment

Many of these items don’t require much upfront capital. Some successful stores have been built only on selling one or two items! It is much easier and less risky to start making money from just a couple of items.

High-profit margin than low-ticket products –

You make a profit when you take the difference between the price you pay for an item and how much you sell it. You can make good money by selling medium-ticket products.

Top 10 Medium-ticket dropshipping products to sell online

Top 10 Medium-ticket dropshipping products to sell online

Here are some dropshipping products selling well right now. We’ll go over what each product is and how it works, so you can choose which ones will be best for your store. That way, you can get started making more money today!

1. Women Sweater Pullover

Medium-ticket dropshipping products 1-Women Sweater Pullover

This is one of the most popular items because it can work for so many different types of stores. No matter what you want to sell, this is an excellent product to start because it will convert well!

Everyone loves cozy sweaters, and they make great gifts too. For this reason, you can sell them year-round!

Google trends of medium-ticket dropshipping products

Based on Google trends, we can see that customers from India, the USA, and Canada are interested in Women’s Sweater Pullovers. So, this sweater can be a good medium ticket dropshipping product for eCommerce businesses that sell products in these regions.

Pricing: $18.24+ Shipping costs to your chosen country

Features of women’s sweater pullover

  • It is available in 10 colors.
  • Female Knitting Overszie
  • Long Puff Sleeve
  • Loose knitted outerwear
  • Material: Acrylic

2. PHMAX Ultralight Cycling Helmet

Medium-ticket dropshipping products-PHMAX Ultralight Cycling Helmet

This helmet is perfect if you are looking for a product that is more on the fun side. It’s something that people use every day, and it has plenty of different uses. You won’t need to make a significant investment to start selling this!

Pricing: $24.63 + Shipping costs to your chosen country

Features of PHMAX Ultralight Cycling Helmet

  • It is available in 9 colors.
  • Material: Outside: PC, Nylon adjusts the belt, inside: EPS, PU foam,
  • Lightweight

3. Newborn Baby Sleeping Bags

Medium-ticket dropshipping products-Newborn Baby Sleeping Bags

A baby sleeping bag is another one of the items that people will buy no matter what your store sells. It’s super cute, and you can get them in various styles. If you’re interested in dropshipping baby products, you must try Baby Sleeping Bags.

This item will sell year-round, which means you’ll make more money every season!

Pricing: $12.32 – 15.33 + Shipping costs to your chosen country

Features of Newborn Baby Sleeping Bags

  • High-quality cotton wrap blanket.
  • For 0-9 months baby
  • Weight: about 0.45-0.55kg

4. DMWD Household 3 In 1 Breakfast Machine

Medium-ticket dropshipping products-DMWD Household 3 In 1 Breakfast Machine

If you’re into cooking, this will be a great item to sell. It’s versatile and has many helpful features that anyone could use!

This item is also highly affordable for most people. That means if you’re starting with low capital medium-ticket products, it won’t take long to sell out!

Pricing: $21.43+ Shipping costs to your chosen country

Features of DMWD Household 3 In 1 Breakfast Machine

  • 220V Bread Toaster
  • 9L Electric Oven
  • Coffee Maker
  • Pizza Egg Tart Oven Frying Pan
  • Tea Pot
  • Easy to use with one-touch button control.

5. Hair Dryer Hot Air Brush 3 IN 1 Styling Brush

Hair Dryer Hot Air Brush 3 IN 1 Styling Brush

Do you know any women who don’t use a hairdryer every day? This is another excellent product for anyone with a female audience. It is very widely used, and everyone needs one!

Pricing: $17.60 + Shipping costs to your chosen country

Features of Hair Dryer Hot Air Brush 3 IN 1 Styling Brush

  • It is available in 5 colors.
  • Hair Curler
  • Straightener
  • Comb Curls
  • One-Step Hair Styling Tools
  • Electric Ion Dryer Brush

6. Men’s Winter Jacket

Men's Winter Jacket

A good winter jacket is essential for everyone. Men’s Winter Jackets are perfect for autumn and winter. It will keep them warm in cold weather as well. Anyone who owns a dropshipping business on men’s clothing can sell this jacket.

Pricing: $43.39 – 61.99+ Shipping costs to your chosen country

Features of Men’s Winter Jacket

  • Mid-length Plus Velvet Thick
  • Warm Multi-Pocket Jackets
  • Solid Parkas Male Coat
  • Large Size Clothing
  • Color: Khaki, Coffee, Blue, Green

7. VORMOR Brand Men Backpack

VORMOR Brand Men Backpack

If you have a fashionable bag dropshipping store, you must try this VORMOR Brand Men Backpack. This is a top-selling item for men! It can be used as-.

  • Leather School Backpack Bag
  • Fashion Waterproof Travel Bag
  • Casual Leather Bookbag Male

Pricing: $38.60 + Shipping costs to your chosen country

Features of VORMOR Brand Men Backpack

  • Capacity: Below 20 Litre
  • Interior Compartment
  • Computer Interlayer
  • Interior Slot Pocket
  • Cell Phone Pocket

8.Shockproof Laptop Bag

Shockproof Laptop Bag

This shockproof laptop bag is perfect for anyone who owns a computer accessories dropshipping online store. It’s beneficial, and it’s well-made for your potential customers to last a long time!

Pricing: US $15.22 – 17.76 + Shipping costs to your chosen country

Features of Shockproof Bag

  • Notebook Case for Xiaomi Air Pro, Macbook, HP13 15
  • Unisex Shoulder Bag
  • Polyester Material

9. MECO 8 Nozzle Air Duster Spray

MECO 8 Nozzle Air Duster Spray

A must-have item if you run a computer accessory dropshipping eCommerce business. Everyone needs to clean the dust from their PC or laptop at least once a month! You can sell it with tons of other items as well.

Pricing: US $24.99 – 47.71+ Shipping costs to your chosen country

Features of MECO 8 Nozzle Air Duster Spray

  • Air Blower For PC
  • Compressed Multifunction
  • 45000RPM Computer Laptop Keyboard Electronics Cleaning Tool
  • High Pressure, and Two Speeds Adjustable
  • Lightweight and Easy to Use
  • Power 600W
  • Environment friendly

10. Car Head-Up Display KM/h MPH Overspeed Alarm Speedometer

Car Head-Up Display KM/h MPH Overspeed Alarm Speedometer

Overspeed Alarm Speedometer for Car Head Up Display works in any car, truck, or motorcycle. Due to the high-quality materials, it’s made from, it will last for years!

Price: $17.12 + Shipping costs to your chosen country

Features of Car Head-Up Display

  • Small and exquisite HD screen of 2.6 inches.
  • Elimination of LCDs, more apparent with nanotechnology.
  • The HUD turns on and off automatically when the car starts and stops, conserving battery power.
  • You can control the HUD more quickly if you retain the manual switch mode.

Tips to promote medium-ticket dropshipping products

Tips to promote medium-ticket dropshipping products

Use social media:

You can market your business effectively using social media. Use Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to promote your products, and you will surely see results!

Upload high-resolution products images:

You must upload high-resolution images to your website or any other digital marketing place. Make sure they look great on a big computer screen as well as on a tiny phone’s screen!

Promote your products by email:

Promote your products by email

Mail your subscribers letting them know you have launched a new product and that it might be interesting for them!

Always send your emails and messages to people with respect. Don’t keep bugging them about buying anything from you, as this is likely to annoy them, and they will unsubscribe from your email lists or block you on social media platforms.

Use videos:

People enjoy watching video tutorials, so why not try making some? You can show how to use your products or just promote them in general. Make sure you upload the video on YouTube too!

Be consistent:

Always be honest and consistent with future customers. Don’t lie about your products, and don’t try to trick anyone into buying anything, as this might make them not trust you anymore.

Appealingly describe products:

Appealingly describe products:

When describing your products, make sure you don’t use too complicated words. Try to appeal to the benefits of your goods in an appealing manner, as this is what will encourage people to buy them!

Promote one product at a time:

In some cases, it’s better to launch one new product every week or even every month. This will prevent you from working too much and overwhelming yourself with tasks!

Use coupons to increase your sales.

You can earn more money by offering discounts and coupons. You can use software to manage all your coupons. Just make sure you always offer different deals to attract new customers!

Factors to consider before pricing medium-ticket products

Factors to consider before pricing medium-ticket products

Include all prices related to your product

Make sure you consider all the prices of every element that goes inside your product. For example, consider how much each material will cost before adding the final price to sell a laptop bag. Also, check the shipping costs and remember that you have to earn a certain percentage from every sale for it to be worth your time.

Consider your targeted audience.

When pricing your products, you must consider the people you are targeting. If they are from a low-income country, make sure the prices aren’t too high. This will attract more customers and increase your sales!

Make sure you add a good margin!

Make sure you add a good margin!

When selling online, it’s best to add a margin of around 30%. It will help profit and ensure that you’re making more than enough money from each sale!

Don’t forget taxes

Taxes are often overlooked when fixing product prices! Include tax if needed when dropshipping to your chosen country.

Tips for finding the best medium-ticket dropshipping products, suppliers

Tips for finding the best medium-ticket dropshipping products, suppliers

It is an exciting time to be in the market for dropshipping products. Finding a great supplier can feel like searching through molasses with many new suppliers and retailers! You can use the following suggestions to make your search easier:

Price and quality of products

Make sure the supplier you choose offers competitive prices and high-quality products. This way, you can leave a good profit margin and enough room for profitable sales!

Research carefully –

Take into account what their product selection looks like and customer reviews before making any decisions. Taking a few minutes to research your potential dropshipper before signing anything is the best way to avoid future stress.

Reach out and connect –

Reach out and connect

Don’t be afraid of trying something new! Use social media and other methods of connecting to reach out and build a relationship with your potential supplier. This can lead to business deals as well as a great friendship.

Ask questions –

Don’t feel shy about reaching out and exchanging messages with your suppliers! They want you to be confident in their business practices and the quality of their products. If you’re not sure, then reach out and ask them directly! (And if they don’t respond or seem like they aren’t interested in your business, move on to someone else.)

Ask questions

Be aware-

Things change quickly within these industries. Keeping up with trends could help ensure that when other companies incorporate certain features (such as free shipping) into their product lines, you can do the same and remain competitive.

Being aware of what’s going on both with your suppliers and within your industry can help ensure that your future dropshipping business remains successful.

Compare suppliers

Compare suppliers

When looking for suppliers, try not to rush the process and buy every product available around you. Instead, you should compare each supplier and determine which one has the best prices and high-quality goods!

Take into account the potential problems that might occur.

Take into account the potential problems that might occur.

Before buying from a supplier, make sure you think of all the things that could go wrong. For example, some suppliers don’t use a dropshipping model and instead sell their products using Amazon FBA. This means you’ll have to pay extra fees, so keep it in mind!

Delivery Time and Customer service

It’s not easy to solve problems when orders are made. To avoid it, make sure the supplier you choose has good customer service and fast delivery times!

Q&A about dropshipping products

Q&A about dropshipping products

Question: What is the best product to dropship?

Answer: There isn’t a “best” product. It’s more important that you can sell it and make money! It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in; there are always products available for dropshipping.

Therefore, you need to research and find out the trendiest products in your niche that can sell like hotcakes.

Question: What is the best dropshipping niche right now?

Answer: There is no definitive answer to this question, as the best dropshipping niches change over time. However, some of the most popular dropshipping niches right now include fashion and accessories, home goods and furnishings, health and wellness products, and beauty products.

There are also a few different things to consider when looking for the best dropshipping niches.

*What are your passions and interests?

Dropshipping is a great business model because it allows you to sell products that you’re passionate about without having to carry any inventory or worry about shipping products yourself. So start by thinking about the topics and products that interest you the most.

*What are people buying online?

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of interests, do some research to see what kinds of products people buy online. This can give you some ideas for potential dropshipping niches. For example, if you’re interested in health and fitness, research the most popular exercise and fitness equipment types or the most popular types of nutritional supplements.

*How much money is involved?

Finally, you need to think about how much money people tend to spend when buying these products online. This will give you some ideas for your potential profit margins based on what you learn from suppliers and competitors. For more information, read Top 10 Profitable Niches for Dropshipping in 2022.

Question: Can I use multiple suppliers for my eCommerce store?

Answer: Yes, you can use multiple suppliers for your eCommerce store, but you’ll need to be careful about managing inventory and fulfillment.

If you’re planning to use multiple suppliers, it’s essential to ensure that your inventory management system can handle the added complexity. You’ll also need to ensure that your fulfillment process is efficient and reliable so that customers don’t experience any delays or problems receiving their orders.

Using multiple suppliers can be a great way to access a broader range of products. You can read How to Use Multiple Suppliers for Dropshipping in 2022?

Question: Does dropshipping works worldwide?

Answer: Yes, dropshipping works worldwide.

Dropshipping is a business model where eCommerce entrepreneurs sell products without carrying any inventory. In response to a customer order, store owners simply contact the supplier, then ship the products directly to the customer’s door.

Because you’re not limited by geographical boundaries, dropshipping is an excellent way to build a successful eCommerce business with little up-front investment.

However, there may be some restrictions on what you can sell in certain countries. Read Is Dropshipping Possible Worldwide in 2022? for more information.


Here’s our list of the top 10 medium-ticket dropshipping products for each industry and niche you can sell online.

This list aims to help you find some of the best dropshipping products for the least amount of money. Using our research, we have ensured the products we recommend are high quality, high converting, and low-cost to run.

These products will be easy to promote on social media platforms and have great reviews.

Thanks for reading! I would appreciate your sharing this article on social media if you found this article helpful. We greatly appreciate any feedback you have!

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