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How to pick the right Shopify theme in 2022: 10 pro tips

By: Tasmia S

Are you looking for a new Shopify theme?
Getting started can be difficult when finding the right Shopify theme. So, we’ve compiled 10 pro tips that will help you pick the right Shopify theme in 2022.
You’ve heard about all of the benefits that come with using a Shopify Theme. But you’re still not sure which one is best for your business. Find out what to look for when choosing a Shopify theme and how to use them to grow your eCommerce business. Additionally, we will provide some tips on what to look out for when choosing a theme, so you don’t make any costly mistakes!

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Shopify themes: What Are They?

Shopify themes: What Are They?

Shopify themes are pre-built templates that you can use to create your online store. They are fully customizable, allowing you to personalize your site with branded text and images. In addition, Shopify themes enable store owners to get started quickly on their new website or eCommerce store without the need for any coding knowledge.
We’ve made it easy for you to find the perfect themes for your store. Whether it’s modern, professional, creative, or traditional, some pro tips will help you create the website of your dreams.

10 Pro tips for picking the right Shopify theme in 2022

10 Pro tips for picking the right Shopify theme in 2022

Tip1: Make a list of requirements

Tip1: Make a list of requirements

What do you want from your eCommerce website? What features are a must-have and can be removed or replaced with something else?
Picking the perfect Shopify theme will require knowing what your store needs to succeed. Think about these questions:
– How many products do you have?
– Do you need a blog for your website?
– How frequently do you plan on updating or changing your site?
To choose the perfect Shopify theme, you should know what specific features are essential for your business. Some may want a modern design, while others prefer a more classical approach. So, browse themes to find the best option for your store.

Tip2: Start by looking for a theme that matches your business

Tip2: Start by looking for a theme that matches your business

The best eCommerce Shopify themes are the ones that match your business.
There are several free Shopify themes that you can try out to see if they fit with your site before purchasing one. You’ll get a sense of how well each theme works and whether or not they fit within your branding guidelines.
It’s important to pick something that will be aesthetically appealing to your target audience, as well as easy for them to navigate.

Tip3: Consider the niche of your shop and what you want to sell

Tip3: Consider the niche of your shop and what you want to sell

Are you selling high-fashion products or vintage items? Do you sell children’s clothing, furniture, or something unique and niche?
These different niches will need a Shopify theme that is designed to fit with that type of business. Some Shopify themes work better than others for certain types of businesses.
For example:
– If you’re selling children’s clothing, then a theme with lots of bright colors and images of kids will help to match your business.
– Furniture eCommerce websites may best suit a Shopify theme that appealingly displays furniture.

Tip4: Pick a theme that is responsive and mobile-friendly

Tip4: Pick a theme that is responsive and mobile-friendly

Mobile devices are now used more frequently than computers, with over 50% of users browsing the internet daily on their smartphones. If your Shopify theme isn’t responsive, then your eCommerce website will appear outdated and may even be difficult for some users to navigate.
Another essential factor to consider about mobile-responsive themes is that they need to have the flexibility to grow as your business grows. For instance, if you sell children’s clothing now, but you wish to branch out into selling men’s wear in the future, you’ll need to ensure that your website can handle it.

Tip5: Make sure the theme has no technical errors or bugs

Tip5: Make sure the theme has no technical errors or bugs

If you’re already an established store, then you know the frustration of having visitors leave your site because it’s slow or unresponsive.
Having a theme that runs smoothly and without any bugs will help encourage customers to stay on your site for longer while they look through the products. This could lead to more sales over time if users are satisfied with their experience.
If you’d rather not worry about your theme’s functionality, then consider paying extra for a theme with customer support included. By doing so, you’ll save yourself both time and trouble in the future.

Tip6: Look for themes with easy-to-use templates and excellent customer support

Tip6: Look for themes with easy-to-use templates and excellent customer support

There is no point in purchasing a Shopify theme if it’s difficult to use. When you’re looking for the perfect eCommerce Shopify theme, then consider their customer support team and how easy the process is to make changes on your website.
If you’re planning on hiring an outside developer or designer, this will be an important factor in choosing a template. You’ll want to work with someone who understands your vision and knows how to help you achieve it while making changes along the way.
This will save you both time and money in the long run if there are ever any issues that need immediate attention.

Tip7: Avoid themes that are too generic, as they may not stand out from other stores on the market

Avoid themes that are too generic, as they may not stand out from other stores on the market

Are you looking to make your eCommerce website look unique and different? Then avoid Shopify themes that are too generic or common, as they will blend in with the crowd.
It’s important to look for a creative theme and has custom graphics and images included. This will help your site stand out from other stores on the market and be the first thing customers notice when visiting your site.

Tip8: Determine which features best fit your needs and budget

Determine which features best fit your needs and budget

There are many different types of Shopify themes, with each one having its specific features. When choosing your eCommerce template, determine which features will best suit your needs while sticking to your budget.
Some Shopify templates include product sliders and lightboxes, while others have pop-up windows, custom graphics, video headers for Facebook, sleek magazine layouts, and much more.
The right eCommerce Shopify theme can be very appealing to customers while also helping you increase conversions on your website. This is why it’s important to take the time to research and find a template that fits your needs before making any decisions.
For example:
– You’ll want to find a Shopify theme that uses clean lines, bright colors, and minimalistic banners.
– You’ll also want to look for a template with easy navigation, large product pictures, widgets for social media platforms, photo sliders or slideshows, and more.

Tip9: Check out the reviews on any theme you’re considering

Check out the reviews on any theme you're considering

Before purchasing any kind, it’s always best to do some research on the product first. You can find out if the theme is reliable by reading the reviews of other customers who have bought it before.
When deciding between two templates or themes, then reading what others have said about their experience with them could help you determine which one is best for your website.

Tip10: Look for Shopify themes with security features built-in

Look for Shopify themes with security features built-in

Many of the most popular shopping cart platforms like Shopify are targeted by hackers since they store sensitive information like addresses and credit card numbers. If you’d like to increase your eCommerce site’s security, consider looking into a theme that uses SSL certificates and data encryption.
This is a helpful way to keep your visitors and customers secure at all times, which will increase their trust in your website and brand. It’s also beneficial for SEO purposes since your site will be more likely to rank higher on search engines like Google.
As technology continues to advance, competition becomes more formidable than ever before. This is why it’s imperative to look into a Shopify theme that includes the features and functionality your website needs to succeed.

Some Additional tips for picking the right Shopify theme:

Some Additional tips for picking the right Shopify theme:

• Buy premium Shopify themes that professional developers build.
• Choose a Shopify theme with high converting sales pages to increase your conversion rates.
• Use Shopify themes with sticky navigation so customers can easily browse through different products on your site without losing their place.
• Make sure your chosen theme is optimized to load quickly for a better user experience.
• Find a Shopify theme that has built-in social media widgets so you can easily feature products on platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and more.
• Before purchasing the theme, double-check to ensure that it’s compatible with your eCommerce platform.
• Find out if the theme has built-in SEO features like widgets or plugins.
• Look for a Shopify theme with many built-in customizable options to suit your needs.

5 best Shopify themes example:

5 best Shopify themes example:

Nowadays, there are thousands of themes available on the Shopify theme store. The platform has far surpassed its competition by understanding the needs of its users and offering a vast selection of customizable themes to choose from.
The following 5 best Shopify themes show you what’s possible when you combine the powerful eCommerce platform with a well-designed template.

Roxxe –

Roxxe is an Elegant, responsive, and multipurpose best Shopify theme with stunning design and powerful marketing features.
It is a Shopify theme with all the features you need to run your online Shopify store. It’s fast, responsive, and very easy on resources, making it perfect for people just starting in e-commerce or those who want an aesthetic push forward from their current site design!

Kalles – A Clean, Responsive, and Versatile Shopify Theme – RTL Support

Kalles is a versatile, responsive eCommerce theme that works well for any type of online Shopify store. In addition, it features an advanced filter module called the mega menu, which lets your customers sort products by size or color easily on their own!
The top Shopify custom design also includes built-in options like customization, so you’ll be able to experiment with different page templates and designs quickly without having much trouble ahead.

Elise – A Genuinely Multi-Concept Shopify Theme

Elise is a clean and versatile eCommerce theme perfect for any online store. It has a modern, professional aesthetic that’s an incredibly eye-catching look. Plus, the design is flexible enough to be used on many different online stores without looking entirely out of place.

Eva – Shopify Theme with Responsive eCommerce

Eva is a simple Shopify theme with an elegant, professional design with lots of customizable features. It’s designed for product-oriented businesses and includes support for mobile devices so customers can easily purchase products on the go.

MolteStore – Shopify Theme that Supports Multi-Stores and Multi-Languages

MolteStore is a Shopify theme built for multi-purchase stores and features multi-language support. It has an easily customizable, responsive layout and makes it incredibly easy to showcase your products in any way you want. The smooth interface gives customers the perfect browsing experience and lets them seamlessly shop without fighting their way through a cluttered display.

Unero – Shopify Sections Theme – Clean and minimal

The themes also include some helpful features to help increase conversions, enhance user experience, and add a touch of style to your website.
Growth is a multipurpose Shopify theme designed for modern businesses with an emphasis on mobile friendliness and performance. The layout can quickly adapt from a traditional online store to a listing-based eCommerce website to accommodate different products.

Top free Shopify themes examples in 2022

Top free Shopify themes examples in 2022

There are also many free Shopify themes available for you to use. These templates save you money but don’t skimp on quality or features.
This free theme has a distinctive angular design perfect for product-oriented businesses. It’s fast, responsive, and easy to customize, so you can make it work the way you want quickly.


Thalia is a responsive free theme that works well for any online store. It’s easy to use and includes customizable options so you can experiment with layouts until you find the perfect look.


Brooklyn is a free multipurpose Shopify theme with a modern, simple design that you can easily customize to help attract customers. In addition, it’s fast and easy on resources, so it doesn’t bog down your store while you’re running it.


The Debut theme has a minimalistic design with almost retro features, similar to blogs or business websites. However, it has a clean, simple design that focuses attention on your products and lets customers easily find what you’re selling.


Minimal is a free Shopify theme that works well for any online store. It has an intuitive design and makes it easy to customize the layout until you find a perfect look for your business.


The narrative is a free Shopify theme with an elegant, professional design with different colors. It’s perfect for creating a high-quality, trustworthy online store that focuses on storytelling and building customer trust.


Simple is a free Shopify theme with a clean, simple design, so it’s easy to attract customers and let your products stand out. Additionally, the responsive design works well on all devices, so you can easily keep up with your customers as they shop from different locations.
These free Shopify themes are for online stores that focus on providing products and don’t need a lot of design extras. It has a minimalistic layout that’s easy to use and lets you get started quickly building your store without getting bogged down by details.

Which features should you prioritize in your Shopify theme?

Which features should you prioritize in your Shopify theme?

  • A Shopify theme with a sticky navigation bar will make it easier for customers to browse your products.
  • Themes that are flexibility and ease of navigation will give customers the best overall experience.
  • You’ll want to look for a design that’s compatible with your eCommerce platform. So, check the theme preview page to find the best Shopify theme for your store.
  • SSL certificates and encryption technology will help improve security on your site.
  • Choosing a Shopify theme optimized for speed will help improve page load times and provide a better user experience.
  • SEO features like widgets and plugins are also beneficial for ranking higher on search engines like Google.

How can I locate a reputable theme developer?

How can I locate a reputable theme developer?

One of the best ways is to check out the Shopify Theme store. With a keyword search, you can find all of the themes from the Shopify theme store that are designed for specific industries.
Site assessment tools, such as Pingdom or GTMetrix, can also provide helpful information.
You can always contact a theme designer directly and ask them about what they offer for a more personalized approach. But make sure to look for people who have experience working on Shopify themes specifically.
It’s also important to consider previous work they’ve done, so it’s best to review older projects. You can also look at their portfolio on their site or ask for references if you’d like some more insight into what customers have said about them.
Another fantastic location to look for Shopify themes on Envato Marketplace is the Shopify section. This can help you find potential designers that may be worth your time.

How can I update and install a Shopify theme?

How can I update and install a Shopify theme?

#Step1: Login to the admin panel of your Shopify site
#Step2: Under “Online Store,” select the “Customize Theme” option
#Step3: Click on the theme that you want to edit
#Step4: Once done, click Save & Publish or Save draft if you are not satisfied with changes made by this theme developer

How much does it cost to change a Shopify theme?

There is no fixed charge for changing a Shopify theme.
Themes from different developers come with different charges. However, most of them will not be more than $100.

What are the pros and cons of using a one-page design?

One-page designs look great and can help you draw attention to your most important features.
Conversion rates might suffer a little bit, though, if customers have a hard time navigating through the site.
It’s best to use one-page designs sparingly if your target audience is mainly made up of novice web users.

Why are paid Shopify themes so different from free ones?

Shopify is a platform for businesses of all sizes to create an online store. To make it easy for business owners, Shopify offers both paid and free themes. Free themes are great for starting, but they often lack features and customization options. Paid themes are more expensive, but they offer a lot more value in design, functionality, and support.
Paid Shopify themes are optimized to suit all types of businesses and audiences.
Since the developers only receive money if you’re satisfied with their work, they will make sure they deliver high-quality results that will help improve your business in the long term.

So, the differences are-

  • Paid themes are generally of higher quality because the developers have put more time and effort into creating them. Additionally, they are more reliable and secure, as tested by Shopify’s team of experts.
  • Free themes are often created by third-party developers who may not have as much experience or expertise in coding or design. This means that they may not be as well-optimized or reliable as a paid theme. Additionally, free themes may not include all of the features you need to create a successful online store.

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Shopify themes are widely used to create eCommerce websites, and despite what you might think, it’s not as hard as you think. With the right guidance and the right theme settings, your store can start making revenue in no time!
Lots of unique Shopify themes out there, but finding one that fits your store can take some time. Follow these simple tips when you go shopping for the perfect theme and make sure it’s something that can grow with your store while looking professional at the same time.

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