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Product Description Writing for Shopify: Top 10 Tips and Tricks

By: Tasmia S

If you’re looking to improve your product description writing skills, look no further. This article is for you.

The product descriptions are one of the most significant parts of an eCommerce business. They can make or break a sale. That’s why it’s essential to make sure you’re following some simple tips and tricks when writing them.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the top 10 tips and tricks for writing better product descriptions for your Shopify store. These guidelines can help you increase your chances of making a sale and improve your customer satisfaction rates.

With the right approach, you’ll be able to sell your products with the help of well-written copy. So, what are you waiting for? Learn how to write better product descriptions. Start writing today!

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Table of Contents

What is a product description?

What is a product description?

A product description is one of the essential elements of marketing a new product. Its purpose is to explain to readers why consumers should care about your product, how it will benefit them and what makes it unique from other items on the market today – all while using creative language that captures readers’ attention!

This type of content aims to give consumers the information they need to decide whether it’s worth their time and money, which makes these pages very important when targeting potential customers who might not know much about you yet but want something new nonetheless!

An excellent way to write a compelling description would include asking questions like “What am I buying?” And then answering those queries with honest details so people will want to buy your products.

Top 10 Shopify Product Description Writing Tips and Tricks

Top 10 Shopify Product Description Writing Tips and Tricks

Anyone can write basic descriptions, but if you’re looking to sell your products, you need compelling product descriptions written by people who know how to write about your niche.

Here are some of the top tips and tricks when it comes to writing good product descriptions for Shopify:

Tip1: Start with a strong headline that accurately represents the product

Tip1: Start with a strong headline that accurately represents the product

Many businesses start the product description with the product’s features, but this isn’t always a great way to begin. When writing your headline, you need to consider what people are most interested in when shopping online. When possible, highlight real issues that consumers will be looking for to solve these problems.

Are you writing a fashion product for a marketplace like Shopify?

If so, choose a headline that describes and emphasizes the aesthetics of the products or services you want to sell. This will give online shoppers a good idea of what they can expect from your products without requiring them to do additional research or browsing.

Are you selling food items?

Begin with a catchy and descriptive headline that highlights what makes your product unique. People will want to know if the food they’re buying is made from the finest ingredients and was prepared by an award-winning chef or something like that.

As you can see, knowing the target audience of your online store and figuring out their pain points is the most important thing to do before writing headlines or product descriptions.

Tip #2: Write your content using simple language that’s easy to read

Tip #2: Write your content using simple language that's easy to read

Many people make this mistake, thinking they need to use industry jargon to sound professional when writing for Shopify. While it’s essential to show off your expertise and credibility in your field, this doesn’t mean you need to use confusing and complex terms. Focus instead on writing explicit, easy-to-understand content. This is what consumers want!

By writing product descriptions the right way, you’ll be able to market your products using an approach that will get people interested. If they can’t understand what you’re selling, there’s no chance they’ll buy your products.

And if people don’t care about your product, the chances of them sharing and talking about it with their friends is very low — which will make word-of-mouth marketing almost impossible.

Tip #3: Stay away from cliche terms and phrases like “best product” or “unique.”

Tip #3: Stay away from cliche terms and phrases like "best product" or "unique."

This type of content is way too overused.

Everyone thinks their product is the best one on the market, so it’s easy for consumers to see right through this kind of description. It is essential to avoid cliches if you want your description to succeed.

Instead, try focusing on what makes your products different or why people care about your product.

Tip #4: Don’t forget to include superlatives like “best-selling” and “top-rated.”

Tip #4: Don't forget to include superlatives like "best-selling" and "top-rated."

Including power words to your product descriptions is a good marketing idea.

While you shouldn’t go over the top with this kind of language, it is important to use phrases that speak volumes to people interested in buying your product.

For example, if you’re selling clothing made from organic fabrics, it’s important to highlight this because some people are concerned with the environment as well as their health their health. If your product is certified by an industry-standard, make sure you include this in your descriptions! This will draw more customers in who care about this kind of thing.

Tip #5: Don’t post long product descriptions

Tip #5: Don't post long product descriptions

Many people with short attention spans can read less than 68% of the information. Therefore, your description must be capable of capturing the desired 16% effectively. Make your description scalable and fast. Buyers can locate precisely what they’re seeking without looking for more information.

Use bullet points whenever you can. Tell me the reason? It seems everyone likes to skim. We have so much information that most people don’t have time to read everything online today. It needs to get everything right first. Bullet points explain essential information clearly and concisely. You know product descriptions like these: these brief bullet points are good starting points, especially when a product does not require many descriptive words or descriptions.

Bullet-point descriptions always simplify searching for products in multiple font sizes with short paragraphs technical details numbered from 1-2 paragraphs each with fewer whitespace.

Tip6: Use customer reviews to support your claims about the product

Tip6: Use customer reviews to support your claims about the product

You can benefit significantly from customer testimonials and reviews in your product descriptions. All you need to do is add a couple of them at the bottom of your description, and you’ll see an increase in sales!

When it comes down to it, we all hate buying products we’re unsure about — but when we read positive reviews from other people who have tried the product, we tend to feel better about the product.

Customer reviews are a wonderful way to reassure people that your products are worth buying! However, you need to make sure you only use positive customer reviews in your description to help you sell more products. You can always add negative customer reviews at the bottom of your page if you want to, but it’s best not to include them in your description because buyers will be more likely to look at the positive customer reviews instead.

Tip #7: Use alternating headers that break up long paragraphs of text

Tip #7: Use alternating headers that break up long paragraphs of text

If you have a lot of information to share about your product details, try splitting this into multiple sections with headings and subheadings. The headers themselves don’t need to be exceptionally long, but they should break up your text into sub-sections that are easier to read.

This is an example of good formatting for a product description because it isn’t too cluttered. The headings help the reader identify where one section begins and ends. The customer can feel that the author has introduced them to every product detail.

Tip8: Use persuasive language to create a sense of urgency

Tip8: Use persuasive language to create a sense of urgency

You want to use persuasive language in the product description. For example, you may want to mention that there are only a couple of products left in stock or that this will be your favorite purchase ever!

Another thing you can do is highlight when you’re having a sale or event. Let people know they must buy now because the price will be going up in the future.

By doing this, you’ll create a sense of urgency in your customers and make them feel like they need to buy immediately, or they’ll miss out on something big.

Tip #9: Include multimedia content within your product descriptions

Tip #9: Include multimedia content within your product descriptions

Many consumers are visual learners who learn more effectively to see a product rather than just read about it. So, why not include visual content within your product descriptions to improve engagement and sales?

You have the opportunity to add photos, images, GIFs, and videos to your Shopify store. I think this is pretty awesome because it’ll help you stand out from the competition by engaging with potential customers through multimedia.

You can include images of your product both in and out of its packaging, and you can even add GIFs to demonstrate how a product works.

Tips10: Optimize your copy for organic search rankings

Tips10: Optimize your copy for organic search rankings

Your words DO NOT just enrage the customer. They also play a pivotal role in search engine optimization.

One of the primary purposes of SEO is to make sure your website ranks higher in Google, and this is done by using keywords throughout the page. If you’re not familiar with keywords, they’re basically words people type into search engines (e.g., “blue-green striped dress”) when looking for products like yours.

When customers type these keywords into search engines, it helps if your webpage comes up when they’re looking for something similar to what you’re selling. That’s why it’s essential to include these keywords in the product’s description!

As an example, if someone searches for “green, red striped dress,” that might be a good time to mention that yours is red, blue, and green striped!

As you can tell from the above examples, each product description is different. In addition to these top 10 tips, many factors influence how your customers engage with your product pages. Still, I hope these top 10 tips have given you some fascinating insight into what makes a well-written product description.

Some other product description writing tips

Some other product description writing tips

Tip11: Reflect your brand voice and value

Make sure you have a consistent tone of voice throughout your product descriptions so that customers know what to expect.

If you want to create engaging content, your tone of voice must match the style and quality of your brand so that consumers are reminded of who they’re buying from.

Tip12: Capitalize on product attributes

It’s always helpful to highlight what your product is made of in the product description. For example, you could mention what material it’s made out of or how many pockets it has if people want to know those details.

Tip13: Use numbers to increase value

Put the power of persuasive language into action by using numbers in your product descriptions. For example, you could mention how many years a piece of clothing is expected to last or how many people have already bought yours instead of a competitor’s!

Tip15: Prepare your descriptions by defining your buyer personas

By doing this, you’ll be able to use the right tone and language so that your product descriptions appeal to certain demographics. It’s also a great way of pinpointing what they need and want within your products so that you can include those important keywords!

Tip14: Include specifics

Spend time reading the product’s details before writing any descriptions because it helps if you know what you’re talking about. For example, if there are 14 diamonds in your ring, don’t just say “beautiful diamonds,” or people might not believe it!

Among the most common questions, I see on social media is “how do I begin writing product descriptions?”

It’s a valid question because not everyone knows where to start, but my best advice would be to read through your competitors’ descriptions since they’ll help you get an idea of how to structure yours.

Good Vs Bad product description

Good Vs Bad product description

A good product description for an eCommerce site will be clear, concise, and accurate. It will include all the pertinent information about the product, such as its size, color, materials used, and unique features.

A bad product description for an eCommerce site will be vague, incomplete, or inaccurate. It may not include important information about the product, or it may consist of misleading information. It can make your customers confused about what they’re buying or make a purchase they later regret.

What are the impacts of bad product descriptions on Online Business?

What are the impacts of bad product descriptions on Online Business?

Bad product descriptions can significantly impact online business, resulting in lost sales and lower conversion rates.

Poorly written, inaccurate, or misleading product descriptions can cause potential customers to be uncertain about what they’re buying or how the product works. This can result in them abandoning the purchase altogether, or worse – buying a different product from a competitor.

In addition to causing lost sales, bad product descriptions can also lead to increased return rates and negative reviews. As a result, you may damage your online store reputation and make it more challenging to attract new customers in the future.

Compelling product descriptions will always pay off.

Compelling product descriptions will always pay off.

What’s the best way to make a product description compelling? Add some emotion. Whether happiness, anger, or sadness, if you can get your customers engaged in what they are reading, chances are high that many will buy from this page!

You can learn something new with this site. It’s fun and easy; you just have to take the initiative! Get creative by being enthusiastic or telling stories about your products for visitors interested in them – Most importantly, make sure that their customer experience doesn’t disappoint, which will ensure loyalty towards your online store.

As an example of this, Nike has used their “Just Do It” slogan, which has been used in their advertisements sunchokes ago, as an inspirational statement that encourages us all towards action, especially when it comes down to order any challenge thrown at you!

Some Q&A about Product Description Writing for Shopify

Some Q&A about Product Description Writing for Shopify

Q1: How to write a product description that sells?

Answer: When writing a product description, it’s essential to focus on its benefits rather than the features.

For example, instead of saying, “this jacket is made from 100% wool,” say, “This jacket will keep you warm all winter long.” Or instead of saying “this shirt is machine-washable,” say “This shirt will stay looking new for years.”

Including persuasive phrases in your product descriptions can help reel in buyers. For example, try using phrases such as “limited time offer,” “must-have item,” or “exclusive sale.” You could also highlight how your products are unique and better than the competition.

Ultimately, it’s essential to be creative and make your product descriptions interesting to read. Make sure they are accurate but don’t be afraid to exaggerate the beauty of your products to sell more.

Q2: How can I evaluate my product description?

Answer: Many Shopify stores have a feedback form after each purchase that asks for your opinion on the product description you read before purchasing it. If you’re not sure how valuable your product description is, try sending out a survey asking for feedback from customers who have recently made a purchase.

If you don’t want to go to the trouble of setting up a survey, you could also try asking for feedback on your product description at the checkout stage. Or, if you’re working with drop-shippers, simply ask them how effective they think your product descriptions are.

Q3: How long should my product description be?

Answer: Your product description should be as long as it needs to be without going over the top.

Various products require different levels of explanations, and some may not require any explanations at all. The best way to figure out how long your product description should be is to look at similar products on Google Shopping and take note of their descriptions. Keep yours around the same length.

Be sure to avoid rambling on for too long, as this can often put people off and decrease your product views. A few short sentences are usually enough but remember that the more information you provide, the better your customers.

Q4: How do I write a great title?

Answer: Product titles should be specific about your product without being too wordy.

For example, if you’re selling a hoodie, calling it just a “hoodie” is not helpful because there are thousands of different types of hoodies on the market. Instead, call it something like “Men’s winter fleece pullover.” Or, if you have a unique product, like a hoverboard, you can get away with something like “hoverboard for sale.”

Q5: How do you write a product description document?

Answer: When writing a product description document, be sure to:

  • – Start with a headline that captures the essence of the product
  • – Introduce the product and explain what it does
  • – List features and benefits of the product
  • – Describe how the product works
  • – Provide pricing information
  • – Include images or videos of the product in use
  • – Mention any awards or accolades the product has received
  • – End with a call to action

Q6: Do copywriters write product descriptions?

Answer: Copywriters do write product descriptions, but they also do a lot more than that. They create a website and email content, social media posts, and other marketing materials that need writing. Clients can depend on them for persuasive and compelling messaging to help sell products or services.

When writing product descriptions, copywriters have to strike a delicate balance between providing shoppers with enough details to make an informed purchase decision without giving away all the good stuff! They need to create descriptions that are enticing yet truthful and accurately reflect the product’s qualities without sounding too salesy or over-the-top.

Q7: How do you write a fun product description?

Answer: By writing a fun product description, you can make your potential customers feel they are already enjoying the product even before they purchase it. You want to focus on the product’s positive aspects and make your readers feel as if they will not be able to find a similar product elsewhere. It’s not as hard as you might think!

Start by introducing your product and telling your customers what it is and what it does. Then get into the details, highlighting the features and benefits of your product. Be sure to use catchy phrases and memorable descriptions to help sell your product. And don’t forget to have some fun with it! Make your customers feel like they’re getting a good deal without having to break the bank.

Q8: How do I write a product description for dropshipping?

Answer: When writing your product descriptions, it’s important to consider both the needs of your customers and the search engines. As far as customers are concerned, you want to create an enticing description so that, they become interested in learning more. As for search engines, you’ll want to include keywords and phrases that potential customers are likely to use when searching for your product.

When putting together your descriptions, it’s a good idea to start by providing some basic information about the product. This might include things like its dimensions, weight, or what materials it’s made from. You can then go on to describe its features and benefits in detail. And finally, don’t forget to mention the price!

Q9: What is an effective product description template?

Answer: When writing a product description, it’s crucial to think about what the customer wants to know.

First, start by highlighting the product features. How does your product differ from others, and why should the customer buy it?

Next, focus on describing the product benefits. How will it make their life better?

And finally, use some powerful words to explain why now is the time to buy. Why not wait?

If you can address these three points in your product description, you’re well on your way to writing an effective one!


The best way to describe products is by providing customers with what they need. If it’s simple and easily accessible, this might work well for you! Don’t be afraid – stay in the system just a little longer yet.

Product descriptions are a valuable part of your online store. They can help customers understand the product, increase conversion rates, and improve SEO rankings. By following these top 10 tips for writing better product descriptions, you can create descriptions that will help your business succeed. To master product description writing, you ought to develop persuasive product copy.

How have you used these techniques to improve your product descriptions? What results did you see? Share us in the comment section below.

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