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China’s Top 11 Dropshipping Suppliers (with Fast Shipping) 

By: Tasmia S

If you are looking for China’s Top 11 Dropshipping Suppliers, this article is for you. Here is why: Our team members inspect all the suppliers on this list before they are put on the site. This means you will get only high-quality products from these suppliers. In addition, these suppliers offer fast and reliable shipping all over the world. 

You know, when you are looking for a China dropshipping supplier, one of the most critical factors you should consider is whether they have excellent after-sales service or not. 

Here are the top 11 Chinese dropshipping suppliers who offer quick shipping to help you quickly get your business up and running. Plus, thousands of online entrepreneurs verified and trusted all of these suppliers.

Dropshipping: Why it’s so popular?

The History of Dropshipping  

In order to invest as little money as possible into your new business, dropshipping is a great idea. All you need are products, shipping supplies, and space to make this work! 

In the past decade, Aliexpress has made dropshipping a reliable business model. Thousands of online entrepreneurs have used this model to generate a full-time income from their living rooms. Ready to get started but don’t want to waste money on suppliers that take too long to ship?

More and more dropshipping suppliers are popping up all over the world. But, unfortunately, this makes it very difficult for dropshippers to find reliable suppliers. To solve this, our team has thoroughly searched online for the top 11 fast shipping China dropshipping supplier with good after-sales service. 

Importance of finding reliable Chinese suppliers for your dropshipping business 

Importance of finding reliable Chinese suppliers for your dropshipping business 

If you plan to set up your own dropshipping business, it is essential to find reliable suppliers of shipping materials. If you do not correctly check the quality of the material, they use for packing before making an order, there is a big chance that your goods will be damaged during transit. This can cause bad feedback about your shop, which may negatively affect your business in the future. 

Therefore, it is imperative that you find good China’s suppliers for dropshipping and that you ask each of them about their quality and after-sales service before placing an order with them. Also, if you want to save time and money when setting up your own dropshipping business, you can quickly and easily find suitable China suppliers on Aliexpress. 

When you choose the right drop shipper, you’ll have access to quality products at great prices. In addition, the right drop shipper will help you search for items that can be sold quickly and easily. It may even provide you with suggestions based on the feedback other retailers have left regarding particular products. 

China’s Top 11 Dropshipping Suppliers 

China's Top 11 Dropshipping Suppliers 

Check out these top China Dropshipping Suppliers! These are the best-ranked companies that can ship your products to any country in Asia. 



Interested in getting into this business? If so, you should know that you can still get an excellent product from China. Most people interested in this opportunity are in a hurry to get going; they don’t have time to shop around. They just want to get a good, reliable supplier no matter where it is. That’s why I’m suggesting AliExpress as the first stop for anyone interested in this business. It’s easy to use, and you can get an excellent product every time. 

One of the oldest and most successful online marketplaces, AliExpress boasts more than 100 million products, many of which are sold by individuals. Everyone knows Alibaba as a place to find anything cheap and fabulous, but AliExpress takes the experience down a notch by offering small orders at affordable prices – perfect for dropshipping.

You can quickly start your dropshipping with AliExpress by reading this article AliExpress dropshipping guidelines. 

Click the link to get an idea about winning products for your drop shipping business. The best part is that it is 100% free to use.  



I’m a big fan of Banggood. They have the best prices, and they’re great to work with too! We all love a good deal, and so do Banggood offers good deals from the best dropshipping suppliers. That’s why they invented bang-goods! So, head over to this website if you want some awesome gear without having to worry about negotiating or waiting in line at customs. 

Dropshipping benefits with Banggood 

  • Banggood is a massive wholesale and dropshipping supplier from China with millions of products to dropship. That means that most of the best-selling items are available from Banggood with minimal markup. 
  • Many people think it’s going to be hard to find an excellent bang-good supplier – but this is not true at all! 
  • No membership fee is required. Custom shipping invoices and personalized product recommendations are also available. 
  • Discounts ranging from 5%-20% off dropshipping and higher categories are available at Banggood. 

Steps to get started with Banggood 

#Step1- Join Banggood as a dropship customer. 

#Step2- Get the products listed in your store by visiting their website. 

#Step3- Then, sell the items in your store by promoting them. 

#Step4- It’s up to you to set the price on your store, and the price differences are entirely up to you. 

#Step5- If your customer places an order with you, place the order at Banggood. 

#Step6- Your customer will receive the package without knowing any information about Banggood. 




I love the ease of ordering from DHGate. Their site is so user-friendly and finding products on their site is amazingly simple. 

DHGate provides sellers with the buyer’s contact information, so you can start a conversation directly with the buyer before you place an order to get more details or see additional photos. 

Dropshipping benefits with DHGate 

It’s an international wholesale and dropship supplier from China. They have a marketplace known as DHGate, which you can purchase items from at wholesale prices and then resell them on your website or through another channel such as eBay or Amazon. 

They offer the lowest minimum order quantity for most of the products. That’s good news for anyone just getting started or those that have a limited marketing budget. 

Here are steps to start your dropshipping business with DHGate: 

#Step1- determine which products to dropship. 

#Step2- Get the products listed in your store by visiting their website. 

#Step3- Then, link DHGate with your online store to sync stock and prices 

#Step4- Process orders automatically. In the event, a customer orders from you, automatically place an order on DHGate as well. 

#Step5- Offer support to customers. 



Founded in 2014, CJ one of the best dropshipping companies was founded by Andy Chou (CEO) and his team. Their dropshipping supply chain company is the most professional in China. 

With their local warehouses, they have recently expanded their business into other countries such as the US, the UK, Australia, Indonesia, etc. They believe that these international expansions will bring them many benefits, such as increased sales volume, lower costs, and new growth opportunities. 

Dropshipping benefits with CJdropshipping 

Their professional team of 890 dedicated workers will do their best to assist you and deeply care about your well-being. 

CJ automatically processes orders from WeD2C, Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, Lazada, Shopee, and eBay.   

You can always feel secure when dropshipping through CJdropshipping. For example, their insurance policy covers damaged goods. 

The company fulfills all orders within 24 hours and delivers them within 3-7 working days worldwide with DHL. Back in the day, their own shipping method CJpacket took 7-15 days, but now Covid-19 seems to take longer. 

 Sometimes, your customer may need your help in solving delivery problems or refund requests. You can call, email, or use their live chat to solve the problem immediately and effectively. 

Here are steps to start your dropshipping business with CJdropshipping: 

#Step1- Sign up for a CJ account and fill in your business information. 

#Step2- Select your preferred Marketplace (eBay, Amazon, etc.) and social platform (Facebook). 

#Step3 – Select popular products that suit your business. 

#Step4- Place orders and enjoy your dropshipping business! 



The global online retail company, LightInTheBox offers customers a convenient way to shop for various lifestyle products. 

In 2007, the company was founded with the objective of making life more enjoyable by offering an attractive selection at desirable prices. It is available in multiple languages and through an innovative data-driven business model allows customization options depending on your needs or preferences! 

Dropshipping benefits with LightInTheBox 

LightInTheBox delivers products worldwide in 4-7 days. You can track your order’s progress anytime, anywhere, thanks to their detailed tracking system. 

They keep all products in stock, so you’ll never have to worry about out-of-stock items when you’re running a business online. 

LightInTheBox also has an easy-to-use order management system that allows you to monitor your inventory and update your store with the latest item prices at any time. 

LightInTheBox has a wide range of products such as jewelry, bags, shoes, dresses, watches, electronics, and more. Their warehouse contains over 100 million pieces of merchandise. You can also find the product you need on their website and start your dropshipping business with LightInTheBox today! 

They currently have about 10 million registered users across a network of sites, the largest being Dropping shipping lightsInTheBox allows you to run your own business according to your terms. Dropshippers can launch their own businesses with lightInTheBox’s inventory in just three easy steps:

Here are steps to start your dropshipping business with LightInTheBox: 

#Step1- Go to their website and select a product you want to send to your customer. 

#Step2- Customize your order as needed. For example, choose the color and size of the item. 

#Step3- Enter your customer’s shipping address.

#Step4- Delivering the goods to your customer on your behalf would be the final step after you have cleared the payment.



Founded in 1999, Alibaba is the largest online retail company. They offer over one hundred million customers worldwide a variety of products and services through their web portals such as 

Dropshipping benefits with Alibaba 

Alibaba offers free dropshipping services to customers around the world. What’s more, they have an advanced logistics service capable of providing delivery services to over 200 countries. 

They also offer the Alibaba Cloud Computing service so that you can access your online store on both mobile and desktop devices. 

Alibaba offers a wide range of products on their online portals, including clothing, shoes, watches, bags, jewelry, beauty supplies, electronic appliances, sports equipment, and more. 

Their site features all the major brands, such as Sony, Canon, Apple, Samsung, Panasonic, etc., which means you can reach potential customers around the world!  

Here are steps to start your dropshipping business with Alibaba: 

#Step1- Sign up for free on Alibaba’s website. 

#Step2- Select Products, then choose the category you like. 

#Step3- Search for the desired product and click ‘Pricing & Minimum Order Quantities’ to look at product details. If you need help, contact Alibaba’s customer service right away! 

#Step4- When you find a suitable item, add it to your favorites. 

#Step5- Setup a dropshipping business with Alibaba! 


HyperSKU is a one-stop-shop for dropshipping your eCommerce business. Hyper SKUs are customizable products with fixed pricing, making it easy to set up an online store and sell goods at scale without having tons of overhead costs associated with inventory management or shipping fees. 

The platform also connects you directly as either seller or buyer, so there’s no need to go through any middlemen networks! 

The HyperSKU service allows you to create and distribute product feeds that facilitate various e-commerce services. 

Dropshipping benefits with HyperSKU 

HyperSKU offers different pricing options for drop shippers, depending on your needs. With their Basic Package, you can add up to 50 products at a reduced cost per order. If you have more products in your inventory, go for their Starter Package, which lowers the cost per product. 

They also feature a bulk order feature that allows you to manage all of your dropshipping orders from one central dashboard. The result is fewer headaches, freeing you up to focus on growing your business! 

The items they ship are sourced directly from leading Chinese manufacturers and arrive worldwide within seven calendar days. In addition, their seamless integration allows them to sync automatically. 

Here are steps to start your dropshipping business with HyperSKU: 

#Step1- Sign up for free on HyperSKU’s website.   

#Step2- Search for the desired product, customize product options, and sync your order to HyperSKU. 

#Step3– Place your order and enjoy. 



Gearbest is a powerful dropshipping platform that enables you to stock your online store with a wide variety of products without needing to worry about setting up a warehouse or sourcing suppliers. 

The backbone of Gearbest is its strategic brand product, Globalegrow, a renowned cross-border enterprise based in China. Gearbest selects suppliers based on a professional rating system to produce high-quality goods and to ensure that product categories remain comprehensive at the same time. 

Dropshipping benefits with Gearbest 

GearBest’s drop shippers can benefit from their many eCommerce tools such as storefront management and automatic order shipments. 

The company works with over 5,000 leading Chinese brands and suppliers, including more than 1,000 top brands like Xiaomi, Lenovo, and Huawei. Over 1,000 new items are added to Gearbest’s online catalog every day, hence offering users a wide range of shopping options. 

How to set up a dropshipping business with Gearbest 

#Step1- Select the items you want to dropship. 

#Step 2- Enter your customer’s address during the checkout process as you usually would. 

#Step 3- When you check out, choose “drop shipping” so they can manage the order for you. 




uDroppy is an eCommerce supplier that helps you launch your own online retail business. It has a unique business model to make its products available to customers worldwide at wholesale prices. 

uDroppy also allows you to become a member of the uDroppy Dropshipping Club, which gives you access to exclusive products from their catalog. 

They have over 4 million products in more than 1,000 categories. I highly recommend adding them to your inventory! 

some of the benefits that you can expect to experience include: 

  • Fast, worldwide shipping. 
  • Reliable product sourcing. 

How to set up a dropshipping business with uDroppy? 

#Step1- uDroppy’s platform lets you connect up to 10 Shopify stores. You can access it via the Store Management section. 

#Step2- Discover the best products for your niche, and buy them right from their catalog. 

#Step3- So, any order you receive from your store will be received by them as well! The Orders to Pay section allows you to manage your sales. 



Chinabrands is a global Marketplace that provides buyers with access to products from China. They work with more than 200,000 suppliers, which gives you the option of having over 50 million products to choose from. 

With Chinabrands, you can dropship products from China to anywhere in the world. By clicking just a few buttons, you can start your online store and import quality products directly from their Marketplace. 

Dropshipping benefits with Chinabrands 

  • Ship directly to your customers worldwide 
  • No minimum purchase required on all products 
  • Buy from any supplier on Chinabrands 

How to set up a dropshipping business with Chinabrands? 

#Step1- Sign up for an account and verify your email. 

#Step2- Choose the products you want to sell using their integrated drop shippers such as Wish, Ali Express, and more. 

#Step3- Simply click Add to cart. Chinabrands will handle the rest! 

#Step4- you’ll get the logistic number to track your dropshipping order. 



Wiio’s Wonderland is an online marketplace for Chinese manufacturers and suppliers that allows you to purchase goods without the hassle of visiting a wholesale market or meeting up with a supplier. 

#Step1- Visit their website and register to start your dropshipping business. 

#Step 2- Add the product to your cart and proceed to checkout. 

#Step3- Fill in your customer’s shipping address and payment information. 

#Step4- Your dropshipping order will be delivered directly to your customers from a wholesale supplier without you having to do anything! 

Characteristics of reliable Chinese dropshipping supplier 

There are many dropshipping suppliers in China, but not all of them have excellent service. For example, the courier might fail to deliver your goods on time, or they may even send you a different product from what you ordered. This is a significant risk for you because these situations will quickly destroy your business. 

So, how do you find dropshipping suppliers with reliable services? Here are some of the most essential characteristics that you should look for. 

Timely communication 

Using this method will help you judge whether a supplier is good or not. An excellent dropshipping supplier will communicate with you in time and reply to your emails quickly! If you send them an email, they should respond to you within 12 hours. 

Good packaging 

Most dropshipping suppliers are using their product boxes or some other packages. But if you choose a top 11 dropshipping supplier with good service, your order will likely come in an original box from the manufacturer. This is important because it shows that the supplier is serious about their order and cares more about their customers. 

Good after-sales service 

Good after-sales service means a good relationship with you in the future. If your supplier offers a high standard of customer service, there is a big chance that they will keep in touch with you even when your business is stable, and you no longer need their service. 

High-quality products 

Usually, an excellent dropshipping supplier will not sell low-quality or defective items to customers because they know that this may cause lousy feedback and affect their business in the future. For example, if your product gets broken before it reaches its destination, the customer may blame the dropshipping service. As a result, this will make your business look bad, and many people may decide to never buy from you again. Thus product quality is a crucial factor to consider while looking for a Chinese supplier. 

Affordable shipping fee 

This is an essential characteristic that you should also consider when finding suitable dropshipping suppliers in China. The best way to check whether the price of their shipping fee is affordable or not is to check the parcel’s weight. If the shipping cost is very cheap and costs less than 10 percent for an order, this may be a red flag. 

Product description  

The product description in your online store can make or break your business, especially if you are selling goods that many people want. For example, if your product description is poorly written and does not list all the information that a customer needs, they will immediately leave your store without buying anything. 

You need to read the product description before ordering from a supplier because many dropshipping suppliers copy their reports from others and do not even check them. Badly written or poorly translated product descriptions will make your store look bad, so always check it before ordering anything. 

Standardized packing size for similar products 

If you plan to create a wholesale business model, it is essential to order the same items from various suppliers at once. If these items are of different sizes, your business will not be very effective because you cannot order them from a single supplier. Also if you are interested in custom packaging you should tell your supplier about that before. 


Is the supplier transparent, and do they have good integrity? Can you tell what they are really like from their “online persona”? Does the supplier have testimonials and ratings from other suppliers? If not, how about they have some reviews written by real people on sites like Google and Amazon? Look for the positive feedback.  

Reliability & Pricing 

How often does the supplier deliver on their promises? Are they fair traders? Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the pricing of their products.  

Shipping Speed 

How fast will they ship your product? Don’t expect lightning speed. Ensure that what you pay for is what you get, but don’t be too critical. Remember, you’re getting an excellent deal because this supplier is dropshipping for you. 


If you want to find suitable dropshipping suppliers in China with high-quality service, the top 11 suppliers we recommend can significantly help you do this. They each have excellent services, and they will reply to your emails within 12 hours with detailed answers to your questions. 

Their products are of high quality, and they have carefully written product descriptions that will help you easily promote your store to more customers. In addition, their after-sales service is excellent, and you can reach them through a variety of means such as telephone, email, or live chat. Also, they offer affordable shipping fees because this is one of their top priorities. 

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