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Top 10 Inspirational Instagram Shoutout Examples for Ecommerce

By: Tasmia S

Are you struggling to come up with fresh, new marketing ideas to promote your online business? Then you should check out this free article. Get inspired by the most popular Instagram shoutouts time for eCommerce websites. In this post, you’ll discover 10 Inspirational Instagram Shoutout Examples for eCommerce. Learn the secrets behind these top examples and how you can easily replicate them yourself.

At the end of January 2017, Instagram announced that it had reached 800 million active monthly users. However, 4 years later, in 2021, this number has increased dramatically to 1.074 billion users. Aside from its massive growth, Instagram has also expanded its role as a source for social media marketing.

It is possible to utilize different types of social media marketing for your business; you just need to find one that fits your company while producing good results.

In fact, according to a recent study published by Olapic and Curalate, Instagram is the top social photo property in terms of engagement. For retailers, Instagram can be used for product promotion, customer acquisition, and even shoppable posts.

Instagram Shoutout: What is it?

Instagram Shoutout

As mentioned earlier, Instagram shoutouts are one of the many types of marketing that you could use on the social media platform. Learn what they are in this quick overview.

A shoutout is when an Instagrammer tags another person in their post and asks their followers to follow them as well. That person will usually return the favor by also posting a shoutout for the person who tagged them. This may be paid shoutouts or unpaid. There are many Instagram shoutout pages available with millions of followers. Basically, they share and promote several brands through their Instagram story and Instagram photos. These Instagram accounts are known as influencers.

To get more exposure, you can also do shoutouts for others without any strings attached. This is usually done by doing an “S4S” (share for share) or “M4M” (mention for the mention).

ECommerce entrepreneurs could use social media influencers for product promotion, brand awareness, or even lead generation.

Types of Instagram Shoutouts

Types of Instagram Shoutouts

There are various types of Instagram shoutouts that you could do. But, according to experts, the most common ones include:

S4S (share for share) –

This is when an Instagrammer posts a photo with another person tagged in it and asks their followers to follow them as well.

When you share someone else’s post on Instagram, you give that person credit and a “like” for their work. You can share photos and videos by tapping the three dots in the top right corner of a post and selecting “Share.” You can also share someone’s post by tagging them in your post. When you tag someone, that person will get a notification that they’ve been tagged.

M4M (mention for the mention) –

This is when an Instagrammer shares another person’s photo and asks their followers to follow both accounts. By mentioning the other account, they are both exposed to more people. Businesses usually do this with similar target markets to gain loyal customers.

Tag A Friend –

This type of shoutout is also called “tag a friend” or “tag your friends.” It’s when an Instagrammer asks their followers to tag a friend in their photo that they want to share. This type of shoutout is usually done by people interested in seeing more photos from their friends, allowing them to be exposed to the tagged person’s followers.

Giveaway –

This type of shoutout is done by an Instagrammer who wants to gain more awareness for a specific item, so they do a giveaway. This is usually done by tagging the accounts that own the object and asking people to follow them to be eligible for the giveaway.

Sponsored Post –

This type of Instagram shoutout is the most expensive kind. This is when an Instagrammer posts a paid post or advertorial. Businesses usually buy Instagram shoutouts for lead generation, brand awareness, and/or sales conversions.

Why you should do an Instagram shoutout

Why you should do an Instagram shoutout

The truth is that e-commerce marketers should start considering this platform as a potential social media marketing tool. Here are reasons for you to market your e-commerce business through the Instagram page:

Increase brand awareness and product endorsements

Sponsored posts on Instagram can be used to increase the number of followers and create a positive image of your brand. It’s one way to make sure that your brand is constantly on the consumer’s mind. Product endorsements through ig shoutout are also expected to increase by more than 57% from 2017-2025.

Drive traffic to your store

Since most people nowadays use smartphones, they prefer using social media platforms on their devices as an alternative source for shopping inspiration. But, more importantly, Instagram has more than 500 million daily active users, meaning that there are many opportunities for your business to get in front of the right audience.

Increase conversions and sales

Instagram is an excellent platform for e-commerce marketing because it allows direct access to your potential customers. This means that you could easily show off your products and generate sales for them. According to a recent study, every dollar spent on Instagram ads can bring $2 in profit.

Creating an effective shoutout is not as easy as it sounds because you need to know how to approach the influencer first. In addition, influencers with bigger followings tend to charge higher prices, so you have to consider how much your budget could accommodate.

Examples of 10 Instagram shoutouts for e-commerce businesses:

Instagram shoutouts for e-commerce businesses

Here are 10 Instagram shoutout examples. These are excellent examples of how to attract attention using Instagram. It’s a very powerful tool for marketing and PR. You should pay close attention to this kind of stuff because it teaches you valuable lessons regarding how to utilize social media for driving traffic to your website.

Using Instagram to get attention through the power of “likes” is easy, but be careful. Ensure that you don’t just rely on this method to get attention. People won’t “like” your photo or video unless you have something spectacular to share.

Instagram shoutout example 1# Rare Beauty

Selena Gomez (273 million Instagram followers)

Instagram shoutout example

Selena Gomez has been known to promote luxury fashion brands from time to time. You can search her name on google and find a lot of fashion houses she has worked with!

This is an example of how you could make your campaigns more effective by creating meaningful interactions between customers themselves and the powerful brands they support.

Here She is highlighting the Rare Beauty eye shadow palette that has gained 4,754,840 likes in only 3 weeks.

She loves how this product helps her create a personalized look with its 7 shades for any occasion and desired effect – whether matte or shimmery!

Instagram shoutout example 2# Adidas

Beyonce (218 million followers)

Instagram shoutout example

Beyonce is known as one of the best Instagram influencers. Although her prices are high, this is still an opportunity that you could not miss out on. Her shoutout for Adidas in her Instagram posts is a good example of creating product endorsements effectively.

Instagram shoutout example3# blakelively

Taylor Swift (185 million followers)

Instagram shoutout example3# blakelively

Taylor Swift collaborates with blakelively in his new music video through her social media accounts. This post just went viral. It has been viewed 9,615,365 times in the past two days alone! This is an ideal example of building customer loyalty through influencer marketing.

Shoutout4# Michaelkors

blakelively (30.6m followers)

blakelively (30.6m followers)

Another example of a paid shoutout that works is Michael Kors’ collaboration with blakelively. This is a good example of how you could promote your brand through the clothes worn in the photo. If it matters to you, ensure that the influencer represents your brand values before hiring them for shoutouts.

Shoutout5# drinkkalvara

Shoutout from Miguel (3.9 million followers)

Shoutout from Miguel (3.9 million followers)

Another example of a product endorsement that works can be found on this shoutout by Miguel for drinkkalvara. These are premium drinks made with natural ingredients, and they have gained 15,069 likes since it was published!

Shoutout6# billstavernpizza

Giuliana (2.5 million followers)

Giuliana (2.5 million followers)

Giuliana’s shoutouts for her products are effective because she has millions of followers – 2.5m, to be exact! With that kind of exposure, expect nothing but success if you partner with Giuliana for a shoutout.

Shoutout7# ROSE QUARTZ Huda Beauty

Huda (2.3 million followers)

Huda (2.3 million followers)

Huda Beauty is a popular cosmetics brand, and they have been known for creating a lot of successful collaborations on Instagram.

Now, this post from Huda has 28k likes since it was published two weeks ago. It’s an ideal example of how you could increase brand awareness and sales conversions with paid celebrity influencer shoutouts.

Shoutout8# Diadora collab sneakers

ConceitedNYC (2.1 million followers)

ConceitedNYC (2.1 million followers)

This shoutout by Conceited NYC for Diadora is a good example of creating a product endorsement that works. The Instagrammer mentioned the brand name and gave a nice shoutout to their followers as well!

This particular instance showcases what can be done with careful planning when building up customer loyalty through meaningful interactions between customers themselves and the powerful brands they support.

Simply put, shoutouts are not just one-way marketing techniques. They can also be used for cross-brand engagement and peer-to-peer sharing of ideas.

Shoutout9# TASAKI Atelier Earthly Gratitude Collection⁠

PrabalGurung (873k followers)

PrabalGurung (873k followers)

This shoutout post by Indian designer Prabal Gurung for one TASAKI Atelier Earthly Gratitude Collection of jewelry is an ideal example of creating awareness among the right audience.

The product endorsement on this shoutout is unarguably effective because a credible designer does it.

Instagram shoutout example 10# sharecareinc

dearalyne(324k followers)


dearalyne(324k followers)

It’s an instagram shoutout about an anxiety app called “Unwinding Anxiety.” The post got 3285 likes.

10 Best Ideas to make your Instagram posts shout out more effective

10 Best Ideas to make your Instagram posts shout out more effective

Instagram has come a long way since it first launched back in 2010. It’s now become one of the best social media platforms for businesses to use. But have you taken full advantage of Instagram feed capabilities? If not, here are some tips to help you become a pro at Instagram influencer marketing platform.

Keep it simple by using relevant hashtags.

Instagram users usually scan through hundreds of posts before they finally decide on one that interests them. Your Instagram content will be seen more often if you use as many relevant hashtags as possible.

Mentioning a few relevant hashtags is fine, but don’t make the mistake of using too many. According to a study done by TrackMaven, accounts that posted 30 or more hashtags saw a 14% decrease in engagement rate.

In addition, you should also include at least one long-tail hashtag that has low levels of competition. Once more, the more specific your hashtags are, the more effective they will be.

Create a list of influencers to contact

After doing some research on your target audience’s demographics and interests, you should know who they follow on Instagram. Use this information to create a list of potential influencers that you can partner with for shoutouts.

In case you don’t have the time to create a list of influencers, try out BuzzSumo for Instagram. This tool will help you find and direct message the potential partners who can give you shoutouts. For best results, try reaching out to users whose posts receive at least 3,000 likes each.

Set clear goals and track your results

You probably already know that setting clear goals is important for business. But did you know that it’s also crucial to set short-term and long-term Instagram marketing goals?

Short-term Instagram marketing goals can help you build a following, increase engagement levels, or even increase traffic to your website. Meanwhile, long-term goals should help you increase sales, get more leads, or even get people to subscribe to your newsletter.

Aside from setting goals, you also need to track your results to see what’s working and what isn’t. This will help you figure out which type of marketing works best for your business so that you can increase your income faster.

Don’t just post products.

As an eCommerce entrepreneur, it’s easy to fall into the trap of posting only your products on Instagram. While product promotion has its perks, you shouldn’t rely too much on this marketing strategy because it can turn off your followers.

Keeping your audience interested is simple. Try posting other content related to your niche. This could include blog posts, videos, or even memes that will boost your brand awareness among your target audience.

Showcase the lifestyle behind a product

People love seeing how a certain product can improve their lives because it’s more brand relatable than just showing them pictures of a product.

For example, instead of just showing a picture of a pair of jeans on Instagram, show your followers what it’s like to wear them in different situations. Are they great for hiking? Can you dress them up or down? What about wearing them on date night? Taking styled photos of individual products is another way to make your brand stand out.

Share your followers’ photos.

When you see a photo of someone using your product, feature it on Instagram to show other users that they’re not the only ones who love it!

If you can’t find any images of real people using your products, try creating some yourself using Photoshop or even Canva. You can then share these images with your Instagram account.

Give out freebies from time to time.

Instagram is a great place to give back to your followers, especially if you’re using it to market your business online. The easiest way to do this might be to offer special deals and discounts now and then, whether it’s for users who follow you or for everyone.

Keep it simple

In order to make your posts stand out, keep them short and sweet. The maximum amount of characters allowed in Instagram captions is 2,200, so make sure that your messages are concise if you want people to read them.

Tell a story with every photo.

As we already mentioned, Instagram users love seeing how certain products can improve their lives. To accomplish this, you might consider using storytelling or giving fashion tips as a marketing tactic for your eCommerce business.

Of course, you don’t have to write an entire novel about any product or story, but it helps to include at least some context so that people can understand why it’s relevant. For example, you might include a caption like: “Today I wore my new jeans with this adorable top and these boots – how do you like my look?”

Monitor your comments and messages

Last but not least, be sure to monitor Instagram comments and replies to your posts to see what your community thinks about them.

While you shouldn’t completely rely on social media traffic to increase revenue, it can help get the word out if done right. Embrace Instagram as a platform for building relationships with potential customers and followers rather than looking at it solely as an advertising platform.


Having a strong eCommerce website is certainly important, but it’s not the only thing you should be focusing on when marketing.

Instagram can be an excellent tool for getting people interested in your brand and what you have to offer because it lets you connect with potential customers on a more personal level.

Best of all, sharing “real-life” photos on Instagram stories is a great way to highlight how products can improve lives, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your marketing strategy if you want it to be successful.

That’s all for this article. Hope you find it helpful and interesting. We may have missed something or you may have additional tips to share with the community. Do tell in the comments below!



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