Dropshipping Agent: Why Do You Need One in 2022?

By: Tasmia S

If you are looking to expand your online business, you must look into the benefits of outsourcing. One excellent option is to hire a dropshipping agent to handle your shipments and customer service requests. Learn more about why you need a dropshipping agent. 

Dropshipping has become a popular eCommerce approach, with many online stores now looking for alternative ways to save money. The reasons behind this are numerous. For example, selling items at reduced prices has allowed online retailers to expand their customer base and boost sales. At the same time, dropshipping has also opened up new opportunities in terms of geographical expansion, as retailers can now target new areas without having to carry extensive inventories. 

However, if you plan to start a dropshipping business in 2022, you will need an effective way of managing it. If you do not have the required time and resources to monitor your stores manually for each order, then some third-party agents can assist you. One of these solutions is the dropshipping agent, and we are going to discuss it today. 

What Is Dropshipping? 

What Is Dropshipping? 

Dropshipping, explained simply, is the act of selling directly from your store to the customer without using a mediator. In a nutshell, it’s letting your customers buy from you AND pay you at the same time. 

The term ‘drop shipping’ refers to a business model where retailers do not carry any inventory of the goods they sell. Instead, they pass on orders to wholesalers without keeping any of the items in stock. 

Dropshipping business model 

Dropshipping business model 

Dropshipping business model is not new – online retailers have been using them for years now. However, there are some challenges associated with it.  

There was also a risk of damage or theft while the products were in transit from the supplier. Moreover, it was challenging to manage multiple orders manually and track each sale after accepting an order from a customer. 

Over time, numerous online businesses have found solutions for each of these issues. The current drop shipping model no longer has any significant disadvantages, which is why it is becoming increasingly popular among online retailers. However, before you start your dropshipping store, you need to keep some additional requirements in mind. 

What Is Dropshipping Agent? 

What Is Dropshipping Agent? 

Dropshipping agents are the people who manage all aspects of a business’ Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media accounts. 

A dropshipping agent helps organize sellers’ social media posts, providing them with photoshoots, article content for blog posts, or articles on popular topics that their audience is most interested in. This job is usually outsourced to freelancers by dropship retailers looking to increase brand awareness without hiring employees! 

This third-party agent helps monitor your eCommerce store for each sale. The agent operates on your behalf, which means that it automatically accepts orders and then redirects them to the supplier. The suppliers will send the product directly to the customer, allowing you to boost sales without any significant inventory management requirements. 

What do drop shipping agents do? 

What do drop shipping agents do? 

Dropshipping agents act as intermediaries between sellers and buyers. They accept orders on behalf of their clients, process payments through a secure payment gateway, then place the order with the right supplier to be shipped directly to customers. Dropship suppliers are mostly wholesalers or manufacturers that offer dropshipping services to retailers in a large variety of categories. 

Dropship agents also simplify the process of finding wholesale suppliers so that entrepreneurs can focus on developing their products instead of looking for manufacturers, negotiating prices, and making international payments. 

In addition to this, they help retailers save money because most small business owners don’t have enough capital or expertise to manage complex logistics or international shipping regulations, so they will be forced to hire additional staff. What’s more, their services help retailers save time because suppliers contact them directly instead of coordinating the shipping process. 

Dropshipping agents reduce costs for online entrepreneurs by taking care of payment processing fees and establishing good relationships with reputable suppliers that offer wholesale rates. Dropshipping agents also ensure that suppliers meet their client’s requirements and keep them informed about order statuses, shipping updates, and product information. 

Factors to consider before choosing a dropshipping agent. 

Factors to consider before choosing a dropshipping agent

If you are planning to use a dropship agent in 2022, then there are a few factors that you should consider. Firstly, it is essential to understand how agents work and what they can do for your business. In addition, you will need to figure out the type of agent that fits your requirements and budget best. 

For example, some dropshipping agents only offer a basic package comprising the main features. In contrast, some platforms provide additional services such as email & SMS marketing, inventory management, and automated website design. 

By determining your needs before investing in a dropshipping agent, you will be able to save time and money. The following guide includes some valuable tips for both beginners and experienced eCommerce entrepreneurs to run a successful dropshipping business. 

How Can I Use a Dropshipping Agent? 

How Can I Use a Dropshipping Agent? 

As a retailer, you can use a dropshipping agent for various purposes to improve your business operations. Here are some ways you can use an agent: 

Automated order processing 

Automating your entire order process is one of the most significant benefits of using a dropshipping agent. The agents handle each customer order on your behalf, which means that you no longer have to check and accept orders from different customers manually. 

If you receive an order notification, you need to redirect it to the supplier, who will dispatch and deliver the product directly to the customer. Moreover, you can also ask the agent to track order progress for detailed information about each sale. 

Accurate tracking of sales and revenue 

Dropshipping agents provide accurate tracking of all your sales and revenue across multiple orders. You can use this data for planning future business strategies or performing market research. 

Most platforms also include a detailed revenue report that you can use to monitor your business growth over time. In addition, some agents provide real-time sales data, enabling you to predict future trends and make informed business decisions. The information about each sale is usually presented in the form of graphs or charts for better clarity. 

Compliance and security 

Some dropshipping agents provide additional features that help you stay compliant with the law or keep your business secure. This information is usually divided into several categories: System Security, Business Data Control, Content Security, Internet Security, Payment & Transaction Control, and Social Media Control. For example, many agents have firewalls in place to protect your account from hackers. In addition, nearly all agents provide SSL certificates to protect the information that you share with customers. 

Making your customers happy 

In most cases, eCommerce entrepreneurs never meet their direct customers. This lack of personal contact makes it harder for retailers to establish good customer relationships and improve customer loyalty. 

Dropshipping agents can help you to increase customer satisfaction by automating your order processing. In addition, most platforms allow you to monitor the status of every sale, which means that you can easily follow up with customers if they have any issues or concerns about their orders. 

Moreover, an agent-based business model also helps to reduce negative feedback rates and improve online reviews, resulting in more trust and conversions for your eCommerce business. 

How to choose a perfect Dropshipping agent? 

How to choose a perfect Dropshipping agent? 

Although dropshipping agents provide plenty of benefits to retailers, you need to find the right solution before investing in one. Consider the following several factors before beginning your search: 

Based on your dropshipping product needs 

The first thing is about the type of supplier. Most platforms offer products from multiple suppliers, which means that you will need to select the right agent based on your product needs. For example, some agents support multiple suppliers because they act as third-party intermediaries. Therefore, if you are planning to work with different brands or retailers in the future, you should consider this option. 

Based on your suppliers’ business model. 

You should also consider the dropshipping suppliers’ business model and shipping methods. Some suppliers provide items directly from their warehouse or source them from third-party retailers for dropshipping. In general, most agents offer products from multiple suppliers due to the increasing demand on Amazon and eBay. 

Consider the agent’s customer base. 

The next thing to consider is the agent’s customer base. You can do this by checking out their company website or Facebook page, where you can find more information about their brand, team members, and services. Moreover, you should also check out reviews from previous customers to determine how reliable the agent is in running an online store. 

Cost of dropshipping agent 

A dropshipping agent’s cost is also a factor to consider. Typically, most agents do either fixed-priced or percentage-based commissions per order, which is more efficient, and monthly fees are usually higher than $100.

Consider the agent’s features. 

You should also consider the agent’s features to determine if it provides everything you need in terms of automation and security. Again, the best way is to create a list of your priorities before getting in touch with an agent so that you can explain what your business needs to improve sales, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Last but not least, you should never sign a long-term contract with an agent because it usually includes hidden charges and high cancellation fees. In addition, you should also check if the dropshipping agent provides free training and 24/7 technical support to help retailers manage their accounts more efficiently. 

What are the features of a good drop shipping agent? 

features of a good drop shipping agent

  •  The agent must be accessible and responsive to customer service issues. 
  • The agent that offers flexible payment terms… but… they should not offer terms that allow them to hold your money for an unreasonably long time. A good rule of thumb is never to let any agent hold your funds for more than 30 days. 
  • They should have a good understanding of reaching customers by phone, email, and other electronic means. 
  • The agent should have a good understanding of how to package and ship orders. 
  • They should have an excellent knowledge of dropshipping markets and offer expert advice on marketing strategies. 
  • They should be willing to provide honest delivery time estimates, take responsibility for any delays, and be flexible with refunds if necessary. 
  • The agent that uses several shipping companies can be more convenient to your customers. 

 It’s hard to find an agent that provides all of these features. Instead, most agents are only concerned with making as much money as possible for themselves…  

Role of an agent in a successful dropshipping business? 

successful dropshipping business

Dropshipping is a growing trend among online retailers who want to start their own business without having to invest in inventory, fulfillment processes, and customer service. Since this method allows entrepreneurs to offer high-quality products without incurring additional costs, more people will likely start using this model in the future. 

The role of a Drop shipper agent in the business is an essential one. So, suppose you are planning to start your own online eCommerce store but don’t have any previous experience with inventory management or customer service. In that case, you should consider hiring the services of a reputable dropshipping agent because they can help you get started right away to sell products. 

Since dropshipping is an arrangement between a supplier and a retailer instead of direct interaction between suppliers and customers, there are still many questions about how it works and whether or not this model is sustainable. 

Is there any disadvantage to using a dropshipping agent? 

disadvantage to using a dropshipping agent

If you’re using an international drop shipping agent, it will be difficult for you to build relationships with your customers. Dropshipping agents never show up in customers’ online stores, so no voice represents the company. This is especially true in B2C businesses like fashion, where getting feedback can help tremendously improve the product. 

If you are not careful, your inventory management could suffer too. You may find yourself scrambling to fulfill orders or running low on stock if you’re not following up with them regularly. 

How can dropshipping agents benefit businesses? 

dropshipping agents benefit businesses

Dropshipping agents offer lots of different services, but there are only some that you need to get started. Here are the main benefits of hiring an agent: 

  1. They simplify processes for entrepreneurs who don’t know how to deal with international suppliers or logistics. 
  2. They allow retailers to focus on selling, branding, and marketing their products instead of handling payments or international shipping regulations. 
  3. Agents provide access to hundreds of suppliers so that entrepreneurs can launch an eCommerce store without investing in inventory, fulfillment processes, and customer service teams. 
  4. They reduce your company’s operating costs by taking care of payment processing fees and offering lower wholesale rates. 
  5. Agents ensure that suppliers meet all of your requirements and keep you informed about order statuses, shipping updates, and product information. 


Do you need a dropshipping agent? The answer is yes. There are multiple reasons why most eCommerce entrepreneurs will need an agent in 2022. 

With the rise of eCommerce, online retailers are looking to get more sales by building up their inventory and shipping costs to meet customer expectations. 

As the economy continues to deteriorate, it will become more difficult for companies with smaller budgets or less experience in logistics management to compete on price alone. That’s where an experienced dropshipping agent can help out. 

Happy customers lead to more sales and a higher profit margin over time. 

That’s exactly what you want. 

So how will this affect your company in 2022? You can explain that using the following statement: “We believe that the trend of online shopping will continue to rise over time. Consequently, more companies are likely to invest in dropshipping because they offset costs without sacrificing the customer experience. This, in turn, will strengthen the role of Dropshipping agents in eCommerce retail.” 

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