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Sun Light HeadLamp $15,39

Analysis Portable, strong, practical with a wide angle Perfect for different kinds of jobs –> Medicine, engineering, archeology, photography, even tattoo artists Has a motion sensor Adjustable Brightness Has a huge target audience Has the … Read more

Electric Wires Connector $7,42

Analysis Problem Wiring with simple tape is not enough Reduce risk and protect yourself Avoid accidents -wire anything in 3 simple steps No more headaches and difficulties when fixing electronics A huge target audience Can … Read more

Flexible Drill Screwdriver $4,73

Analysis Problem Screws placed in hard to reach angles Keeps a safe distance Has a huge target audience Can be gifted (father’s day) Market validated

Cupping Massager $19,55

Analysis Pain relief on a diffrent level Massage therapy at home Has a scientific approach A huge target audience Has the wow reaction Market validated Can be gifted Can be sold in bundles for family … Read more

Silicone Sealed Wine Stopper $6,62

Analysis Keep fine wine preserved even after opening Avoid accidents and missing up white carpets A huge target audience Can be siold in bundles Reusable Market validated

Snowflake Multifunctional Tool $4,39

Analysis Problem  tools gone missing or tools taking a lot of space No more buying expensive tools No more buying separate tools for different tasks 18 functionality in 1 tool A huge target audience A … Read more

Electric Acupuncture Pen $4,99

Analysis No need for expensive massage sessions Massage therapy at home No more exhausted shoulders No more of feeling tired all day long Has a scientific approach Provides a pain relief solution Has the wow … Read more

Wireless Air Duster $50,66

Analysis Problem Hard to clean keyboards, computers and electronics in general Hard to reach tiny corners You can basically clean anything that needs close attention to detail Has the wow factor A huge target audience … Read more

Ultrasonic Toothbrush

Analysis No need to get to extensively visit the dentist for simple cleaning sessions Professional material is now available at every house Remove tartar and calculus the same way you brush your teeth Huge target … Read more