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Planet & Stars Ring $6,50

Analysis Unique design Has a huge target audience Has the wow reaction Can be gifted The ad has scaled to 49K reactions within 16 days

Name Plate Necklace $6,9

Analysis Unique necklace (only for the buyer) Vast collection of designs and shapes Perfect gift – Has the wow reaction Has a huge target audience The ad has 14K reactions

Preserved Roses $8,70

Analysis The original idea appeared in the beauty and the beast movie A romantic theme just like the movie Unique and attractive design Perfect gift for valentine’s day A new variation of a past winner … Read more

Love Magnetic Pendant $5,63

Analysis Symbolyzes the strong bond between two lovers The moon embracing the sun is the kind of romance couple are looking for The magnetic functionality stands for the spiritual attraction Perfect gift for valentine’s day … Read more

Clover Necklace $6,36

Analysis Perfect gift for valentine’s day The magnetic functionality adds a unique touch Has a unique and attractive design Has the wow reaction A huge target audience Market validated

Vintage Resin Neckless $3,99

Analysis Untapped product A unique idea and design Has the wow factor Perfect for Tiktok viral appraoch and TikTok Ads A convenient gift for valentines day targeting women in relationships A huge target audience