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Top 10 organic dropshipping suppliers (natural products) 

By: Tasmia S

The Top 10 Organic Dropshipping suppliers List aims to bring together the leading and most reliable organic dropshipping suppliers worldwide. This list will only focus on companies with an excellent reputation among the drop shipper community whose products are of the highest quality.  

The best and most reliable suppliers have been rated according to five critical criteria: customer service, delivery time, product quality, price, and order volume. 

We all know that organic products are hot sellers. People these days want to get healthy and buy natural goods, so it’s time for you to get the most out of it!  

What is the definition of organic products? 

An organic product is a food or other item produced without using modern synthetic inputs such as synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Organic farming methods conform to standards developed by The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). These standards regulate all aspects of organic agriculture, including soil requirements, pest control, and types of crops and livestock raised. 

Organic production relies on three approaches: 

  • Cultural practices such as crop rotation and biological pest control; 
  • Mechanical or physical methods such as clamshell mulch gardening and composting rather than artificial fertilizers; 
  • Natural plant-based materials stimulate beneficial organisms in fields instead of chemical herbicides.  

Why organic Products? 

We don’t know how our environment will be in the future. That’s why it’s essential to do all we can in order not to be a part of environmentally unfriendly practices and projects, such as using single-use plastics or fossil fuels. 

People are becoming more aware of healthy lifestyles. They are cooking fresh ingredients, buying natural products for their homes, children, and pets. 

They use organic food to improve health conditions like depression, anxiety disorder, etc. Moreover, they want to get rid of all the toxins in case of cancer or diabetes treatment.  

Since the Earth’s environment is deteriorating, living sustainably and creating eco-friendly businesses are essential.  

Twenty years ago, it wasn’t easy to find eco-friendly products. However, the environmental impact of manufacturers’ products has become more concerning than ever before because of global challenges such as pollution and climate change affecting our health. Now even worse than when this issue first came up with consumers paying attention to quality or price and sustainability and environmentally friendliness. 

The advantages of selling organic products 

The advantages of selling organic products 

Organic products have an undeniable appeal across a range of consumer segments. The organic food market, in particular, has experienced phenomenal growth over the last 20 years, with grocery sales increasing from $3 billion in 1990 to more than $40 billion today. 

Organic food still represents a small percentage of overall food sales, but its significant growth potential has encouraged supply chain investors to enter the market. 

  • Organic foods are not only healthier for you but also better for the environment. 
  • There is less pesticide and chemical residue on organic food 
  • There is a higher demand for organic products, as consumers are more conscious now. 
  •  You make more money because the price is not restricted. 
  • The nutrients found in organic food are higher than in conventional food. 
  • Organics is often a status symbol, with many consumers willing to pay extra for the “green” label. 
  • Sustainability is a crucial feature of organic products, and it’s one thing that makes them so popular. 

The top 10 organic dropshipping suppliers 

Green Bear UK 

The top 10 organic dropshipping suppliers 

The Green Bear Company was founded in 1993 by two students at University Nijenrode who had the vision to build an environmentally-friendly distribution and production company for natural organic, biodegradable, and eco-friendly items. 

Their non-toxic cleaning solutions were designed to ensure that everyone could afford them while being practical about their use – this is when Ingrid Visser joined as well! 

After joining forces towards Groene Beer’s (Green Beer)  Netherlands success, they pledged 1% profit would go toward helping carefree pandas living in China, Panda Park, Chengdu into action. They Make sure each dollar went someplace where it mattered most: protecting these adorable creatures from extinction one step closer every day. 

Green Bear UK is an eco-friendly organization that has been around since 2008. The founder, Mike, created the website with his friends Carin, Tanya, and Green Bear team to help promote sustainability. 

Green Bear UK Available Product Categories 

  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products 
  • Eco-Friendly Beauty & Health Products 
  • Bamboo Products 
  • Special Offers 
  • Microfibre Pet Products 

Delivery To 

In the United Kingdom and most EU countries: Shipped by UPS/ Royal Mail / Parcel Force / UKMail. 

Features of Green Bear UK 

  • Dropshipping suppliers sell organic products online. 
  • No toxic chemicals   
  • Trade accounts  
  • No hassle returns  



Entrepreneurs Allen and Irina found the perfect match in each other to realize their visions for an innovative new company for eco-friendly products where they could combine forces on this Dropshipping adventure. 

They founded GreenDropShip, which sells eco-friendly products without hurting or harming animal life while also being conscious of our environment by using recycled materials when possible! 

GreenDropShip is one of the dropshipping suppliers that offers 20K products from natural and organic items to specialty food. In addition, they have online store integration for both Shopify and WooCommerce based platforms, so your shop can be stocked with what you need! 

Green Drop Shipping also ships the goods directly from their facilities in Los Angeles (Los), Illinois, & Pennsylvania straight into customers’ hands- all at a minimal cost. Making them one of those rare wholesalers who sell help grow brands nationwide through increased exposure on this platform. 

GreenDropShip Available Product Categories 

  • Food & Beverage 
  • Beauty & Body Care 
  • Vitamins & Supplements 
  • Health & Wellness 
  • Baby Products 
  • Household Products 

GreenDropShip Features 

Wholesale prices in real-time 

They dropship quality products at accurate wholesale prices. They do this by giving instant access and allowing people easy buying options. 

FBA Prep Services for Amazon 

The company offers Amazon FBA preparation services to merchants who wish their products handled by the e-commerce giant’s fulfillment centers. Whenever an order comes in, they ship from their warehouses. Afterward, the eCommerce platform Amazon will package the products and send them to the customer. 

Quantities are not limited 

The company doesn’t have a minimum order quantity, so their members can import products individually or in bulk. They also create customized bundles to meet retailers’ needs and offer variety packs for smaller orders than individual items require. 

Updated product data 

To provide the most detailed product feeds, they collect and manage complex sets of data. Working closely with their partner ShipperHQ, they can also forecast shipping rates and design shipping routes. 

GreenDropShip Values 

  • Give business owners the power to succeed. 
  • Brand development for emerging dropshipping store. 
  • Develop innovative ideas. 
  • Attend to the needs of their members. 

Jungle Culture 

Jungle Culture 

The overly casual way we consume our drinks is a serious problem. For example, drinking straws are single-use plastic items that can take 200 years to break down, and 500 million get thrown away every year! 

In response to this disposable lifestyle trend gone wrong, Jungle Culture was created as an organization dedicated to finding solutions through innovation. Finally found an answer: Bamboo Drinking Straws made right here on Earth using family-run farms in Northern Vietnam. 

They’re now working with companies such as National Geographic, BBC Earth, and TOMS on sustainable bamboo drinking straw designs, so you don’t have to worry about your eco-conscience when chugging out loud at work today. As a result, jungle Straws are now the #1 best-selling bamboo straw on an eCommerce platform like Amazon. 

Jungle Culture Available Product Categories 

Jungle Culture Available Product Categories 


  • Coconut Bowls 
  • Natural Wooden Cups 
  • Coconut Candles & Tealights 
  • Natural Washing Up Brushes 


  • Reusable Cutlery 
  • Reusable Straws 
  • Tote Bags 
  • Reusable Water Bottles 

Zero Waste Bathroom 

  • Safety Razors 
  • Bathroom Accessories 
  • Eco Toothbrushes 
  • Skincare & Makeup 

Natural Soaps 

  • Body Soaps 
  • Shaving Soaps 

Jungle Culture Features 

Eco-friendly products for retailers 

A range of Jungle Culture products is sold in over 30 countries. 

The partner will provide: 

  • Stunning product photography. 
  • Keyword research for SEO. 

Eco-friendly custom products 

The company’s experienced design team works closely with you to develop unique, high-quality bespoke products that reflect your brand’s environmental credentials and encourage your customers to spread your message. 

Waste-free swaps 

The company will help you source packaging that fits your requirements and works with the environment while also establishing an ethical supply chain to access high-quality waste-free products. 

Packaging free of plastic 

Jungle Culture offers biodegradable and recyclable packaging with a strong focus on eliminating plastic from its supply chains. 



Bengalla was the first company to drop ship organic and healthy products in the US and is still leading and introducing new products. 

Over the past eighteen years, Bangalla has grown as one of the wholesale suppliers of eco-friendly Australian products to a distributor of organic and natural products. This growing network of member accounts represents over 125 product categories, thousands of unique natural and organic products, and hundreds of brands. 

Bangalla has been creating its private label products to sell exclusively to its members, wholesalers, or drop shippers worldwide in recent years. Their sell products that represent the best quality and natural goodness available. 

Bangalla Available Product Categories 

Bangalla Available Product Categories 

Drop shipper Bangalla is the largest organic and natural food manufacturer and wholesale supplier in North America.  

Bangalla provides a range and service suitable for any online merchant with 700 brands and over 125 product categories. 

Available Product categories  

  • Eco-Home 
  • Grocery 
  • Health & Beauty 
  • Vitamins Supplements 


  • Morton & Bassett 
  • Aura Cacia 
  • Nature’s Answer 
  • Field Day
  • Andalou Naturals 

Bangalla Features 

  • They provide wholesale and dropship services as well as direct member marketing for online stores. 
  • The minimum order size isn’t required. 
  • All orders will receive an extra discount if you are a gold member. 
  • The company offers integrated e-commerce services and solutions for modern online customers. 
  • Fast shipping within the continental United States. 
  • Dropshipping throughout the world 
  • They have fully configured FBA and FBW warehouses to send your products both domestically and internationally 
  • The facility has a full-fledged prep center to take your items to be sorted for warehousing or delivery. 



Inkthreadable is a company that specializes in printing and embroidering garments and textiles. 

They sell to both small and large businesses and provide promotional items such as printed T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, bags, and accessories with all their designs. 

You can pick from designs on their website, or you can create your custom designs. 

They have an easy-to-use design tool to upload your images, and they will produce the design! 

Once you’ve created your design, they offer a multitude of garment styles that you can choose from to suit the needs of what you are trying to accomplish with your T-shirt or hoodie printing. 

Available Products Categories   

Available Products Categories   


  • T-Shirts 
  • Hoodies 
  • Sweatshirts 
  • Jackets 
  • Vests 
  • Socks 
  • Bottoms 

Accessories & Homeware 

  • Mugs 
  • Aprons 
  • Tote Bags 
  • Socks 
  • Cushions 
  • Face Coverings 
  • Beach Towels 

Embroidered Clothing 

  • Hoodies 
  • Sweatshirts 
  • Jackets 
  • T-Shirts 
  • Polos 

Children’s Clothing 

  • T-Shirts 
  • Hoodies 
  • Sweatshirts 
  • Babygrows 
  • Jackets 

Hats & Caps 

  • Caps 
  • Beanies 

Phone Cases 

  • iPhone 
  • Samsung 

Wall Art 

  • Fine Art Prints 
  • Framed Fine Art Prints 

Inkthreadable Features 

  • All products can be drop-shipped regardless of how they are created, from sublimated mugs to DTG tees. 
  • Compared to ordering the same quantity through drop shipping, bulk ordering can save you over 50% of production costs. 
  • By integrating it with your WooCommerce online business, the plug-in will automate order fulfillment by sending orders directly to print from your store as they are placed. 
  • They offer three types of shipping options for customers placing orders for fulfillment with Inkthreadable: Standard, Recorded, Tracked, and Courier. 
  • Inkthread is making the switch to plastic-free packaging as of April 2019.  

DR.HC Cosmetic Lab 

DR.HC Cosmetic Lab 

In the Bay area, California, the USA, Dr. Catherine (Dr. C) established the small-batch, boutique cosmetic manufacturer DR.HC Cosmetic Lab. Since she has been developing skincare and cosmetics for many years, she is eager to share her knowledge and abilities with others. DR.HC Cosmetic Lab provides customized formulations for your needs, with the guidance of Dr. C herself, and then prints them onto cosmetic labels you can trust for their quality! 

They specialize in high-quality skincare, haircare, and personal care beauty products. 

Their produce 100% cruelty-free, healthy, effective, eco-friendly, and vegan cosmetics and natural healthcare products! 

DR.HC Cosmetic Lab available products 

DR.HC Cosmetic Lab available products 

  • HAIR & BODY 
  • BATH 

Dropshipping Features of DR.HC Cosmetic Lab 

Providing premium quality products 

Customer demand for premium quality products is increasing as customers become more conscious of the brands they purchase. Dropshipping with DR.HC Cosmetic Lab is the perfect solution for online entrepreneurs looking to get their hands on high-quality products. 

A wide variety of products is available 

DR.HC offers a wide range of products and solutions for entrepreneurs and manufacturers looking to get into the skincare or haircare business, including Custom Formulations: All you need to do is let them know your product needs.  

Designed and manufactured in the United States 

DR.HC Cosmetic Lab is proud to manufacture high-quality, award-winning skincare, haircare, and personal care products in the United States! 

Shipping to anywhere in the world 

Dropshipping with DR.HC Cosmetic Lab allows you to expand your business globally, offering products made in America to customers all over the world! 

Shipment Guarantee 

Tired of losing money on order cancellation due to the customer not receiving their product? DR.HC Cosmetic Lab offers a shipment guarantee! 

Tracking your inventory from drop shipping is essential for your business, so you know what’s going out and when. All products offered by DR.HC Cosmetic Lab come with a tracking number sent to you upon purchase. 

Orders placed automatically 

WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce platform used by online stores all over the world. Using their Dropshipping feature, you can set up your store so that orders are automatically fulfilled directly to your customers from Dr. HC using their print-on-demand service without you needing to touch a single product. 

You can customize the invoice to display your name. 

You can customize the invoice, so it displays your name or anything else you want! 

This also gives customers that extra sense of security, knowing that a professional business has processed their order with care. 

Honest Green eSolutions 

Honest Green eSolutions 

The UNFI has been a long-standing organization that was founded in the ’70s by true pioneers. Despite the company’s vast growth, they still maintain their dedication to service while influencing food industry standards with sustainability at its core through scale. Honest Green eSolutions provides environmentally-conscious and socially-responsible products to its customers. They provide a wide variety of USDA certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free wholesale natural and organic food products and grocery items. 

Honest green eSolutions available products: 

Honest green eSolutions available products: 

A variety of products are available to help you find what your heart desires. 

A-1 Stores has over 5,000 quality items spanning 200 different categories that will suit any taste or need! 

  • Baking supplies 
  • Organic vegetables 
  • Dairy products 

Priorities of Honest Green eSolutions 

Changing the world for the better 

Their goal is to reduce food waste, increase organic farming practices, promote energy efficiency, and improve transportation to fight against climate change. They developed the first all-electric solar power refrigerated trailer in California. 

Creating a better community 

They served about 19 million meals with food donated by 23 million pounds. 

Taking Better Care of People 

They protected frontline associates during the COVID-19 pandemic with robust, enhanced safety measures. 

Goals of Honest Green eSolutions 

  • Emissions of greenhouse gases. 
  • Proper Utilization of energy. 
  • Waste reduction in the food industry. 
  • Distribution center operations generate no waste for landfills. 
  • Meet the online consumer demand for organic food products.  
  • Packaging is made from sustainable materials. 

Drop Shipping By Natural Artist 


Drop Shipping By Natural Artist 

Dropshipping by Natural Artist is a dropshipping company specializing in handcrafted, fair trade, and eco-friendly products worldwide. 

The business was founded in 1998 while living in Costa Rica, emphasizing handmade jewelry, woven bags made of recycled materials. 

A few years later, the business was moved to Arizona, United States, where it still runs today. The company now specializes in providing eco-friendly products from all over the world. 

All Drop Ship Products 


All Drop Ship Products 

  • Art 
  • Bags & Purses 
  • Coconut Jewelry 
  • Wood Jewelry 
  • Rain Forest Seed Jewelry 
  • Real Flower Silver Jewelry 
  • Mayan Beaded Jewelry 
  • Shell Jewelry 
  • Silver & Gold Jewelry 
  • Crystal, Stone, & Glass Jewelry 
  • Jewelry & Craft Supplies 
  • Scarves & Bandanas 
  • Wood Carvings 


eSutras Organics 


eSutras Organics 

A Chicago-based company that offers organic wholesale, herbs, and spices for food & beverage ingredients. The marketplaces they provide include raw vegetable oil; vegan products such as creams and cheeses made from soy or coconut milk; health foods like vitamins that can be taken orally. 

Their uniqueness lies in how they challenge customers to consume and think about what you put into your body!  

With a unique approach to business eSutra’s provides organic products and no chemicals, which make their products popular among customers. 

Features of eSutras Organics 

Providing your business with natural organic products 

Start an online store with eSutras’ drop ship program. You can sell the item on your Web site or eBay eCommerce store, buy it from this website then list it for sale. Your customer will receive their order as if they had ordered directly from you! 

Wholesale pricing is available. 

Dropshippers can purchase wholesale packages to help them save money on shipping costs. 

eSutras organic offers discounts for large orders of specific items at competitive rates. 

All Products 

  • Organic Chocolates & Cocoa 
  • Botanicals, Herbs & Spices 
  • Organic Teas & Herbal Tisanes 
  • Spices, Rubs, Seasonings, and Blends 
  • Organic Culinary & Salad Oils 
  • Finishing Salts, Cocktail Rimmers & Gourmet Salts 
  • Sugars & Sweeteners 
  • Health Food Nuts, Seeds & Flours 
  • Superfoods & Elixirs 
  • Aromatherapy & Spa 

Nature’s Cure-All 

Nature's Cure-All 

Nature’s Cure-all is the go-to for all things essential oil. They find ingredients sourced from around the globe, which are used in their skincare products or incense sticks with amazing benefits on your hair and skin! 

From head to toe, nature’s cure will keep you healthy no matter what you desire!

Features of Nature’s Cure-All 

World-class products made from nature 

They source their ingredients from around the world to ensure their products are safe and healthy for everyone to use. 

They are reasonably priced without compromising on quality. 

With reasonable prices, nature’s cure-all has become one of the most popular suppliers in the world. A lot of people want to get their hands on these products! 

Quick Shipping 

They provide quick shipping and tracking numbers of each shipping. 

Free Return 

You can feel secure with a 100% money-back guarantee. If your customer is not satisfied, they will get a refund or replacement of their choice! 

Products Available 

  Products Available 








If you are thinking about having a dropshipping business, these suppliers will help a ton! There is no need to look through tons of websites and search on google. We do the hard work for you to choose the right supplier and be on your way to success! 

We hope this article has helped all those out there interested in dropshipping natural and organic products. 

Best wishes always! 

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