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2023’s top 10 tips to find Winning Dropshipping Products on Facebook

By: Tasmia S

Dropshipping has taken the online business world by storm. It became one of the most lucrative ways to get started with eCommerce. The problem? Trying to find winning products to dropship can be a daunting task. Therefore, we’ve put together this list of 2022’s top 10 tips to find Dropshipping Products on Facebook. Keep reading to learn more!

So, let’s start with the basics:

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What are winning products?

What are winning products?

If you plan to succeed in the dropshipping business model, you need to find and market winning products. But what makes a winning product?

A winning product is one that:

  1. Has a high demand and is selling well.
  2. Is compatible with other products in the niche, meaning it goes along with or complements them.
  3. You can resell at a reasonable price point for making good profit margins.
  4. Your customers will buy from you.
  5. Is well-built and of high quality.
  6. Has little to no competitors in the market, so you can be the only one selling this particular product if you choose to do so.

How can you find winning products?

How can you find winning products?

There are several ways to find winning products for your dropshipping store.

You can utilize research tools, analyze the market needs, find lists of top products or look for ideas on forums.

We will look at all of these options in the article so you can determine which is the best approach for your online store.

Remember, when choosing profitable dropshipping products, the most critical factor is that they are not over-saturated.

You don’t want to enter a highly competitive niche because competing against other retailers selling similar products will be challenging. For more information you can read Finding Winning Products: Dropshipping in 2022.

Below are 2022’s top 10 tips to find Winning Dropshipping Products on Facebook.

2022’s top 10 tips to find winning dropshipping products on Facebook for your store

Are you wondering which dropshipping products sell the most? Check out those tips:

Tip 1: Determine what niches you want to focus on and see if they have any profitable product opportunities

find Winning Dropshipping Products on Facebook: tip1

First, you need to be aware that most eCommerce stores are created around the principle of multiple revenue streams with different product niches.

Many people start with the idea of creating an online store about something they are passionate about or familiar with. Still, it’s essential not to limit yourself because you need to look for potential products that can produce results for you.

Remember that the goal is to build a long-term eCommerce business, not just a store about something you like or know about.

Once you have your store set up, focus on one niche at a time. Then you need to settled on the specific product niches, you can create multiple stores that will help grow your store and reach more shoppers.

Once you know what niches you want to focus on, you need to pick the most trending products for that particular niche.

Tip 2: Use a keyword tool like Google’s Keyword Tool or Ubersuggest to find keywords related to your niche

find Winning Dropshipping Products on Facebook: Tip2

Essentially, keywords are search terms entered into search engines to find information online.

When looking for keywords, it’s important to remember that you’re looking for potential products and product ideas, not just single words or phrases.

A keyword might be too broad for a product idea because it could encompass several different products and would not help you narrow down your search.

However, some great tools are available to help you find keywords that could work for your business.

One such tool is Google’s Keyword Tool. You just enter a keyword, and this tool will provide you with a list of related and more specific keywords and phrases.

If you find that the keyword is too broad for your particular dropshipping niche, click on “keyword ideas” to see even more targeted suggestions.

Tip 3: Use the search bar to find products that are popular and in-demand

find Winning Dropshipping Products on Facebook: Tip3

If you have a niche in mind, use Facebook’s search bar to find groups and pages that discuss your topic.

By default, Facebook will first list the most popular or relevant results for your search term.

However, if you want to flip it over and see more specific suggestions from some of those top results, click on “See all” and use the search tools to narrow it down and see other suggestions.

Sometimes you might find that a result is missing from those suggestions, so click “See more” at the bottom of the list to see even more results.

Keep in mind, however, if the search results are not relevant to your dropshipping niche, they will also be less likely to be best-selling products.

As a rule of thumb, if you see that results are only getting views, but no one is interacting with them or making posts, chances are they’re not selling products either.

Tip 4: Identify trends in Facebook groups and pages

find Winning Dropshipping Products on Facebook: Tip4

In Facebook groups, you will find that people often discuss new products or product ideas.

To find a group-worthy product idea, first think about a niche topic and search for related keywords on Facebook. Then go to a relevant group and see if someone asks what the best product ideas are for their particular niche.

If so, try to find the top requested products mentioned by group members.

Remember to check these Facebook groups for posts about how people are using these products and any drop shipping opportunities.

In addition, join a few groups in your niche and keep an eye on the posts that appear regularly there.

You are likely to find multiple ideas for potential products by doing this.

Tip 5: Filter your results by category and country

If you’ve run out of ideas for products in your niche, use the filters to find more.

By default, Facebook will share 100 results with you. If you have narrowed down your search using keywords and got a list of promising results, try filtering them by category or country to see if any patterns fit your dropshipping needs, especially if you’re looking to find an untapped niche.

For example, if your dropshipping business is only focusing on products for US customers, you can use the category filter to view results that are relevant to United States shoppers.

You may also want to make sure they ship domestically by filtering out international results with the country filter.

Tip 6: Analyze each product and determine if it meets your requirements

find Winning Dropshipping Products on Facebook: Tip6

If you see a product that looks promising, take some time to read through each post and analyze it.

Check the comments section of the post and the commenter’s profiles for more information.

Are customers getting what they asked for? If so, how was it delivered? Do customers have any complaints about the product?

If you come across several posts with positive responses and a few complaints, it might be a sign that a product in this niche can work for your dropshipping business.

Another thing to take into consideration is the price of each product. Take note of how much people are willing to pay.

If a product is well-liked and affordable, it might be a great addition to your catalog.

Tip 7: Analyze the competition for each product.

find Winning Dropshipping Products on Facebook: Tip7

To find out how much competition you’ll be facing when selling a particular product, look at the other posts in the search results.

If you notice that there are very few replies to posts about this topic, it may mean that there isn’t enough demand for the product, and people don’t seem to care too much about it.

If you see several people saying they have already bought this product somewhere else, it’s probably not an excellent dropshipping idea because many others are selling the same products.

Remember that every product idea you come up with will have a competition to some degree or another, so don’t worry if some products seem a little crowded.

It’s essential to determine if the demand for the product is high and whether or not your target audience is generally satisfied with what they purchased.

If so, there might be room in this market for your dropshipping business.

Tip 8: Research which of those popular products have high-profit margins

find Winning Dropshipping Products on Facebook: Tip8

When you find a hot product on Facebook, do some research before making your final decision to make sure it’s profitable.

If customers are willing to pay the amount that is asked of them and there isn’t too much competition, this product might be a great addition to your catalog.

It may seem like a good idea at first, but keep in mind that the product needs to pass your profit margin test.

If you see that there are shallow margins on each product, you can almost be sure that you won’t sell it for a good profit.

If you see that the product has high margins, it might work. You can also check if other pages on Facebook sell the same products and how much they are asking for each item.

If they have similar margins as what you’ve seen online, you will probably be okay.

Tip 9: Check out the pricing for similar products online

find Winning Dropshipping Products on Facebook: Tip9

If you’ve come across a product that has good demand and people seem generally happy with what they purchased, it might be a wise move to do some research into the margins for this product as well as the pricing online.

Once you have found an excellent dropshipping product, it’s time to check if anyone else is selling it online.

To find out how much other merchants are charging for similar products, visit websites such as eBay and Amazon.

By visiting some of the websites mentioned above, you can see how much other people are selling similar products and their profit margins on these items.

After doing some research into prices and margins for this product on eBay and Amazon, you will be able to find out if this product is profitable for your dropshipping business.

Tip 10: Look at the comments section of product listings to get an idea of customer needs

find Winning Dropshipping Products on Facebook: Tip10

Although you don’t want to entirely rely on what others are saying, looking at the comments section for products can be helpful.

You might find valuable feedback that other people have left behind. If there are some negative comments, do your best to provide an answer or solution so you won’t lose any customers because of problems with your product!

There will be times when people directly leave comments about their issues with the product right on the Amazon listing.

Other times, you might need to research those negative comments yourself.

You can even find out exactly why they’re not happy and provide a solution to offer better packaging or shipping speeds.

If you can provide a satisfactory answer or solution, it could lead to positive reviews and even more sales.

Bonus tips for finding winning dropshipping products for your store

Bonus tips for finding winning dropshipping products

If you’ve already done some market research into the potential products you would like to sell, here are a few bonus tips that could help you find even better dropshipping winning product ideas.

Dropshipping products must be in high demand.

Dropshipping products must be in high demand.

Even though it may seem obvious, you must make sure that your products are in high demand.

You won’t want to end up placing an order with a supplier only for them to tell you that they’re out of stock or can’t fill your request.

If they end up being able to fulfill the order, the time it takes to get the product from them could cause severe problems.

It’s always best to check stock levels on potential products before placing your order.

A great way to do this is by looking at the number of reviews that each product has and how many times a particular item has been ordered.

If a product has a high number of reviews or has been ordered a lot, this means that it’s currently in demand.

You can also check eBay Watch Count to identify trending products.

The dropshipping product must be unique and not easily found in other stores.

The dropshipping product must be unique and not easily found in other stores.

There are hundreds of thousands of online stores across the globe, so it’s important not to sell online a product that many other people are also selling.

You won’t want your eCommerce store to be overcrowded with similar products when there are better options for you out there!

If you’re looking for unique dropshipping items, make sure they’re not easily found on eBay and Amazon.

If they are, you might run into serious competition problems as these stores will likely be selling products for lower prices.

Do your research before selecting a dropshipping supplier to ensure that they sell unique products.

Do your research before selecting a dropshipping supplier to ensure that they sell unique products.

You’ll always need to be thinking about how you can expand your store, so it’s essential to find products that are easy to access in stores all over the world.

Many dropshipping suppliers provide global shipping options, but you might want to look for another supplier if they don’t.

You’ll be able to find some excellent dropshipping products, but it might not always be your first choice.

The more dropshipping ideas you have, the easier it will be to know if that product is perfect for your store or not!

Start looking at suppliers who are offering dropshipping coupons.

Dropshipping suppliers are always coming up with new ways to attract new customers, and coupons are a great way of doing this.

Sometimes, they can be a little on the expensive side, but receiving a coupon from a supplier could lead to significant savings for your store!

Always test out the products before you add them to your store.

Always test out the products before you add them to your store.

Dropshipping suppliers are usually quick to get products out to potential new customers, but this isn’t always the best thing.

It’s essential to test out any dropshipping products that you receive, even if they look perfect straight away.

This is an easy way to avoid any problems later on when selling these products.

Dropshipping suppliers can easily send you a refund if the product is completely unacceptable, so this should be your number one priority!

Make sure the quality of the products is good.

Make sure the quality of the products is good.

Dropshipping suppliers won’t always send you the best products, which you need to watch out for.

It’s essential to ensure that any dropshipping items you receive work properly before placing them in your store.

There are many different ways of testing out these products, such as using them yourself or looking at other customer reviews.

You’ll need to check the quality before you start including these products in your store so that there aren’t any potential problems later on!

Price the products appropriately so you can make a profit.

Price the products appropriately so you can make a profit.

If you’re planning on running a successful dropshipping store, find items that can be sold for a reasonable price.

Dropshipping suppliers are usually very quick to get their products out, so this could sometimes mean that they send you something too expensive or too cheap!

It’s essential to figure out how much you need to sell items for them to make a profit.

You can do this by checking the prices of similar products on other well-known stores and then coming up with your price point from there!

Look for product ideas on forums or Facebook Marketplace.

Look for product ideas on forums or Facebook Marketplace.

It’s essential to look around on Facebook Marketplace and forums to find good dropshipping ideas.

You’ll be able to search through places where people are selling used or cheap items to find some potential products that you could sell.

People are usually looking to sell their items for cheap, so this is an excellent opportunity to find new products without spending too much money.

You can easily search through Facebook Marketplace to find the most popular dropshipping ideas around!

Use Google trends to find winning products to sell

Use Google trends to find winning products to sell

Google trends is one of the best free tool to find winning products. If you don’t know how to use Google trends, we have free article for you Dropshipping: 12 Secret Tips for Using Google Trends 2022

By reading this article, you’ll be able to find best idea for choosing winning products for your store.

For more information you can read Finding Winning Products: Dropshipping in 2021.

Find products that have reviews or ratings.

Find products that have reviews or ratings.

Product reviews and ratings are essential if you want to stay long-term in the eCommerce business. They tell potential customers how well a product works and why they should buy one over another.

This means that you’ll be able to avoid any potential issues when choosing products for your store.

Find product ideas that will look good on social media platforms.

Find product ideas that will look good on social media platforms.

You’ll need to find some products that look enticing if you want your store to be successful.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the products need to be high quality or anything like that. It just means that they should look nice enough for people to want to share them on their social media sites!

Using hashtags is an excellent way of finding products that are likely to make your page look good.

Are there any products that are likely to be in demand in 2022?

Are there any products that are likely to be in demand in 2022?

This is a tricky question because it’s impossible to know precisely what the future holds, but if we look at things in today’s world, we can make some predictions.

For your dropshipping store to be a success, you’ll need to find products that are likely to remain relevant in 2022 and beyond!

Technology-related products are often expensive, but they’re also very in-demand, so something like a phone case is ideal.

It’s also likely that most people will be getting into fitness in 2022 even more than they do now, so this could be an excellent area to explore as well.

People will want high-quality products that can help them achieve their fitness goals, and there should always be a steady demand for them!

Do some more research, and you can even find more product ideas for your dropshipping store that will be in demand in 2022!

Which you should choose: Trending dropshipping products or niche dropshipping products?

Which you should choose: Trending dropshipping products or niche dropshipping products?

Anybody new to dropshipping is likely to ask this question!

It’s best to try and find both trending and niche products for your store.

This is a good idea because it means that you’ll reach as many people as possible, which will increase the chances of success!

Top Trending dropshipping products are great for attracting new customers who aren’t aware of your store, but niche products are better for retaining existing customers!

You can also split test the products to see which ones generate more revenue.

If you do this, you’ll have a leg up on the competition when it comes to finding new trends and making money!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How does dropshipping work?

The dropshipping method involves selling products without storing them.

This means that you’ll never have to hold onto any inventory!

You’ll order the products from your supplier and then sell them as usual; it’s as easy as that!

Where to find trending dropshipping products?

You can find trending dropshipping products by:

  1. Using winning products feature on Dropship Launchpad’s website.
  2. Using hashtags on social media sites.
  3. Checking websites like Buzzsumo and Reddit.
  4. Using or Yoast’s Search Suggestions Tool to develop a list of trending products based on Google Autocomplete.

How to launch a Dropshipping Business on Shopify?

There are 5 steps to starting a dropshipping business on Shopify:

  1. Find a niche.
  2. Choose a supplier.
  3. Create your store.
  4. Add products to your catalog.
  5. Promote your dropshipping business.

What are best tips for Running a Successful Dropshipping Business on Shopify?

Once you have started a dropshipping business on Shopify, there are 6 things to keep in mind:

  1. Start building your brand.
  2. Give yourself enough time for success.
  3. Plan how to scale your business.
  4. Find creative ways to grow your online store.
  5. Attract customers with effective marketing strategies.
  6. Be willing to learn and evolve as an entrepreneur.


Although the process of finding winning dropshipping products can be challenging, it’s doable.

The most important part is putting in the time and effort to do your research correctly.

If you follow all of our tips within this article, you’ll be well on your way to finding winning dropshipping products that meet customers’ demand, get more sales and provide a significant profit margin for yourself.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to work, and let’s start making some money!

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