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Finding Winning Products: Dropshipping in 2023

By: Tasmia S

Finding Winning Products is a crucial task for any dropshipping business. We’ve outlined all the ways you can find winning dropshipping products for your store. Which method is most effective for you? Click on this article to learn more! 

In 2021, there are many ways to find winning products for your dropshipping store. This article will inform you about some popular methods: product research, looking at what is trending on social media and watching videos from influencers or other e-commerce stores with a similar target audience as yours. By following these tips, you can ensure your shop will be stocked with quality items! Read on for more information. 

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What is a winning product?

A winning product provides value to the customer and makes them happy. It could be a new product or an existing one if it meets the customer’s needs.

Several factors must be considered when judging whether a product is successful, such as its sales, profitability, reviews, and how well it meets the customer’s needs. Sometimes a product can be very successful but not make much money because it’s geared towards a specific niche market or because the costs of producing and marketing it are high.

It’s also important to remember that a “winning” product can quickly become outdated if something better comes along. Hence, companies must continually innovate and develop new products to stay ahead of the competition.

Finding Winning Products at Any eCommerce Site Relies on Two Things: 

Finding winning products at any eCommerce site depends on two things, high-quality and low competition products. A website’s selling power primarily comes down to these factors. They are- 

 High Quality and well-designed products 

A well-designed product with high-quality materials will maximize your brand’s potential. Find products with a high construction process for physical aspects like material type or stitching and digital assets such as photos that make up the entire work. As long as you can provide high-quality products and great visuals to show off your potential customer, you can succeed in your dropshipping business. 

Low Competition Product 

Finding the best products on any eCommerce site is a challenge. It’s not just about finding what you want but also having your eyes peeled for anything that will sell well and be in high demand with customers. 

There are some great items out there waiting to make their mark as winners- don’t miss them! If they have low competition, these extraordinary discoveries can lead all sorts of new opportunities down successful paths for your dropshipping store. 

So, to be successful in dropshipping, you must find these two things in your products. 

Find Winning Products on Amazon 

Amazon Winning Products

 Amazon is the ultimate resource for buyers and sellers alike. Amazon’s catalog of items is as vast and varied as they come. So, there’s a good chance you’ll find anything from the most necessities up to luxury goods with just one glance through their listings! But don’t fret if your preferred product doesn’t seem to exist. 

We’ve got everything organized for you here at Amazon products central so that you can streamline your searches into an easy-to-navigate site where results are guaranteed to ensure maximum ease to find the winning product. 

Product Database 

Jungle Scout For Amazon

The jungle scout app allows you to search and filter products by crucial metrics such as price, demand, estimated sales rate for each product on Amazon. With the data found in this database, you can make better decisions about which items were more profitable than others! 

Product Tracker 

Amazon's Winning Products

Maintaining your position in the ever-changing world of eCommerce is challenging, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon all hope. By using the Product Tracker feature and following sales activity over time, we have found new ways for retailers like you!  

Sellers can get data points such as best seller ranking, which may tell them what customers want at any given moment. So, they don’t waste resources producing something nobody wants anyway and get the best winning product for their niche. 

Niche Hunter 

Niche Hunter For Winning Products

The Niche Hunter is a new feature that helps you discover niche-winning products by looking at keywords. You can search for specific words and receive tons of information on potential product categories, including reviews from other users who have bought the items in question! 

The newest addition to Web App Store allows people interested in different fields to access info about what others are buying online through their searches explicitly related to those topics–knowing this will save time when scouring Amazon, eBay, etc. 

Amazon Hot New Releases 

Amazon Hot New Releases

The Hot New Releases tool on Amazon is a great way to find the hottest new products that are coming out. There’s no better place than right now if you’re looking for something awesome! 

 Movers & Shakers Products Amazon 

Amazon Movers & Shakers

The Amazon Movers & Shakers page is a goldmine for entrepreneurs who want to get their product noticed. The most popular items on this list have been selling steadily over the last 24 hours, proving that people are actively looking for them right now. So, you’ll be able to discover a winning product on your niche of interest here. 

Best Sellers Products Amazon (BSR Ranking) 

Amazon Best Sellers

The BSR ranking system on Amazon is a way for sellers to determine the popularity of their products. By scrolling through different categories and looking at what’s selling, you can find potential new items that would work well in your store! 


Amazon Wish List

To avoid spending time scrolling through endless pages filled only with ads or being overwhelmed with choices from thousands of items available at any given moment, I recommend using a straightforward trick: look up the Wish list of Amazon. You can find what products are currently hot in popular searches related to your niche. 

There’s a lot of cool stuff on Wish. You could use this as an opportunity; go check out some products and see what sells best! 

Most Gifted 

Amazon Gift Ideas

Most Gifted Tool is a daily update of the Amazon Gift Ideas and their most popular products ordered as gifts. In addition, you can find popular products in your niche here. 

Find Winning Products on AliExpress 

Your searching can be facilitated on AliExpress. First things first: find out what items are selling particularly well and have good reviews!  

AliExpress Winning Products

Dropshipping on AliExpress can be a great way to save money and time. The next step in finding the best products for your online store is using their Dropshipping Center and research tool, making it easier than ever before! 

You will get access to some best tools that help you run your AliExpress dropshipping business

 Hot Selling Products on AliExpress Dropshipping Center  

Find AliExpress winning Products

The Hot Sellers section of AliExpress is a categorized directory where their trendiness ranks the most popular products. These items can be found at low prices, ranging from $0.99 to 50 dollars, with little weight and will often sell fast as they do not have much competition on this website! 

Find by Image AliExpress

Another great tool that you can use to discover who sells products in your niche is called “Search by Image.” Put an image of the product and show all sellers their location and other information like how many reviews each seller has on average or what feedback they have received so far from customers who bought something through them. 

 Product Analysis on AliExpress Dropshipping Center 

product analysis

Aliexpress Product Analysis Tool can help you find winning products by analyzing sales data and trends on Aliexpress. You can use the tool to research product demand, estimated sales volume, and competition levels for specific products. This information can help you decide whether or not a particular product is worth investing in.

How to find the best-selling products of any Shopify dropshipping store 

 The struggle to find the best-selling products is real for drop shippers. It doesn’t matter what online store or creative ads you have; if your merchandise stinks, you’re doomed!  

Luckily, this Shopify trick will help tremendously find out which ones are best sellers on any given day or week – it won’t tell you everything, but at least now you get an idea about where your future marketing dollars should go. 

 Edit the URL yourself 

 The best-selling products on any Shopify store can be hard to see, but this trick makes it easy. You have to find five of the top stores in your niche and look at what they sell!  

Try searching for the following on Google: 

Powered by Shopify + “your niche.” Example: Powered by Shopify Electronics. 

Find winning Products from

You’ll get a list of the best Shopify stores that sell products in your desired niche. 

When you get the list of stores, let’s see what their top-selling products are. Then, add this code to the end of any store URL to find them quickly: 

URL: /collections/all?sort_by=best-selling 

The report gives you an exciting breakdown of the company’s most trending products, and you can see what makes them stand out. 

Using Commerce Inspector 

Commerce Inspector for winning products

Commerce Inspector is a powerful tool for identifying your most profitable products. Just enter “products” into the filter bar at the top, then press the button labeled with the globe icon that’s next to it—and voila!  

You’ll see all of their best-selling items on-screen in seconds flat without having to sift through any irrelevant data.  

CommerceInspector makes this process even easier by automatically putting everything you need right before your eyes, so there isn’t much work left, if anything, other than watching those numbers grow higher. 

Beating dropshipping stores that disable their bestselling page 

 Though it is easy to find the store’s best-selling product, some business owners decide not to let their customers access this page.  

So, to beat these stores at their own game (and make money!), read on for my steps on finding winning dropshipping deals. 

 Steps to find products are- 

 1. Write that store URL/robot.txt 


2. Now, you can see the list of their pages that they disallow to enter. 

3. Copy the disallow page and write store URL/Disallow page 

Now you can see the page. 

Using Instagram to find dropshipping products that sell well 

Search Instagram for Winning products

Using Instagram to find winning dropshipping products is excellent for those who are running niche dropshipping stores. Just follow all the Instagram pages inside that industry (you could create another account, too), so you know when someone does a shoutout on one of them! 

You can scroll through your feed once or more each day to find out what they are selling. 

 Finding the best dropshipping products on Facebook 

Take advantage of the best dropshipping products for your eCommerce store, whether they’re from Facebook or anywhere else. There are many ways you can do this!  

 Use the Search Bar on Facebook 

Search Facebook for Winning Products

Suppose you are looking for excellent products with promotional videos. Type “50% off”+ “your niche” in your Facebook search box and tap the year 2021. Then look at all of these dropshipping items that were just released last month! 

If there’s anything specific to your market or industry, then take note because they’re sure going fast now that people know about this deal before anybody else does. Repeat the same process by inputting 60%, 70%, 80%. You’ll find even more discounts once you reach 90%-95%. 

Search by Just Pay Shipping, Get It Here, Buy Now, Get It, etc., to find promotional products and promo videos relevant to your niche. 

 Keep Following Other Dropshipping Stores 

You can now keep an eye on your favorite brand’s Facebook page by following them you can see when they are testing new products. Tracking them through their advertising and checking what is performing best for that company could give you valuable insight to find the products to sell on your online stores! 

 Finding Winning Dropshipping Products on Pinterest 

Pinterest for Winning Products

Pinterest is a great way to see what products are trending and hot right now. 

One of the best ways to get started with developing your niche trending products is by looking at what people are already using and buying on Pinterest. Of course, you can find inspiration from all over, but one place you might start is right within the boards of successful stores available in your niche! 

Search for “Pinterest pin” on any product you want, then click through! 

 Finding Winning Products by Watching YouTube Videos 

YouTube for Winning Products

Just search for your niche products on YouTube, 

*Top 20 Amazon Winning Products 2021 

*Top 15 AliExpress Winning Products 2021 

If you search on YouTube, you will discover tons of videos with lists of the most incredible products available on AliExpress, Amazon, and other websites as well. 

 Some of the best tools for researching winning dropshipping products  

Niche Scraper

Niche Scraper 

Niche Scraper is a tool that finds the best products to dropship on all major sites, including Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. 

It helps you find niche markets where people are looking to buy products. 

Scrap destructive items from your catalogs without wasting money on them and much more!  

With Niche Scraper, all of this information can be accessed in one place with just a few clicks or taps – saving time so that business grows faster than ever before. 



Pexda is an excellent tool for those looking to start their own business and wants the inside scoop on what customers want. 

It includes everything from the number of orders, selling prices, and targeted audience down through shipping fee data on Facebook ads copywriting style – so you know what works best before even starting! It benefits new entrepreneurs not only because they win products but also because they develop proactive strategies right away because they know exactly which marketing techniques work and which websites offer similar products so that learning can begin immediately. 



AliShark is a revolutionary research and discovery engine for products on AliExpress. It functions as the go-to source to find out what people are buying, trending among other things such as best sellers or most popular items sold right now with real-time updates every few minutes so you can be ahead of your competition! 



Ecomhunt is a famous tool that helps you find the best products for your store, and it lets you know which ones have been selling well. In addition to its many features like video ad campaigns or analytics tracking how often someone clicks on an item before buying it from eCommerce sites such as Amazon – they also generate new winning product ideas each day! 

This data-driven software makes drop shippers more successful. With all this information at hand, any retailer could spend their budget wisely no matter what experience level they currently hold within eCommerce marketing. 



Intelligynce is a powerful weapon for any entrepreneur looking to make the most of their dropshipping business. It’s not just one tool, but rather an interactive suite that includes dozens of software applications and spying access into 2 million products across 500K+ Shopify stores as well as Amazon & eBay marketplaces! 

With all of this information at hand, winning products are almost always guaranteed! Winning products that will be best-sellers for years to come no matter what technology is around the corner. Hence, you know exactly which items you want in your store before spending any money on them – saving both time and energy so you can focus on other important things! 

 View the bestselling products of other successful dropshipping businesses 

Make sure you don’t miss out on the hottest products as they become available! Stay up-to-date with everything happening in your niche and learn from other store owners who have already made it big. 

The most profitable businesses make sure they know what is selling well before launching their dropshipping store. If you’re not aware of any hot items or trends coming soon then, chances are there will be someone else who knows more than you who can take over your place. 

Thus, it would be best to look at the most successful dropshipping businesses in your niche to learn about the best-selling products. 

 Find Suppliers Who Can Provide Winning Products at a Competitive Price 

Now that you have selected your products, it’s time to find out who can provide those items at a competitive price. 

Choosing a supplier of high-quality goods starts with sorting through all of them and then selecting which ones are most suitable based on their value proposition – do they offer good service along with low prices?  

Next, what types of features do this particular product need to deliver its purpose (elegance) effectively?  

And finally, how committed are they towards meeting deadlines while also ensuring customer satisfaction throughout every step? 

Make all of Your Branding Cohesive and Consistent Across Platforms 

In today’s competitive market, branding is more important than ever. Ensure that all your branding elements are cohesive and consistent across platforms- from social media to email or website -to give yourself the best chance at success! 


If you’re new, try partnering with an experienced drop shipper, as they will help guide you through the process and offer valuable advice on how to grow your business in future years! 

Dropshipping is a great way to start your eCommerce business, and it’s easier than ever. It doesn’t require any inventory or upfront startup costs. You can reach out to us today. If you are interested in learning more about dropshipping as an opportunity for your company, contact us today! We can help with everything from finding suitable product suppliers to getting set up on Shopify so that you don’t have to worry about anything except marketing your store once it’s ready to go live. 

>> Start your dropshipping business with Shopify here!


How can we determine that a product is a winning product? 

Answer: A product is a winning product for dropshipping when low competition and a high-profit margin. 

The key to determining that a product will be successful for dropshipping is the demand factor. If thousands of products on Amazon can do what your proposed development does, how would you have better luck than any of them? It’s all about being original and having a niche market rather than being just another seller of a commodity item. What if your company becomes an expert on a specific type of sellable? That means people come to you after they’ve exhausted other resources because you have become known for this one thing only.  

 How do I find the winning products for eBay Dropshipping 2021? 

Answer: If you want to find winning products for eBay Dropshipping 2021, I would recommend putting your attention on the following aspects: 

– What is your budget?  

– What is the market that you’re looking for?  

– Are you looking for a trend or trying to find an item that never goes out of style? 

-If you’re looking for a current and popular trend, I would find items with numbers above 3000 searches per month. Items with higher numbers mean more people purchase it, and it’s more likely to sell well. 

 How do I find my fastest supplier on Alibaba? 

Answer: The first rule should be to do your homework first—Research the Alibaba Elites, Customer Elites, and Top Sellers who have items already selling fast. Next, search for sellers with a high feedback rating of over 99%. 

If you find one that seems right, browse their product list for something quick to buy to test them out. Finally, contact the seller via the AliExpress messaging system, found under the About This Seller of Their Profile Picture Link. Read through any FAQs they might have before pressing the Contact Them button. Because they will likely answer it there like how much they sell limits are per order or if they ship internationally etc. 

Are Paid Dropshipping Courses Worth the Money in 2021? 

Answer: Yes.  

It is a great idea to sign up for a dropshipping course to learn the ins and outs of this business model. There are hundreds of dropshipping courses, but some can be very scammy or mediocre, detrimental to the learning process.  

The best investment is to purchase an excellent course from a reputable company than an unknown company. 

Look for a course that teaches you how to use a platform like AliExpress as a store and what niche market will work best with your product mix, and, more importantly- why! Dropshipping courses should be tailored towards what it would take for you or another beginner to make money from day one on their own from the comfort of their home. 

 How can I advertise My Dropshipping Store? (On social media) 


1. Engaging content for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will get people to notice your store. For example, try some photos of products with descriptions. You can also use informative videos to engage anyone scrolling through your feed on social media platforms.  

2. You can promote your storefront via live streaming or live-filming some work in progress and elevating the video afterward for an added boost (think Q&A sessions).  

4. Create authentic content- when you create original content, it doesn’t go unnoticed! 

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