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Buy Button Shopify: Best Way to Sell Your Products Anywhere

By: Tasmia S

Do you want a quick and easy way to sell your products online? Check out Shopify’s “buy button” feature! This allows you to sell your products on any website or blog. It’s perfect for small businesses that want to expand their reach and sell their products anywhere on the web.

Our blog post today is about what the buy button Shopify is and how you can start using it to sell your products anywhere on the internet. We will also provide some buy button Shopify tips to help get you started. So don’t wait any longer! Start selling your products today with the buy button Shopify!

What is a Shopify buy button?

What is a Shopify buy button?

A buy button is a button on a website that allows customers to purchase a product or service from the site. Shopify provides businesses with a platform to create and manage online stores.

The buy button allows businesses to sell their products and services to another online web page.

There are several ways to add a buy button, including using the built-in buy button feature, adding an external buy button, or using a Shopify app.

How does the Shopify buy button work?

How does the Shopify buy button work?

When you create a buy button in Shopify, they specify the products they want to sell, the shipping destinations, and the payout information. Shopify generates a unique buy button for products, and you can embed code into your website or blog post.

This checkout button will show the product details like description, picture, and price while letting customers purchase products without leaving the website.

By clicking one of these buttons, the customers are taken to Shopify’s checkout where they can complete their purchase. Once the purchase is complete, Shopify pays the merchant according to the specified payout information when creating the buy button.

It gives shoppers direct-purchase access to the merchant’s product by clicking on the buy button on any web page. You may use the generated code to add and market your products on any landing pages.

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Different types of Buy Button actions

Different types of Buy Button actions

You can choose the action that occurs when the button is clicked. If you want to configure the same action for them all, you can use the ‘buy-button-action’ class.

This class will help ensure that all of your buy buttons have the same action. You can also use this class to set the action for a group of buttons.

This way, you can easily change the action for all of the buttons in a group. You can also use this class to set the action for a specific button. This way, you can easily change the action for a specific button.

Basically, you can select any of the following actions:

Basically, you can select any of the following actions:

  • Open your product detail page.
  • Add the product to the cart.
  • Take to the direct checkout page.

What’s good and what’s bad about the Shopify Buy Button?

What's good and what's bad about the Shopify Buy Button?

The Shopify Buy Button is a small code that can be added to any website, allowing visitors to purchase products without redirecting to the Shopify platform. You may use the Buy Button channel to create checkout links to distribute to customers through a mailing campaign, social media post, or direct message. This can be a convenient solution for customers already familiar with your brand and know what they want to buy.

There are, however, some disadvantages of using the Shopify Buy Button.

  • First, it can be difficult to track sales and customers when they are not going through the standard Shopify checkout process.
  • Additionally, customers will not have access to Shopify’s powerful order management system or customer support team if they encounter any problems with their purchase.
  • Landing page allow customers to get better acquainted with your store, product information and glimpse high-resolution images of the goods. But you can’t do that with a buy button.
  • Shopify is not a fan of Buy buttons on Shopify-powered eCommerce sites or blogs since they might cause issues with the checkout procedure.

Steps to create a buy button on Shopify

Steps to create a buy button on Shopify

#Step1: Shopify online store admin=> Sales Channels=>Add buy button=>Create a buy button=>Product buy button or Collection buy button.

Steps to create a buy button on Shopify

#Step2: Now select the product you want to create the buy button.

Steps to create a buy button on Shopify

#Step3: You can change the buy button color, size, font, etc., and customize it. Now just press the “Next” button. Congratulations, your code is ready now. Copy the code to add it to your blog or on another site.

Steps to create a buy button Shopify

#Step4: Open the HTML editor for the page where you want to use the Buy Button. Place the code in an HTML document where you want to add a Buy Button and save your modifications.

Tips for creating an effective Buy Button campaign

Tips for creating an effective Buy Button campaign

  • Use high-quality images of your products to create a professional and appealing buy button.
  • Make sure your customers can quickly locate the buy button on your website or blog and that the design is consistent with the rest of your branding.
  • Use clear and concise text to explain what the customer will get when clicking the buy button.
  • Test your buy button on different devices and browsers to ensure that it functions correctly.
  • If you are using Shopify’s buy button for the first time, it might be good to start with a small test campaign to see how it performs.
  • One of the best ways to increase sales with a buy button is to create a sense of urgency. You can do this by adding text or images that suggest that the product is in limited supply or that the offer will expire soon.
  • It’s essential to test your website with CTA buttons! You can start by looking at what you’re already doing, like placement and color. Or try something new like text size or style for the button copy – just make sure that whatever changes are made will bring about better results.

FAQs about Buy Button Shopify

FAQs about Buy Button Shopify

Q: What is the buy button channel?

Answer: The Shopify buy button channel allows you to add eCommerce functionality to your site or blog without setting up a full-fledged online store.

With this feature, you can sell products directly from your site or blog by adding a “buy” button to each product listing. Visitors can then click on the button to purchase the product, which will be added to their shopping cart on your Shopify store.

The buy button channel is a great way to add eCommerce capabilities to your existing website or blog.

Q: Do Shopify apps work with the buy button?

Answer: Shopify apps are designed to talk to the Shopify servers using a secure, private API. The Buy Button is a client-side technology that doesn’t need to rely on any server-side interactions.

That said, it is technically possible for a Shopify app to work with the Buy Button by including some client-side code that interacts with the Buy Button’s JavaScript SDK.

However, because the two technologies are meant for different purposes, we don’t recommend doing this as it’s likely to lead to a poor experience for your customers.

Q: How do I use my Shopify buy button on Facebook?

Answer: Follow these steps to create a buy button on Facebook and start selling products on your Facebook page:

  • 1. Click on your Shopify account and open the Shopify admin.
  • 2. In the menu, select Settings > Checkout.
  • 3. Scroll down to the Facebook section and click the Buy Button.
  • 4. Copy the code from the Facebook buy button generator and paste it into the Facebook post or ad that you want to use to sell your product.

Q: Should I add a Buy Now button?

Answer: Whether or not to add a Buy Now button to your website depends on your specific business goals. If your goal is to increase sales immediately, then adding a Buy Now button can be a helpful way to encourage visitors to make a purchase. However, if you’re trying to build relationships with potential customers or generate leads for your sales team, a Buy Now button may not be the best option. 

Adding a Buy Now button can simplify the purchase process for potential customers and help increase conversions to your website. In contrast, you need to consider the potential downside of disrupting the user experience and losing out on developing a relationship with the customer. 

Q: Is Shopify the same as Etsy?

Answer: Etsy is an online marketplace that provides a platform for merchants to sell their goods. Etsy is focused on handmade goods, vintage items, and craft supplies.

In contrast, Shopify is a website platform that gives merchants the tools to build and customize their own online stores. Shopify is suitable for merchants selling both physical and digital goods.

Both platforms charge transaction fees, but Etsy’s fees are higher as they don’t charge any monthly fees.

Etsy has a built-in customer base of buyers specifically interested in handmade and vintage items. It can give merchants an advantage in terms of getting noticed.

However, Shopify provides more comprehensive marketing tools, such as SEO and social media integration, which can help merchants reach a larger audience.

Shopify is also better suited for merchants who want to create a unique eCommerce experience for their customers. It includes merchants who wish to create a custom design or use an existing template, add unique features such as a buy button, or sell digital products.

Q: Do I have to buy inventory for Shopify?

Answer: You don’t have to buy inventory to start selling on Shopify, but you will need to buy stock if you want to create a physical products business.

If you’re starting an online store, you can dropship products from suppliers that will ship products directly to your customer’s doorsteps. That means you won’t need to carry any inventory yourself, and you’ll only need to place orders with your supplier as required.

To find suitable suppliers, check out our list of the best dropshipping suppliers.


If you’re looking for a platform to start and grow your business, we highly recommend Shopify.

Due to its simple user interface and extensive features, you’ll be able to sell your products anywhere with ease. Plus, all the Shopify plans allow you to add a buy button sales channel.

Remember, the buy button is a great way to sell products directly on your website or blog. It can be customized to match your branding. With a little bit of creativity, you can create an effective buy button campaign that will help increase sales. Thanks for reading!

Have you tried out Buy Button Shopify yet? Let us know how it’s going in the comments below!

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