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Tiktok 2023 dropshipping: a beginner’s guide

By: Tasmia S

Dropshipping is one of the hottest business models out there right now, and for a good reason: it’s relatively simple to set up and can be highly lucrative. If you’re thinking about starting your own dropshipping business, TikTok 2022 dropshipping is a great platform to consider.

As part of this article, we aim to provide you with a beginner’s guide to TikTok dropshipping. We’ll cover how to find products to sell, how to set up your store, and how to run your business. Let’s get started!

Tiktok: what is it?

Tiktok: what is it?

TikTok is a social media platform that works like a mix between Snapchat and Instagram. It was created by the folks at Bytedance, who also run TikTok’s parent company,

Here’s how it works:

Users of TikTok create 15-second videos, which they then share with friends or other users on the platform. They can also add filters to their videos or add music. Users can then vote on each other’s posts to determine which posts go viral. Users who accumulate lots of followers are referred to as “influencers.”

TikTok was created in 2016 and quickly garnered a considerable following, especially among teenage social media users. More than 500 million people use TikTok worldwide.

The popularity of TikTok has led to the creation of another Bytedance app, BitMax, which functions as an auction website for social media influencers. Users bid on each other’s followers to increase their follower count. The platform then compensates influencers with cash or cryptocurrency for bringing in new users.

What is dropshipping? How does it work?

What is dropshipping? How does it work?

The Dropshipping business model is a method of selling products without holding any inventory. Instead, they work with a manufacturer or wholesaler to ship items directly to consumers when an order comes through. Then, to make a profit, the seller only needs to charge customers for their product plus shipping and handling costs.

Since dropshipping is a simple business model, it’s easy to start up and manage. That’s why it’s getting so much attention right now: people looking to make money online or work from home want something that’s easy and gives them the freedom to run their own business.

How to dropship on TikTok 2022

How to dropship on TikTok 2022

Dropshipping works well on TikTok because it targets a younger age group and teenagers are more likely to purchase viral products from tiktok ads. In addition, since many people use TikTok to promote their social media presence, you’ll be able to gain highly engaged followers with a higher lifetime value.

TikTok also has a large user base, which means that you’ll have plenty of potential customers to market.

Before you start your TikTok dropshipping store, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Focus on engagement and retention

Since TikTok is mostly a self-promotional platform, you’ll need to focus on engagement and retention. Think about how you can encourage people to follow your page, comment on your posts, and engage with the products that you sell. If people don’t stick around after purchasing from you, running an online store is no point. So, you need to produce raw and engaging videos and tiktok ads.

If you want to acknowledge a comment, you can “like” it. I find it interesting how many users are thrilled when they receive a “Liked by Creator” notification.

The TikTok’s beta program is also worth checking out. There might be brand new content creation tools that haven’t yet been widely adopted. Genuine content is king on TikTok. Users favor raw and unfiltered videos over highly edited or curated ones.

Be creative

TikTok users tend to follow people who are creative and funny. By following influencers with a similar audience, you can learn what makes TikTok users tick. Try out different posts, videos, filters, tiktok app etc., until you find something that engages your followers.

Focus on influencer marketing

As mentioned above, TikTok users tend to follow other users to gain popularity and improve their social standing. This means that influencer marketing is an excellent way of getting your products in front of potential customers. Look for people who have the same audience as you and create posts inviting their followers to check out your business.

Steps to follow in TikTok dropshipping online business

Steps to follow in TikTok dropshipping online business

TikTok allows you to earn money through your social media account. If you can get in front of the right audience, then you should be able to generate plenty of sales, especially if you’re creative about it.

After you’ve gained a general understanding of how TikTok works and what tiktok marketing strategy to use, let’s take a look at the exact steps you’ll need to follow to set up your TikTok eCommerce store.

Step 1: Find products to sell on TikTok 2022

The first step is figuring out which types of products you want to sell on TikTok. Keep in mind that the ideal product should be appealing to teenage users, and it should also be something that they can use or wear. Make sure you check out Alibaba’s Drop Shipping section to understand what types of products are trending.

Step 2: Find a supplier for your TikTok 2022 dropshipping store.

Once you’ve figured out what types of products to sell, find a supplier that offers wholesale prices for these items. For those who don’t know where to begin, then look for suppliers that work with AliExpress or Amazon. You can also check out Alibaba’s Dropshipping Directory.

Step 3: Set up your TikTok 2022 dropshipping store on the Shopify App

Once you’ve found a product and supplier, it’s time to set up your TikTok shop. To do this, search “TikTok” in the Shopify app directory. From there, pick your template, enter your content and pricing information, and design your products.

Step 4: Start promoting your TikTok online store.

Once you’ve created your shop, start promoting it on social media and across the rest of the internet. You can use hashtags relevant to TikTok or popular trending hashtags to bring more attention to your page. Try entering a few contests on Instagram that offer free exposure for your store. Engaging on social media will make it easier it will be to get new followers or customers for your online store.

TikTok 2022 Dropshipping vs. selling products from Aliexpress

TikTok 2022 Dropshipping vs. selling products from Aliexpress

Dropshipping on TikTok is a great way to build a brand and make some money through your social media account, but it’s not the only way. If you’re looking to make money with TikTok, you could always sell products that are already in high demand on other platforms. One option is AliExpress dropshipping, which lets users sell items without holding any inventory. Basically Basically, AliExpress is used to source dropshipping products.

The main difference between dropshipping on TikTok and selling on AliExpress or other sites is that you don’t need to create your TikTok dropshipping store before anything else. It is easy to get started as soon as you create an account and upload your products. You’ll then receive orders through your email, and it’s up to you to send them out using the shipping information provided to complete each sale.

As you can see, both TikTok dropshipping and selling on AliExpress have their advantages. Dropshipping on TikTok is easier for beginners because it requires less work to start making money, but there’s also the potential for more long-term profits with AliExpress.

You can slowly build your store and watch it grow over time, but you may also find that you need to take on a physical inventory to keep up with demand.

In either case, both businesses are great money-making opportunities for anyone who wants to make a quick buck using their social media account. You might want to start by trying TikTok dropshipping to get a feel for how it works and then move on to selling products from AliExpress when you’re ready.

Both strategies can bring in some money if done right at the end of the day. Your business model and needs will determine which option is right for you.

The benefits of Tiktok Dropshipping

The benefits of Tiktok Dropshipping

Dropshipping on TikTok is a relatively new business model, but it has the potential to bring in some pretty good money. Keep in mind that you can also sell products on AliExpress or create your store with Shopify and Etsy, so there are plenty of ways to increase your earnings with TikTok.

Since TikTok dropshipping doesn’t require any investment, it allows you to start making money right away. This means that you’ll be able to grow your account and make more money without having to worry about where you’re going to get the supplies to sell products or how much time and effort goes into maintaining a physical inventory.

If you want to make some money with your social media account, dropshipping on TikTok is a great place to start. You’ll be able to build a brand without having to invest in a physical inventory or shipping supplies. Best of all, you’ll be able to grow your account and make more money as your business grows.

There are some downsides to dropshipping on TikTok, but the benefits far outweigh potential disadvantages for most users. Keep in mind that you can also sell products with AliExpress or create your store using Shopify and Etsy.

How to find products to sell on TikTok 2022 dropshipping

How to find products to sell on TikTok 2022 dropshipping

Dropshipping on TikTok is a great way to sell products and grow your account, but it can be challenging to find popular products to sell.

  1. One option is to look through the trending listings on TikTok to discover which items people are buying most.
  2. It is also possible to search hashtags related to your niche and make a list of popular items that people are currently buying.
  3. Search through the trending listings on AliExpress to find products that others have been successful with in the past. You can either copy their product titles or look for products you think will demand with TikTok viewers.
  4. Also, consider doing some keyword research on Google Trends to discover which related keywords are trending on TikTok. This can help you find products that users are already searching for on the platform, and it’s often easier to convince your viewers to buy something they want rather than something you think they should want.
  5. There are plenty of good products that people are buying on TikTok. You have to do the legwork required to find them!

How to market your TikTok 2022 Dropshipping business

How to market your TikTok 2022 Dropshipping business

Dropshipping on TikTok is a great way to make money with your social media account, but it’s also essential to have a tiktok marketing guide to sell your products. You can make your TikTok marketing efforts more successful by following some tips.

  1. The best place to start marketing your product is by creating a catchy title and posting it in the trending listings. Make sure your title contains an original hashtag, as well as the keywords that are most relevant to your product.
  2. Also keep in mind that you can manage ads for specific products on TikTok by using it’s Ads Manager. Advertisements will appear at the top of relevant searches and under-related content on the platform, so advertisers can reach large audiences quickly.
  3. You can also post more generic content on TikTok and tag products you want to sell in the comments section. This works well with videos, but you should avoid using photos because they don’t get as much exposure.

FAQs About TikTok 2022 Dropshipping

FAQs About TikTok 2022 Dropshipping

Can I Dropship on TikTok with Alibaba?

Yes, you can dropship on TikTok using Alibaba!

The process is as simple as registering with the site and then creating listings for the products you want to sell. When people buy your product, they’ll be able to track it when it ships. Make sure that you mark your products as “Ships from Overseas” so that people know it’s coming from another country.

How do I Dropship on TikTok Using Shopify?

Dropshipping on TikTok with Shopify is a great way to build a brand and sell products on the platform without worrying about inventory and delivery.

To dropship on TikTok using Shopify, you’ll need to set up a Shopify account and create a product catalog. You’ll also need to install the Shopify app and create a TikTok account. Once you have this setup, you can start creating videos promoting your products and driving traffic to your Shopify store. You can use your TikTok Ads Manager dashboard to set your TikTok Pixel on Shopify. 

In your videos, you’ll need to mention the product’s name, the price, and the link to your store. You can also include a call-to-action (CTA) urging viewers to visit your store for more information. Be sure to use compelling visuals and catchy slogans to draw attention to your products.

It would be best to consider using TikTok influencers to promote your business. In addition to being a great way to promote products, TikTok influencers marketing is an effective form of digital marketing.

Can I Dropship on TikTok with Etsy?

To get started, you’ll need to set up your account. If using TikTok as part of a more extensive marketing campaign for an e-commerce site such as Etsy is planned, it makes sense to go with some free business plan that offers additional features and benefits during the setup process.

How do I Dropship on TikTok Using Oberlo?

Dropshipping on TikTok with Oberlo is simple, convenient, and affordable!

It’s only a matter of choosing the products you want to sell. You can then set up your store in minutes using Oberlo’s free plan. All listings will automatically be imported into your store, along with related images and videos.

Once you’ve set up your store, start promoting it on TikTok. Be sure to include links in your videos that take people to the products page of your store.

Dropshipping on TikTok requires how much money?

Dropshipping on Tiktok isn’t expensive at all. All you’ll need to set up your business is a computer and an internet connection.

If you want to dropship on TikTok using Alibaba, Shopify, or Oberlo, all you need is a paid account with their service, which starts at $29 (Shopify) and $0 (Oberlo). If you’re dropshipping via Aliexpress, then you’ll need to pay only the price of an item plus shipping costs. This means that it’s easy to start your business with little money.

Read Shopify Dropshipping Business Guide: The Ultimate Solution 2022 to set up your shop on Shopify. If you’re interested in AliExpress, you can read AliExpress Dropshipping Center: The Definitive Guideline (2021).

Is dropshipping on TikTok cost-effective?

Dropshipping is very cost-effective because it enables you to avoid excess inventory or storage units. Your overhead costs will be meager!


Dropshipping on TikTok is a great way to get started and earn passive income. You can successfully launch your own TikTok 2022 Dropshipping business with the right tools and ideas!

If you decide to dropship on TikTok, I would appreciate it if you could help me out by sharing this article.

If you have questions about TikTok, please ask them in the comments section below. Your feedback is important to us! 

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