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Fishing Dropshippers for Shopify: Expert Insight

By: Tasmia Sharmin

Are you looking for a profitable niche to start your Shopify store? Look no further than fishing equipment. The fishing industry has seen steady growth in recent years and is estimated to reach $16.1 billion by 2027. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 fishing dropshippers for your Shopify store.

These suppliers have been hand-picked based on criteria such as shipping speed, product quality, and payment methods. So, read on to discover the best fishing dropshippers and products for your Shopify store.

Explanation of fishing equipment dropshipping

In the dropshipping model of online retail, the seller does not have any stock on hand but instead sources goods from a wholesaler or manufacturer and has them sent directly to the client. The fishing equipment dropshipping idea is a great way for entrepreneurs to get started in the fishing industry without worrying about inventory and shipping.

It involves finding reliable dropshippers that offer high-quality fishing gear at competitive prices, such as Piscifun, Bassdash, and AliExpress. Fishing rods and reels, fishing lines, lures, bags, and accessories are just some of the many things that may be purchased from these businesses.

Dropshipping fishing products is a convenient and affordable way to launch an online fishing tackle store and reach a global audience without worrying about managing inventory or shipping logistics.

With the fishing industry growing rapidly, now is a perfect time to take advantage of the dropshipping model and start your own successful fishing equipment business. 

Best Fishing Dropshippers for Shopify

Best Fishing Dropshippers for Shopify

Best Fishing Dropshippers: Piscifun

Piscifun is a top player in the fishing equipment market and offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of fishing enthusiasts.

  • With over 7 years of experience in the industry, Piscifun is committed to providing high-quality and affordable fishing gear, such as rods, reels, lines, lures, and bags.
  • In addition, Piscifun is known for its fast shipping and reliable customer service, making it a great choice for online store owners who want to source their products from a reliable supplier.
  • One notable feature of Piscifun is its commitment to creating original designs.
  • They have their own manufacturing facilities in Beijing, China, and as such, they can offer products without any brand labels for special orders. This is a unique offer that is particularly attractive for wholesalers, drop shippers and business customers.

Piscifun prioritizes quality craftsmanship and aims to foster long-term relationships with its customers.

Best Fishing Dropshippers: Bassdash

Bassdash is a top provider of bulk fishing tackle lures, flies, and performance fishing shirts wholesale.

  • Their mission is to provide high-quality fishing equipment at competitive prices, bringing the joy of fishing to all. With a value of $13.4 billion in 2019, this industry is set to expand even further in the coming years. And Bassdash is committed to helping entrepreneurs get started profitably in this field. With a focus on product quality, shipping speed, payment methods, and automation & integration capabilities, Bassdash has built a solid reputation as a go-to source for quality fishing equipment.
  • They also offer a range of fishing clothing options, including button-downs, vests, and quick dry shorts. Whether you’re an individual or a business customer, Bassdash is here to support you with exclusive and professional service. 

So why not give them a try and see for yourself how Bassdash can take your fishing business to the next level? 

Best Fishing Dropshippers: AliExpress

If you’re just getting started with dropshipping and aren’t sure where to begin, AliExpress is a great place to start.

  • As one of the most popular direct-to-manufacturer shopping sites on the internet, AliExpress has millions of affordable products for you to choose from. And the best part?
  • AliExpress makes it simple to import items to your Shopify store using third-party apps like DSers, Ali Orders, Oberlo, Dropified, and more.
  • However, it’s important to note that while there are many reliable sellers on AliExpress, there are also plenty of unreliable ones. That’s why it’s crucial to do your research and carefully vet each seller before importing their products to your store.
  • Additionally, shipping times can sometimes take longer, so make sure you communicate this clearly to your customers and set expectations accordingly.

Overall, AliExpress is an excellent resource for finding affordable fishing gear and other products to sell in your Shopify store. 

Best Fishing Dropshippers: Banggood

If you’re looking for a Chinese direct-to-manufacturer & dropshipping website similar to AliExpress, then Banggood might just be the fit for you.

  • This massive platform offers a diverse range of affordable fishing products, including rods, reels, lures, and other accessories.
  • With a network of over 37 overseas warehouses and 100K+ partner suppliers, Banggood guarantees delivery to over 200 countries within 30 days.
  • Not only that, but Banggood also offers a 30-day no-reason return policy if customers are not satisfied with the products.
  • They offer a variety of secure online payment methods, including Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and more than 40+ other payment gateways.
  • Plus, they provide cash-on-delivery options for select countries. While it can sometimes take up to 60 days for orders to reach destinations, Banggood is an excellent alternative to AliExpress, with better customer service, product quality, and shipping speed.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Banggood today and start sourcing reliable fishing products for your store. 

Best Fishing Dropshippers: CJDropshipping

CJDropshipping is an excellent choice for those in search of a reliable dropshipper for fishing supplies and equipment.

  • With a wide-ranging selection of affordable products directly from manufacturers, CJDropshipping provides a low-cost solution for reselling fishing gear and tackle.
  • Founded in 2014, the company maintains over 200 warehouses in the USA, Asia, Germany, and Britain and offers speedy shipping and great customer service.
  • CJDropshipping has established itself as a trusted partner for merchants seeking the best value, automation, and integration capabilities available in the fishing industry.
  • You can count on CJDropshipping for product quality and timely delivery, and you can focus on growing your business while the company takes care of sourcing the products, storing them, and then fulfilling orders on your behalf.
  • CJDropshipping is a one-stop shop that covers everything from store setup to international logistics to customized packaging, and it is always ready to support you with pre-sale and after-sale assistance.

Whether you sell directly or through a marketplace, CJDropshipping is a great option for any aspiring fishing gear and tackle merchant. 

Best Fishing Dropshippers: Flash Leopard

Flash Leopard is a dropshipping fulfillment agent in China that aims to help dropshippers source, pack, and ship their products.

  • Unlike other dropshipping services, Flash Leopard does not require a minimum order quantity, stock fee, or processing fee. This makes them an attractive option for small-scale entrepreneurs who want to start their own fishing equipment dropshipping business.
  • With their commitment to providing excellent service and support, you can count on Flash Leopard to help you manage the logistics of your dropshipping business.

Whether you’re sourcing for new products or you’re looking for a reliable and efficient fulfillment partner for your existing business, Flash Leopard is one of your best options. You can reach them through their website or directly via email, and they’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. 

Best Fishing Dropshippers: Warren Sourcing

Warren Sourcing is a sourcing company from China that specializes in helping dropshippers find the best fishing equipment to sell.

  • They offer a wide range of fishing products to choose from and pride themselves on providing excellent customer service.
  • They can source products based on an AliExpress link or a picture without any minimum order quantity or processing fee. This makes it easy for dropshippers to find the products they need without having to make a large commitment.
  • Warren Sourcing is committed to helping dropshippers succeed, and they are always happy to answer any inquiries or provide a quotation.
  • With their expertise in sourcing products from manufacturers in China, they provide a cost-effective solution for dropshippers looking to find quality products to sell.

If you’re in need of a reliable supplier for fishing equipment, Warren Sourcing is definitely a provider that should be on your radar. 

Best Fishing Dropshippers: Inventory Source

Inventory Source is a game-changer for dropshippers and eCommerce businesses in the hunting and fishing gear niche. With their trusted network of wholesale suppliers and distributors, dropshippers can easily automate their product sourcing.

  • One of the advantages of using Inventory Source as your dropshipping partner is that you can keep up-to-date stock levels from your supplier and establish regulations for markups to ensure stable profit margins.
  • Additionally, they offer product alerts to help with marketing campaigns, map product categories to your custom store categories, and filter products by brand, price, SKU, and category.
  • By using Inventory Source, you can easily integrate dropship suppliers with your online store and easily browse suppliers, view products and pricing, and learn about their automation tools. 

Best Fishing Dropshippers: Spocket

Spocket is an excellent option for dropshippers who want to source high-quality fishing products.

  • With access to mainly US-based and EU-based suppliers, Spocket provides quality products that can be shipped in as fast as 3-5 days.
  • This is ideal for businesses that want to offer fast shipping to their customers. While the platform’s catalog of fishing products is quite limited, they are always looking to add new items to expand it and to give dropshippers more options.
  • Additionally, the platform has advanced features to help merchants streamline their operations and perfectly integrate with eCommerce platforms.
  • So if you’re looking for a dropshipping app that gives you fast access to quality fishing products, we highly recommend Spocket.

Head on over to their website to learn more about their features, and feel free to join their community to interact with fellow entrepreneurs and access other helpful resources. 

Top Fishing Products to Dropship

Top 10 Fishing Products to Dropship

As a dropshipper in the fishing industry, it’s important to know which products are profitable and in demand. Here are our 10 fishing products to dropship.

  • First on the list are fishing reels, which come in a variety of sizes and styles for different types of fishing.
  • Next, fishing rods are a must-have for any fisherman and can be found in different lengths and materials.
  • Fishing lures, hooks, and bait are also essential items that should be stocked up.
  • Additionally, a fishing line is a crucial component of any fishing setup.
  • Fishing tackle boxes and bags make organization a breeze for your customers.
  • Polarized sunglasses and hats are also popular items that can protect your customers from the sun while fishing.
  • Finally, fishing clothing such as quick dry shorts, waterproof suits, and vests are practical and stylish options for any fisherman.

By offering these top 10 fishing products, you can ensure that your store is stocked with the essentials and will attract customers for frequent purchases. 

How to Choose the Best Fishing Dropshipper

How to Choose the Best Fishing Dropshipper

Choosing the best fishing dropshipper can be a daunting task. However, if you keep in mind a few critical details, you may cut down your choices and make an intelligent decision.

  • First and foremost, you want to ensure that the dropshipper has a wide selection of high-quality products at competitive prices.
  • Look for reviews from other merchants and customers to gauge the level of customer satisfaction.
  • It is also crucial to consider the shipping options and times offered by the dropshipper. You want to choose a supplier that can meet your customer’s expectations with timely delivery.
  • Payment options and integration with your e-commerce platform are also essential factors to consider. Some dropshippers may offer automation and integration capabilities, which could save you time and effort.
  • Additionally, you want to ensure that the dropshipper has excellent customer service and support in case any issues or questions arise.

By considering these factors, you can find a reliable fishing dropshipper that meets your business’s needs and helps you grow your profits.

FAQs About Fishing Dropshippers

FAQs About Fishing Dropshippers

How can I determine if a fishing dropshipper is reliable and trustworthy?

  • Look for dropshippers with good reviews and ratings from other Shopify store owners.
  • Check if the dropshipper has a clear return policy and customer service support.
  • Research the dropshipper’s reputation in the fishing industry and their history of successful partnerships.
  • Try ordering a small quantity of products as a test run before committing to a long-term partnership.

What types of fishing products should I consider stocking in my Shopify store?

  • Consider stocking a variety of fishing products, such as rods, reels, lures, and lines.
  • Think about the types of fish that are common in your area and stock products that cater to those species.
  • Don’t forget to stock accessories such as tackle boxes, fishing hats, and sunglasses.
  • Consider offering specialized items like fly-fishing gear or ice-fishing equipment for niche markets.

Are there any specific features I should look for when choosing a fishing dropshipper for my Shopify store?

  • Look for a fishing dropshipper that offers a wide variety of products to choose from.
  • Make sure the dropshipper provides reliable and fast shipping services.
  • Check if the dropshipper offers competitive pricing and good profit margins.
  • Consider the dropshipper’s customer service and support, including return policies and warranties.


Choosing the right fishing dropshippers for Shopify is crucial to your business’s success. You need to ensure that you partner with suppliers who can provide high-quality products, timely delivery, and excellent customer service. 

It’s also essential to consider factors like pricing, product range, and shipping policies before finalizing a supplier. With so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to make the right choice. 

Our guidelines will assist you in making a wise decision. You must take the time to learn about the different types of dropshipping services of the suppliers available before making any choices.

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