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10+ Best Dropship Suppliers for Shopify 2024

By: Tasmia Sharmin

With the right dropshipping supplier by your side, the sky’s the limit for your online business. But how can you find the best dropship suppliers for your venture?

Fret not, as we have done all the hard work for you and curated a list of the 10+ best dropshipping suppliers for Shopify in 2024.

These trusted suppliers not only integrate seamlessly with your Shopify store but also offer a wide variety of products, competitive prices, and fast shipping – all elements you need to thrive in the e-commerce world.

Be sure to read thoroughly to learn how to connect these suppliers with your store and maximize your business potential. Let’s dive in!

Best Dropship Suppliers for Shopify 2024

Best Dropship Suppliers for Shopify 2023

In 2023, the eCommerce industry is predicted to grow exponentially, making it crucial for entrepreneurs to streamline their business operations, particularly in the area of supply chain management.

With a myriad of options available, selecting the ideal supplier tailored to your store’s needs is vital. Here’s a rundown of the factors to consider when searching for the perfect dropship supplier:

Shipping Speed: 

As customers become accustomed to fast shipping, partnering with a supplier to deliver within the promised timeline is essential for customer satisfaction.

Product Quality: 

Ensuring a high-quality product is vital for securing repeat customers and maintaining a good reputation.

Niche-Specific Suppliers: 

For online stores that cater to a specific niche, it is important to find a dropship supplier that specializes in that area to guarantee availability and product knowledge.


Keeping your costs low while offering In 2023, the e-commerce landscape is expected to be more competitive than ever, with numerous online stores vying for a share of the market. To thrive in this environment, Shopify store owners will require reliable and high-quality dropship suppliers to provide them with a vast array of products, seamless integration, and prompt shipping.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the top dropship suppliers for Shopify stores in 2024, backed by factual data.

AliExpress: A Top International Dropship Supplier for Shopify

AliExpress A Top International Dropship Supplier for Shopify

AliExpress is a leading international dropship supplier, perfect for Shopify entrepreneurs looking to expand their store’s reach globally. This well-established platform operates with numerous sellers, primarily from China, offering high-quality products in various categories.

The following points outline the significance of AliExpress as a top dropshipping platform:

  • Extensive product range: With over 100 million products, AliExpress has options for various categories, such as fashion, toys, consumer electronics, skin care, jewelry, and more, making it an ideal platform for Shopify store owners to source exciting products.
  • Global coverage: AliExpress ships to 254 countries worldwide, providing fast shipping to various markets, especially the US, ensuring an extensive customer base.
  • Accessible pricing: This platform is free to join, making it an affordable sourcing option for new and experienced dropshippers alike.
  • Quick delivery times: Offering standard shipping options with delivery times between 15 and 45 working days and premium shipping with delivery in just 7 to 15 working days, AliExpress ensures timely arrivals for customer satisfaction.

AliExpress represents a reliable and diverse international dropship supplier for Shopify store owners who aim to reach new customers worldwide. By forming partnerships with reliable vendors and offering trending products at competitive prices, AliExpress reigns as a top international supplier in the dropshipping industry.


Alibaba: A B2B Marketplace with Millions of Suppliers

Alibaba A B2B Marketplace with Millions of Suppliers

Alibaba is a renowned B2B marketplace that connects buyers and sellers from across the globe. With more than 2.8 million suppliers and a staggering 590+ million products, this platform is a goldmine for business owners looking for reliable and cost-effective dropshipping suppliers. Catering to numerous categories, from fashion and consumer electronics to furniture and automobiles, Alibaba offers unmatched variety for your dropshipping business requirements.

Key highlights of Alibaba:

  • Global platform with millions of suppliers and an extensive array of products.
  • Redirects transactions directly with manufacturers, offering competitive wholesale prices.
  • Supplies products in bulk, making it ideal for large-scale operations.
  • Delivery between 15 and 45 working days on standard shipping, with faster delivery options available at an additional cost.

However, it is crucial to note that shipping times can vary, and some deliveries might take up to six weeks. Therefore, thorough research and appropriate planning are essential for minimizing potential logistical challenges.

To sum up, Alibaba is an ideal choice for Shopify store owners who want to source diverse products at competitive prices. By leveraging the advantages of this massive B2B platform, you can strengthen your dropshipping business and streamline your operations.

Spocket: A Genuine General Dropship Supplier for Shopify

Spocket A Genuine General Dropship Supplier for Shopify

Spocket is indeed a genuine general dropshipping supplier for Shopify stores, especially for those who want a diverse range of products to offer their customers. This platform has managed to make a name for itself in the dropshipping industry by connecting Shopify store owners with a vast selection of suppliers, primarily from the US and Europe.

About 80% of the suppliers on Spocket belong to these regions, which gives the platform a competitive edge in terms of faster shipping times and reliable product quality.

Some of the key advantages of using Spocket as a dropship supplier for your Shopify store include the following:

However, it may not be suitable for entrepreneurs seeking private labeling and customized packaging options. Additionally, some items on Spocket come with a relatively high price, making it challenging to achieve a healthy profit margin. Despite these minor drawbacks, Spocket undoubtedly stands as a remarkable general dropshipping supplier for Shopify store owners. 

Syncee: A Directory of US Dropship Suppliers for Shopify

Syncee A Directory of US Dropship Suppliers for Shopify

Syncee is an innovative directory of US-based dropshipping suppliers designed specifically for Shopify store owners. Using this platform, you can effortlessly connect with various dropship suppliers in various niches to expand your product offerings and increase your store’s competitiveness.

Here’s what makes Syncee a valuable resource for Shopify entrepreneurs:

  • Numerous US dropshipping suppliers: Syncee showcases a diverse range of suppliers from different niches, allowing you to choose the perfect supplier tailored to your target market.
  • Time-saving inventory management: The platform automates the product-importing process and streamlines inventory management, saving you precious time and effort.
  • Unique pricing and filtering rules: Syncee simplifies the process of customizing your product catalogue by offering flexible pricing rules and category filters, ensuring your store stays organized and appealing to shoppers.
  • In-built communication tool: This intuitive platform also provides a built-in chat feature, allows you to communicate directly with suppliers and resolve any queries or concerns before partnering with them.
  • Exclusive supplier network: By partnering with Syncee, you gain access to a select group of high-quality suppliers.

Syncee is an excellent solution for Shopify store owners looking to connect with a wide range of reliable US dropship suppliers. It simplifies inventory management and streamlines supplier communication.

Worldwide Brands: A Premier Dropship Directory for Shopify

Worldwide Brands A Premier Dropship Directory for Shopify

Worldwide Brands is a leading dropship directory that has been catering to Shopify store owners globally. With an extensive database of pre-vetted suppliers and manufacturers, this platform guarantees quality and reliability when adding products to your store.

Here is why Worldwide Brands is considered a premier directory for Shopify:

  • Comprehensive Database: Worldwide Brands boasts a database of over 16 million certified products and thousands of suppliers, making it easier for Shopify store owners to find the bestselling products to add to their inventory.
  • Highly Reputable: Established in 1999, the platform is widely recognized within the eCommerce industry for its commitment to quality and integrity.
  • Rigorous Vetting Process: To ensure the best suppliers are listed on the platform, Worldwide Brands adheres to a strict vetting process, including business licenses, verified references, and product samples.
  • One-time Membership Fee: Unlike some other directories, Worldwide Brands offers lifetime access to its database with a one-time membership fee, allowing you to maximize your return on investment.

Worldwide Brands stands out as a premier dropship directory for Shopify store owners, providing a vast selection of reliable suppliers and products to grow your business. By leveraging the platform’s resources, entrepreneurs can build a successful marketplace with minimal risks, all while saving time and money on their eCommerce journey. 

Wholesale Central: A Free Directory of Wholesalers for Shopify

Wholesale Central A Free Directory of Wholesalers for Shopify

Wholesale Central has earned its reputation as a leading free directory of wholesalers for Shopify businesses by offering a user-friendly platform and access to a wide range of suppliers across various categories.

This platform allows entrepreneurs and startups to browse through their extensive list of suppliers to find the most suitable partnerships to meet the needs of their Shopify store.

Here are a few reasons why Wholesale Central is worth considering for your Shopify store:

  • Extensive catalogue: With thousands of wholesalers listed across various industries, Wholesale Central’s directory enables you to find suppliers easily for any niche and product category you desire.
  • No membership fees: The platform is available entirely for free, without any subscription or registration fees, making it an attractive platform for those just starting out or operating on a tight budget.
  • Verified suppliers: Wholesale Central carefully vets its listed suppliers to ensure they are reputable and trustworthy, ensuring a more reliable partner network for your online store.
  • Easy-to-navigate platform: The search function and categorization features make it simple to find the right suppliers for your Shopify store, saving you valuable time and effort.

Wholesale Central offers a convenient and free directory of trustworthy wholesalers for your Shopify store, enabling you to source products across a range of categories without significant financial risk. 

SaleHoo: A Trusted Dropship Supplier and Research Tool for Shopify

SaleHoo A Trusted Dropship Supplier and Research Tool for Shopify

SaleHoo is a well-known and reliable dropship supplier and research tool that integrates seamlessly with Shopify, offering numerous benefits for online store owners.

  • Extensive Directory: With more than 8,000 verified suppliers and over 2.5 million products, SaleHoo ensures that online sellers have plenty of options to choose from.
  • Quality Suppliers: SaleHoo thoroughly vets each supplier in its directory, ensuring that they are legitimate, so you can confidently sell your dropshipping products.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Searching for and managing suppliers is a breeze with SaleHoo, thanks to its intuitive interface and filters.
  • Comprehensive Market Research Tools: SaleHoo’s research tools help sellers determine the most profitable products to sell, making it easier to identify new business opportunities.
  • Ongoing Support: SaleHoo’s expert support team offers free advice and tips to help online sellers succeed in their businesses.

It offers a comprehensive solution for finding high-quality, trusted suppliers and gaining access to valuable market research tools. It can help Shopify store owners establish competitive and profitable online businesses.

Doba: A Dropship Supplier with Millions of Products for Shopify

Doba A Dropship Supplier with Millions of Products for Shopify

Doba is a renowned dropshipping supplier with millions of products available for Shopify store owners. This platform boasts a vast selection of items from various categories, making it an ideal choice for entrepreneurs looking to cater to diverse customer needs.

Here are some key highlights of Doba as a dropship supplier for Shopify:

  • Wide Product Range: Doba offers over two million products from thousands of suppliers, giving store owners ample options to choose from and creating a unique product catalogue.
  • Easy Integration: Doba easily integrates with Shopify, allowing seamless inventory management and effortless product listing on your store.
  • Advanced Filtering: This platform offers sophisticated filtering tools to help you find the perfect dropshipping items for your store quickly and efficiently.
  • Wholesale Pricing: Doba provides competitive wholesale prices, ensuring that your business generates healthy profit margins when selling these products.
  • Custom Data Exports: Doba allows you to export product data in various formats, simplifying the process of uploading products to your Shopify store.

Thanks to its extensive product range, easy integration, and value-added tools that simplify product selection and listing, Doba stands out as a top dropship supplier for Shopify store owners. Give Doba a try and take your Shopify store to the next level in 2023!

Sunrise Wholesale: A US-Based Dropship Supplier for Shopify

Sunrise Wholesale A US-Based Dropship Supplier for Shopify

Sunrise Wholesale is a reliable and efficient US-based dropship supplier that seamlessly integrates with Shopify. This platform offers an extensive range of high-quality products sourced directly from reputable US manufacturers and suppliers.

For Shopify store owners, this means quicker shipping times, excellent customer service, and a more satisfied customer base.

Some key benefits of partnering with Sunrise Wholesale include:

  • Wide selection of products: With over 20,000 items to choose from, Sunrise Wholesale offers an extensive inventory across categories such as home décor, garden products, fashion accessories, health & beauty, and electronics.
  • Easy Integration: Sunrise Wholesale seamlessly integrates with eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce, enabling hassle-free product importing and order management.
  • Fast Shipping: By storing products in US warehouses, Sunrise Wholesale ensures quick delivery times for US-based customers, typically ranging from one to three business days.
  • Dedicated Customer Support: With a committed customer support team, Sunrise Wholesale is ready to assist clients with any queries they may have.
  • Competitive Pricing: Offering products at attractive price points, Sunrise Wholesale enables businesses to maintain healthy profit margins.

Sunrise Wholesale is an excellent choice for any Shopify store owner looking to work with a reliable US-based dropshipping supplier. With its extensive product catalogue, seamless platform integration, and fast shipping times, it is well-equipped to cater to the needs of eCommerce businesses.

Megagoods- Best supplier for consumer electronics

Megagoods- Best supplier for consumer electronics

Megagoods, a well-known supplier in the dropshipping industry, established itself as the top supplier of consumer electronics in 2023. This platform offers a vast inventory of high-quality electronic products, making it a popular choice for Shopify store owners focusing on the consumer electronics niche.

Here are some key points that make Megagoods stand out:

  • Extensive Product Range: Megagoods provides a wide array of electronic items, including gaming consoles, audio systems, cameras, and other gadgets from major brands like Sony and Microsoft.
  • Competitive Pricing: With its competitive wholesale pricing, Shopify store owners can set attractive prices for their customers while maintaining a healthy profit margin.
  • Easy Integration: Megagoods offers seamless integration with Shopify, so store owners can effortlessly manage their inventory and orders.
  • Dropship Support: Megagoods handles the entire order fulfilment process, from packaging to shipping, allowing store owners to focus on marketing and customer service.

Megagoods has proven to be the top choice for Shopify store owners looking for a reliable dropshipping supplier specializing in consumer electronics. Its extensive product offerings, competitive prices, and seamless integration with the Shopify platform make it an ideal option for those aiming for success in this profitable niche.

Modalyst- The best supplier of trendy clothing and accessories

Modalyst stands out among the rest for trendy clothing and accessories. With a focus on providing cutting-edge and stylish products, Modalyst has garnered a reputation for being the go-to source for fashion-forward dropshippers.

  • Extensive product selection: Modalyst features a vast array of trendy clothing and accessories, making sure you have a wide selection of products to pick from while setting up your Shopify store.
  • Top-quality items: Modalyst takes pride in offering only the highest-quality products to their clients, making sure that you receive premium items that meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • Smooth integration with Shopify: The platform easily connects with Shopify, allowing you to quickly import products to your online store and monitor inventory levels.
  • Reliable shipping: Modalyst partners with dependable suppliers to ensure timely and accurate shipping of orders, providing your customers with a seamless shopping experience.
  • Comprehensive customer support: Modalyst’s dedicated support team is available to assist and guide you through resolving any issues.

Modalyst is an excellent choice for dropshippers looking to capitalize on the growing market of trendy clothing and accessories. This platform provides a robust and easy-to-use solution that connects you with top-quality suppliers, ensuring that you can deliver only the best to your customers.


CROV- Best supplier for fast shipping from the USA

CROV- Best supplier for fast shipping from the USA

When it comes to dropshipping suppliers that offer fast shipping from the USA, CROV is undoubtedly one of the best options. Well-known for its promptness and dependability in delivering, CROV has gained significant recognition among Shopify store owners looking to excel in the competitive world of eCommerce.

Some of the key features that make CROV stand out include:

  • An extensive range of quality products: CROV offers a vast selection of items across various niches, making it easier for Shopify store owners to cater to different customer needs and preferences.
  • Quick and efficient shipping: As a US-based supplier, CROV ships orders in a timely manner, ensuring that customers receive their items as soon as possible, which ultimately leads to higher customer satisfaction rates.
  • Seamless integration with Shopify: CROV’s easy-to-use platform can be conveniently integrated with your Shopify store, making product listing and order management a breeze.

For any Shopify merchant in search of a reliable supplier with fast shipping from the USA, CROV is an excellent choice that can give your store a competitive edge and contribute to its long-term success.

Printful- Best platform for print-on-demand dropshipping

Printful has emerged as the best platform for print-on-demand dropshipping, owing to its wide range of features and excellent product quality.

Here’s why Printful stands out in the world of print-on-demand dropshipping:

  • Comprehensive Product Catalog: With Printful, you can choose from a myriad of products to customize, such as clothing, prints, home decor, and accessories.
  • Fast Production Time: Typically, products are ready to ship within two to five business days, originating from the US, Mexico, or Europe. About 50% of orders are ready in under three days.
  • Flexible Shipping: Standard shipping charges to the US start at $3.99, with discounted rates available for additional items in the same order. The shipping times differ, but they generally take three to four business days.
  • Multiple Printing Techniques: Printful offers direct-to-garment, embroidery, cut-and-sew, and sublimation printing, depending on the selected product.
  • Additional Branding Options: You can enhance your branding with tear-away tags, inserts, and stickers on your packaging, available for an added cost.

With its ability to cater to both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs, Printful’s all-in-one solution makes it the perfect choice for print-on-demand dropshipping, whether you’re starting your own brand or growing your existing store. 


FAQs about Shopify Dropship Suppliers

What is dropshipping business, and how does it work with Shopify?

  • Dropshipping is a retail fulfilment method where the store does not keep the inventory it sells in stock.
  • When a store sells an item, the owner makes a purchase from a wholesaler, manufacturer, or other third-party vendor. The supplier will then have it shipped out to the client immediately.
  • Shopify has built-in integrations with many popular dropshipping suppliers.
  • You will need to locate and form a partnership with a trustworthy supplier if you plan to use Shopify for your dropshipping business.

How do I choose the best dropship supplier for my Shopify store?

  • Find vendors who can provide you with a variety of high-quality goods that fit your niche.
  • Check the supplier’s shipping and delivery times to ensure they meet your needs.
  • Research the supplier’s reputation and customer reviews before partnering with them.
  • Compare pricing, fees, and commission rates to find the most profitable partnership.

What are some of the top-rated dropship suppliers for Shopify in 2023?

  • AliExpress: A Top International Dropship Supplier for Shopify.
  • Alibaba: A B2B Marketplace with Millions of Suppliers.
  • Spocket: A Genuine General Dropship Supplier for Shopify.
  • Syncee: A Directory of US Dropship Suppliers for Shopify.
  • Worldwide Brands: A Premier Dropship Directory for Shopify.
  • SaleHoo: A Trusted Dropship Supplier and Research Tool for Shopify.
  • Doba: A Dropship Supplier with Millions of Products for Shopify.

What are some frequent pitfalls that people encounter while utilizing Shopify’s dropship suppliers?

  • Not thoroughly researching and vetting potential suppliers before partnering with them.
  • Failing to communicate clearly with suppliers about your business needs and expectations.
  • Neglecting to monitor inventory levels and shipping times to ensure timely fulfilment of orders.
  • Overreliance on a single supplier instead of diversifying your options.

Conclusion: Choosing the Best Dropship Suppliers for Your Shopify Store

In conclusion, selecting the best dropship suppliers for your Shopify store is a critical decision that can significantly impact your store’s success. Keeping in mind the various options available, your choice should be guided by factors such as supplier location, shipping times, product range, and pricing structure. As outlined in the factual data above, popular options include Spocket, Syncee, and AliExpress. Each of these platforms offers unique benefits such as: 

– Spocket: With 80% of suppliers from the US/EU, this platform presents a vast range of products across various niches and offers branded invoicing for the Pro plan users.

– Syncee: Mainly focusing on US dropshipping suppliers, this B2B platform simplifies the ordering and communication process between store owners and suppliers.

– AliExpress: Offering over 100 million products and shipping to 254 countries, AliExpress is a well-known international wholesale and dropshipping platform mainly connecting merchants to Chinese suppliers. 

By conducting thorough research, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each platform, and considering your specific store requirements, you can make an informed decision to choose the perfect dropship supplier to partner with for your Shopify store’s long-term success.

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